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If you’re good with mechanics then a bicycle engine kit can enable you to transform a standard bicycle into a…

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The Best Bicycle Engine Kits (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Bicycle Engine Kits (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice AW Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Kit AW Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Kit
Premium Pick Zeda Bicycle Engine Kit Zeda Bicycle Engine Kit
Best Value Goplus Bicycle Engine Kit Goplus Bicycle Engine Kit

If you’re good with mechanics then a bicycle engine kit can enable you to transform a standard bicycle into a motorized bike. They also come in handy if you already own an electric bike and you’d prefer to fix your own bicycle rather than pay a fortune to take it to a professional. There are lots of different types of electric bike kits and they differ quite greatly. Not all kits are built equally and some are made specifically for road bikes, cruiser bikes and mountain bikes. 

In this bicycle engine guide we look at several types of kit and highlight their best features. We discuss the different types of electric bicycle kit and take a general look at electric bikes, whether they are legal to ride everywhere and whether or not you need a license to ride them.

Here are our favorite bicycle engine kits:

The Best Bicycle Engine Kit

This full kit features contains an entire wheel with tyre unlike many other motorized bike kits on the market that just include the tyre frame. The kit also includes an LCD display which is a useful tool that shows you the bike’s battery power, time, speed, mileage and gears. If you’re looking for a pedal assistance then this kit also provides that too so you can enjoy traditional cycling as well as motor-assisted cycling. The dual mode controller works under hall effect and non hall effect, which extends the life of your electric bike. The brushless hub motor is 48V and the kit also includes two handlebar grips, a speed throttle, electric controller, fuse, rope, manual and a durable 600D Oxford cloth carrying bag with a zippered main compartment for the controller.

Key Features
  • 1000W 48V Brushless Hub Motor
  • 26" Front wheel 
  • Electric controller
  • 2 x Brake Pullers
  • Speed Throttle
  • 2x Handlebar Grips
  • LCD Display
  • Controller Bag
  • Brand AW
  • Weight 24.3 pounds

Full Kit With Whole Wheel

Pedal Assistance System (PAS)

Hand Carry Bag Included


Battery & Charger Not Included

This 80cc electric bike conversion kit can fit most men’s 24” (upwards) bicycles – including cruisers, choppers and road bikes and a V-frame. The kit comes with a speedometer, single cylinder, air-cooling, 2-stroke motor, 55” chain and more. If you want to convert your bicycle this is the kit for you but the manufacturers do recommend that you hire a professional to do this for you as the installation process is not so simple. 

Key Features
  • 2 Stroke 80cc Motor
  • Fits Bike Frames 24” Upwards
  • Speedometer
  • 55” Chain
  • All Extra Parts Needed For Installation
  • Full Instructions
  • Brand Seeutek
  • Model SY-BZ-042
  • Weight 22.9 pounds

Everything Needed For Installation Is Included

Great For Larger Bike Frames

Horse Power: 2.75


Larger Frame Size May Require Drilling

Universal Motor Mount Might Be Necessary

This electric bike motor has a brushless design with an aluminium body and full copper coil. One of the most important features of an electric bike motor is that it can withstand heat and so we chose this product for our list because it’s not only heat resistant but it’s also naturally air-cooled. For many people it’s important to install a motor that isn’t going to make too much noise on the road; again, this product is ideal as it produces low noise.

Key Features
  • 48V Brushless Motor
  • Heat Resistant & Air-Cooled
  • LCD Handlebar Twist
  • Controller
  • Throttle
  • Brand Kun ray
  • Weight 13.9 pounds

Super Lightweight Motor

Heat Resistant

Suitable For Bikes, Scooters, Go Karts & More


Variable Speed Unpredictable Under Load

This 80cc 2-stroke bike motor kit is perfect for motorized bikes and the gasoline engine can actually reach speeds of up to 50km/h, which is fast! The nice thing about this kit is that it will fit most bikes with a fork diameter of 31mm. The kit contains everything you need to get started and features a low noise, low vibration motor for a quieter, smoother ride.  

