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Think of the number of times in a day when you need to pick up your phone to make or…

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Car Phone Mount: Keep Your Phone Close While Driving | Autance © Car Phone Mount: Keep Your Phone Close While Driving | Autance
Best Choice Car Phone Mount: Keep Your Phone Close While Driving iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Universal Car Mount
Best Price Ainope Car Phone Mount Ainope Car Phone Mount
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Think of the number of times in a day when you need to pick up your phone to make or answer a call, reply to a text, read a notification, or navigate. It’s a lot. Admittedly, reaching out for your phone comes as second nature, even if you simply want to check the time. However, when you’re driving, having your phone in your hand is not only strenuous, but can also be a safety issue. You need to be hands-free and only focus on the road. This is the beauty of having a car phone mount.  

Typically mounted either on the windshield, dashboard, or air vents, a phone mount helps to secure your smartphone so you can have it at a safe distance during the drive. While driving, you can employ the voice assist feature on your phone so you can access the maps, make calls, open an email, and perform a myriad of tasks without having to touch your device. So, if you are looking for a high-quality phone mount for your device, you can start here.

Best Car Phone Mounts

Forget about struggling with your phone and your car mount, because the iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Universal Car Mount is about to make it a breeze. Designed to secure your phone with nothing but a little pressure and one hand, this device features locking side arms and a trigger button so it can wrap around your smartphone and keep it secure while you drive. It features a universal cradle that works with all of today’s smartphones (and even big cases!), with an adjustable bottom foot that’ll keep the entire mount in place during bumps, turns, and sudden stops. This car phone mount has a telescopic arm that can stretch from 5 to 8 inches in length, plus the ability to pivot 260 degrees. The magnetic cord organizer is an extra bonus, especially if you frequently plug your phone in.

The only disadvantage to this suction cup mount is the suction over time. With wear and tear (and exposure to sunlight and heat), the suction cup can start to lose its grip and come loose. You may need to replace it if this happens.

Key Features
  • Telescopic and pivot knobs for enhanced adjustability
  • One-touch trigger makes removing phones easy
  • Padded mount protects phone
  • Magnetic cord organizer keeps your cables neat
  • Brand iOttie
  • Model Easy One Touch 5
  • Weight 7.2 ounces

Secures your phone with a little pressure and one hand

Can extend up to 8 inches in length

Pivots 260 degrees

Sleek and easy to stick on any flat surface


Suction cup can loosen its grip over time and exposure to heat, sunlight

The Ainope Car Phone Mount makes stashing your phone within reach extra-easy and totally secure. Designed so you can slide your phone downwards into the mount and hit the road, this mount doesn’t require fussing with any mechanisms or clamps. It uses gravity to automatically situate your phone, and it provides an automatic lock that secures it in place. As an air vent mount, it also latches securely onto your vents; three prongs hook around the vents to prevent slippage and any movement while you drive. With universal compatibility, it’ll work with all of today’s most common smartphones, and this car phone mount can even work with thick phone cases. Plus, the affordable price gives you some great value.

There’s just one little drawback: for some phones, the design of this mount may block certain ports and prevent you from charging.

Key Features
  • Attaches to air vents with three hook-style prongs
  • Fits devices up to 0.5 inches thick
  • One-handed mount design
  • Uses gravity to lock phone in place
  • Brand Ainope
  • Model AV640-BLACK
  • Weight 3.84 ounces

Secure and stays put while in motion

No sticky adhesive or potential residue

Compatible with even thick phone covers

Automatic locking feature keeps phone secure with gravity


Blocks access to some phone ports

With the Vicseed Car Phone Mount, you don’t have to settle for one mounting location. You’ve got options, thanks to the three different mount choices this device offers. Made out of airline-grade PTFE material, it’s lightweight and able to be placed on your dashboard, your windshield, or onto your air vents. Featuring a long, telescopic arm, you can also adjust your phone’s position and keep it right within your line of sight; the arm extends from 4.84 to 9.05 inches in length and can pivot up and down. Plus, there’s a 360-degree ball joint under the phone cradle itself for even more angling and adjustability. You’ll also like the protective, thick silicone that supports phones between four and seven inches wide, along with the one-button release mechanism that won’t make you fuss with your phone.

Unfortunately, while this car phone mount promises a universal fit, that doesn’t include phones that have grips and Pop Sockets installed. That added thickness prevents a proper, secure mounting. Additionally, when the suction cup gets hit with direct sunlight for long periods of time, it can melt or deform.