Key Features
  • Single Cylinder, 2-Stroke Gasoline Engine
  • 2 Liter Capacity
  • All Kit Pieces Included
  • Brand Goplus
  • Model SU-4592SL-TANEW
  • Weight 24.7 pounds

Easy-To-Install Motor

Fits Most Bikes

Low Noise & Low Vibration


Universal Mount Possibly Needed

Not only did we find this gas powered bicycle kit really good value for money but we also found that this kit packed some punch when it came to speed, reaching a top speed of up to 35mph, with its 5-6 horsepower. You’ll also get around 100-150 miles per gallon, making this a fuel-efficient option too. Installation of this product will largely depend on your experience of mechanics but generally speaking if you have basic knowledge and access to youtube demos then this shouldn’t be a problem so long as you have the relevant hardware skills and tools and approximately three hours to spare.This electric bike motor fits most 26” wheeled bikes including: choppers, mountain bikes, road bikes and bikes with V-frames.

Key Features
  • 80CC 2-Stroke Motor
  • Full Kit Included
  • Fits Most 26” Wheeled Bikes
  • Brand YaeCCC
  • Weight 10 pounds

Easy-To-Install Motor


Fits Most Bikes


Hardware Tools Needed

Could this be the most attractive piece of kit we have on the list? You decide. We personally believe that this Firestorm Edition of the Zeda 80 Engine Kit not only looks great but works like a dream too. This new, improved version of the Zeda kit features silver coloured anti-corrosion coating, improved magneto high-end allen bolts and a 2.95 HP engine with pearl coating.

Key Features
  • New Improved Design
  • Triple 40 – 40mm Stroke, 40mm Intake, 40mm Mount
  • Upgraded bearings
  • Stuffed Crank Case
  • Brand Zeda
  • Weight 30 pounds

Upgraded Design

Complete Kit

Attractive Piece Of Kit


Mixed Reviews

This complete electric bike conversion kit provides a 66cc/80cc 2-stroke engine which can reach speeds of up to 30MPH. In this kit you have a red/black retro beach cruiser which will take around 4-6 hours to build with basic tools if you are comfortable building this type of machinery. The FireFly model has a great reputation for being strong and durable so as long as the kit is built correctly, bicycle owners are likely to get good use out of this kit.

Key Features
  • Durable Kit
  • Retro Style
  • 66cc/80cc 2-Stroke Engine
  • Brand Bicycle Motor Works
  • Model FFLY_MBKIT

Nice Design

Can Be Built In An Afternoon


Tools & Kit Building Skills Required

One of the best features of this bike motor kit is that it has a single-cylinder, air-cooling, 2-stroke gasoline engine that emits a low noise. With this engine you are able to ride your usual bike the same way with pedals or use the motor when the roads get too difficult. This electric bike kit can actually reach speeds of up to 55km/h which gives this kit some serious horsepower. This kit fits most bikes but always be sure to measure before you buy.

Key Features
  • 80cc 2-Stroke Engine Motor Kit
  • Low Noise
  • Speeds Up To 55km/h
  • Brand Kinbelle
  • Model KNTY762

Kit Includes Everything You Need

Nice Design


No Instructions

This silver electric bike conversion kit is perfect for people who have a good knowledge of mechanics and feel comfortable using basic tools. The engine itself is 80cc/2-stroke and can fit most 26/28” bikes when the fork diameter is within 31mm. With only a little gas and oil you will be able to reach speeds of up to 50km/h depending on a number of different factors including weight on the bike, weather conditions and terrain etc

Key Features
  • 80cc 2-Stroke Engine Motor Kit
  • Fits Most 26/28” Bikes
  • Speeds Up To 50km/h
  • Brand ExGizmo
  • Model EG-36
  • Weight 24.2 pounds

Powerful Engine

Silver & Black Design


Need Confident Engine Building Skills

With some basic hardware skills and tools you should be able to get this bicycle engine kit up and running in no time. The electric bike kit contains a set of instructions that gives you full assembly details. If you are looking to upgrade your bike to a motorized bike then this 2-stroke, single cylinder, gasoline engine is perfect. Make sure you get yourself a decent helmet as this motor can reach speeds of up to 50km/h – quite impressive for such a small engine!

Key Features
  • 80cc 2-Stroke Engine Motor Kit
  • Speeds Up To 50km/h
  • High Quality
  • Brand G
  • Model SU-4592BK-TANEW
  • Weight 24.7 pounds

Low Noise

Low Vibration


Engine Building Skills Required

Best Bicycle Engine Kit Buying Guide & FAQ

There are quite a few different things to consider when buying a bicycle engine kit. Not only do you have to be pretty proficient with a set of hardware tools but you have to understand the workings of a bicycle engine and how it works. Installing a bicycle engine incorrectly could be a waste of your time and money; not only that, but it could also be dangerous. Below we have written a guide covering what to look for when searching for the best bicycle engine kit and why you should consider buying one. We also talk about the different types of bicycle kit and reveal why some people may need a special license to ride one. 

Keep reading to discover more…

Features to Consider When Buying a Bicycle Engine Kit 

  • Will you need professional help to build it?

If you feel natural using a tool set and can follow instructions easily then building a motorized bicycle shouldn’t be a problem. It isn’t for everyone though, as the process can take even the most proficient DIY expert with electronic skills, at least a few hours. Take a good look at the kit that you’re buying first and make sure you read the reviews from everyday people who have used the kits firsthand. If you need to enlist additional help that you may need to include this into the final price of the kit.

  • How do you plan to use the bike?

If you are only going to be using a motorized bicycle occasionally then you won’t need to find a kit with the largest fuel capacity. Where will you be using the bike? On what type of terrain? Will there be lots of hills? How heavy are you? All of these factors should be considered before purchasing an electric bike conversion kit. You might also want to look at electric bikes and how long they take to charge as well as how many miles you will get out of one single charge.

  • What’s your budget?

Electric bicycle kits vary quite a lot when it comes to budget but we would never recommend buying the cheapest on the market. Buy from a reputable company which offer a decent warranty should anything go wrong.

  • What’s your tyre diameter?

Size is everything when it comes to electric bike kits – always make sure you get the right size for your tyre.

Why You Should Consider an Electric Bike Kit 

There are many reasons why buying an electric bike kit is a good idea.

Here are our favorites:

  • They’re better for the environment than a car or motorbike

Let’s face it. Cars are really bad for the environment and walking isn’t always viable. In fact, standard cycling also isn’t viable if you have a long commute or hills on your journey that are super long. This is where electric bike kits really come into their own as they provide an economically-sound way of getting from A to B with minimal harm to the environment. 

  • They’re fun

The great thing about electric bike kits is that you’re essentially creating a flexible mode of transport for yourself that is really, really good fun! Pedal when you want to or get the motor going when you need a little extra help. Electric bikes can reach some seriously fast speeds, so while you will have to be careful you should also prepare yourself for a fun ride.

  • They’re relatively easy in install

This largely depends on how comfortable you are using hardware tools and if you own the right type of tools and equipment to take on the job. Generally speaking though, these are relatively easy to install and should only take a few hours.

  • They’re inexpensive

This will largely depend on which type of kit that you purchase, but bicycle engine kits are generally inexpensive when you compare them to other motorized vehicles such as motorbikes, mopeds and cars. Another bonus is that they’re cheap to run too so you will likely save money almost as soon as you start using it.

Types of Bicycle Engine Kits 

There are lots of different bicycle engine kits available to purchase and you should do your research before you take the plunge and buy one. Choosing the right type of bicycle engine kit depends on a number of different factors including: your weight, terrain, torque and top speed. Lighter riders (under 200 Lbs) should choose the smallest motor size – 48/50cc are normally fine. If you weigh more than 200 Lbs then a 60cc motor or larger, will better suit your needs. Hills require bigger motors, so take into consideration the terrain in which you will be riding. 