Key Features
  • Works on dashboard, windshield, or air vents
  • Adjustable arm length and angle
  • 360-degree rotating ball joint
  • Works with phones 4 to 7 inches wide
  • Brand Vicseed
  • Model BS-BIRD9384
  • Weight 11.6 ounces

Offers multiple angles and positions

Can choose suction cup or air vent installation

Silicone prevents phone scratches

More durable material than plastic


Suction cup may melt in direct sunlight

Mount won’t fit phones with Pop Sockets attached

If you’re searching for a versatile car phone mount, the Loncaster Car Phone Mount just might be your perfect fit. This mount is designed to suit both cell phones and GPS devices, giving you a place to put any device you’re using for calls or navigation. Designed to sit on your dashboard, the mount can work with any device from 6-12 millimeters thick. With a soft, silicone-textured base and included sticky pads, it’ll “hang on” to your dashboard while you’re in motion, preventing bumps, slips, or even falls when you brake suddenly. It’s even washable and reusable, too; just make sure you only rinse with water, not soap.

Just keep in mind that if your dashboard is curved, this mount may not offer a secure, stable placement; it’s really designed for flat surfaces only. And if you have a Pop Socket or other thick addition on the back of your phone, like a phone wallet, that may mess with your phone’s ability to fit into the mount.

Key Features
  • One-handed mount and release mechanism
  • Works with devices 6 to 12 mm thick
  • Padded silicone for device protection
  • Washable and reusable grip
  • Brand Loncaster
  • Model 40
  • Weight 5.9 ounces

Fits both smartphones and GPS devices

Easy peel-and-stick installation

Won’t slip while you’re in motion

Won’t leave residue on your dash


Doesn’t work with Pop Sockets or added thickness

Only works on flat surfaces, not curved

WizGear’s mounting system can be easily attached to the air vents of your car, and once installed, the smartphone is quickly and firmly mounted using a powerful magnet. The set comes with magnetic strips that are easily attached to your phone. They can grip onto the magnet on the holder itself even through a plastic case, so the appearance of your phone needn’t be affected.

WizGear’s magnetic phone holders also swivel back and forth, so you can see your screen as clearly as possible. Not only is this easier on your eyes, but also promotes safer driving, since you won’t be squinting at a screen that is difficult to see. Finally, a pack of two of these holders can be had for a reasonable price. Much like most vent clamps, this option may not hold your phone steady when you hit a hard bump or when you drive on rough terrain. It’s best used for smooth highway driving.

Key Features
  • Compact, magnetic phone holder
  • Rubber mounting panel
  • Attaches to the air vent
  • Two-pack
  • Brand WizGear
  • Model Magnetic Mount
  • Weight 3.84 ounces

Easily installed

Magnetic holding system grips phone firmly and easily

Two-pack provides great value for the money

Universally compatible with smartphones, regardless of their design


Air vent clamp not strong

Can damage air vent

TechMatte’s car phone mount is attached to your dashboard or windshield through a sturdy suction cup. Your phone is then connected to a pad through a series of strong magnets and with its one-year warranty and durable design, this mount will keep your phone safe even on rough terrain. Customers report that the magnets are strong enough to withstand sudden stops and potholes too.

The adjustable positioning also allows you to see your phone at any angle, making it easy to keep an eye on navigation without being distracted from the road ahead. All this along with the strong and reliable suction cup installation makes this phone mount also a great value option. Just be warned that the suction cup may melt in hot weather. Therefore, consider attaching it to the dashboard where it’s not affected by the sun on hot days.

Key Features
  • Magnetic phone holder
  • Capable of 360-degree rotation
  • Soft foam padding
  • Strong suction cup
  • Brand TechMatte
  • Model 4070198
  • Weight 5 ounces

Compatible with almost any smartphone

Strong magnet holds your phone in place over rough terrain or sudden stops

Lets you adjust your phone to any angle for comfortable viewing

Comes with a one-year warranty


Suction cup melts in the sun

Won’t work through thick cases

Not meant to be taken on and off

Compact, bracket-free phone holders are convenient for short drives and that’s why more than one makes our list. The reason you are going to want the Humixx Magnetic Phone Mount is that it can be attached to any flat surface — in your car, your home, or your office — via a strong adhesive base. Your phone is then secured in the holder through powerful magnets, and a small magnetic circle is attached to your phone, which aligns with the magnetic surface of the phone mount.

The silicone surface of the mounting circle means that the back of your phone won’t be scratched, but can be easily rotated a full 360 degrees. Because the phone is mounted via a magnet rather than gripped in a cradle, Humixx’s holder is compatible with virtually all smartphones. This magnetic holding mechanism also makes attaching and removing your phone as simple as touching it to the magnetic pad and gently pulling it off.