Different types of kit…

  • Center Mount

Perfect for those who wish to use their motorized bikes locally. If you are a serious hobbyist then this is the right type of engine kit for you. You will need some pretty decent mechanical skills and a lot of patience with this type of kit, but that shouldn’t put off novice builders. These are best for larger bikes. 

  • Rear Mount Chain Drive

If you’re looking for a more reliable mode of transportation then a rear mount chain drive is the best option for you. These require basic mechanical skills and lots of patience but the end result will be worth it. You can attach these kits to a wider range of bikes, making it suitable for both men’s and women’s bikes. They can be quite noisy though – worth noting if you live out in the suburbs.

  • Rear Mount Tire Roller

These are by far the easiest type of kit to install and require less skill and time. Armed with basic instructions and bike tools you should be able to install this type of kit in just a few hours. This is the smoothest ride you’ll find but unfortunately also the loudest. 

Best Bicycle Engine Kit FAQ:

Q: What is a bicycle motor kit and how does it work? 

An electric bicycle motor kit is a piece of mechanical kit which allows a cyclist to transform a standard pedal bike into a motorized bicycle. There are a number of different kits on the market which all require different levels of mechanical skills to install, but generally speaking they usually require basic skills but a lot of patience. The kits work in different ways depending on how their components. A powered wheel can be installed onto the front or rear of your bike, whereas a drive unit can be installed onto your bottom bracket. Certain motors can even be hidden in your seat-post or attached above the rear wheel.

Q: How many strokes does a bike engine have? 

A type of internal combustion engine; a two-stroke engine has its name because it completes a power cycle of two strokes or two up and down movements of the piston during one crankshaft revolution. A four-stroke engine requires four up and down movements (or strokes) of the piston to complete its cycle. Bike engines either have two or four strokes. Two-stroke (or 2-stroke) engines offer more torque and use a gas/oil mixture, they are known to be noisier and emit more exhaust. A four-stroke or 4-stroke engine on the other hand provides a much smoother ride with less exhaust. They also only take gas in the tank.

Q: Are motorized bikes legal? 

Unfortunately there isn’t a straight answer to this question as there are a number of different factors that determine whether or not a motorized bike is legal. Factors include the power source (gas or electric) and motor size. It also depends which country or state you are based as the laws change from location to location. In Washington, an electric assisted bike is stated by law as having 2-3 wheels, using an electric motor of up to 1000 watts and a top speed of 20mph. If your bicycle meets these requirements then you are legally allowed to ride your bike anywhere where you would normally be able to ride a standard bike – not sidewalks.  If you have a gas powered motor then the rules change and a different law applies. Your bicycle will either fall onto the moped category, if the engine is less than 50 cubic centimeters and produces no more than two horsepower and a top speed of 30mph, motor-driven cycle, if the engine has less than five horsepower or a motorcycle if the engine is more powerful. These will then require registering, a license and vehicle identification number. These rules and laws change according to location so please check with your local government website for details.  

Q: Do I need a Licence for a motorized bike? 

This depends on where you are riding your bike as the laws differ from state to state. In Washington you are not required to register your vehicle and have a license if you ride an electric assisted bicycle but you have to be overt 16 to legally ride it. Gas powered bicycles fall into various different categories and often require a license. Check with your local government for details before riding on the roads and getting yourself into trouble!

Our Top Pick 

We chose the AW 26” x 1.75” Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Kit 48V 1000W as our favorite bit of kit as this was one of the easiest to install. Unlike many of the other bicycle engine kits on our list this one actually included an entire wheel that is easily installed onto your bike. Along with the tyre and wheel you also get an LCD display, which shows time, speed, mileage and gears and pedal assistance. All in all, we felt that this kit provided the best value for money and ease of use.

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