Key Features
  • Magnetic phone holder
  • 360-degree adjustable
  • Aluminum alloy and smooth silicone construction
  • Installs on any flat surface
  • Brand Humixx
  • Model ZJ-07131-J
  • Weight 1.92 ounces

Compact, discrete design

Can be used outside the car

Eight strong magnets hold your phone in place

Compatible with the vast majority of smartphones


Doesn’t stick to textured materials

Doesn’t work with larger phones

Adhesive negatively affected by heat

Lisen’s magnetic phone holder is another great option that mounts easily onto your car’s air vents. Fixing a nagging issue that’s typical with most air vent-mounted phone holders, this model utilizes a special hook-shaped grip with three grasp points to ensure a firm grip on the vent so it stays in place even when driving on rugged terrain.

Also, there’s nearly no chance of your phone ever falling when you take into account the six, built-in magnets that are capable of securing objects four times as heavy as the average smartphone. To ensure comfortable viewing of your phone, the magnetic holder rotates 360 degrees, and different shapes of metal pads are included to accommodate various sizes of devices.

Key Features
  • Magnetic phone holder
  • Hook-shaped mounting clamp
  • 360-degree adjustable
  • Compatible with 4- to 6.7-inch smartphones
  • Brand Lisen
  • Model LV633
  • Weight 1.7 ounces

Stays steady even when driving on rough terrain

Uses six powerful magnets that can even secure large devices

You don’t have to remove the phone case


Only compatible with horizontal air vents

Slightly on the expensive side

If reach and visibility are two of the top features you’re looking for in your car phone mount, the Qifutan Car Phone Mount can deliver. This fully rotatable, flexible, and long-length mount allows you to keep your smartphone within reach, all while still keeping your hands on the wheel. With a 6.2-inch aluminum gooseneck and 360-degree rotating ball joint, you can angle your phone’s screen to clearly see navigation or other necessary apps. It mounts via suction cups and sticky gel, attaching either to your windshield or any flat surface within your vehicle. As an added bonus, the sticky suction cup can be removed, washed, and reused as often as needed. Plus, you can use his mount with any smartphone that measures 4-7 inches wide.

However, you’ll want to keep in mind that the adhesive included for this mount may not be strong enough for every user. You may find that you need to buy stronger adhesive strips, depending on where you’re sticking it.

Key Features
  • 360-degree rotating ball joint
  • Works in landscape and portrait modes
  • 6.2-inch aluminum gooseneck
  • Windshield or flat surface mounting capable
  • Brand Qifutan
  • Model HD-C77
  • Weight 8.8 ounces

Washable suction cup allows you to remove and reuse

Mount is padded with soft silicone

Fits phones from 4 to 7 inches wide

Offers open charging port for connecting cables


May require extra-strong adhesive strips

May leave a bit of residue when removed

The TSV Universal Phone Holder lets you mount your phone at eye level without obscuring your vision of the road. This phone mount can either be mounted on the windshield or dashboard, and features a long 5.9-inch gooseneck arm that brings your smartphone closer to you. The unit attaches to any flat surface with a suction cup that’s also integrated with an adhesive gel for maximum grip.

This phone mount is compatible with devices that are up to 3.5 inches wide, and it’s easy to attach or detach your phone with just one hand. Once you have your phone locked on the mount, you can rotate it to any angle for comfortable viewing thanks to the 360-degree adjustable ball head.

Key Features
  • Suction cup mount
  • 360-degree adjustable
  • Long aluminum gooseneck
  • Brand TSV
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 1 pound

Adjustable design

Maintains a strong grip on your phone

Includes a foot cradle for additional stability

Can easily be taken off and transferred to another vehicle


Suction cup may come loose with vehicle vibrations

Gooseneck arm may also need to be readjusted after intense vehicle vibration

How We Selected the Products

Car phone mounts can all seem pretty similar, but small differences separate the best from the rest. In order to choose the highest-quality and most reliable mounts available, we took a look at mounts of every style – air vent, windshield, and dashboard options – that fit most of today’s most common smartphones. We compared phone mounts based on their stability while driving, their flexibility and adjustability, ease of installation and use, and their capabilities. Those that could survive bumps, turns, and changes in weather or temperature were among our top picks; we also highlighted those that hung onto phones securely, even with larger cases in place.

Best Car Phone Mount Buying Guide

Smartphones have become intrinsic to our everyday lives; however, we have to use a phone mount to stay safe while driving with our devices. Now that you’re aware of what’s available, here’s how to choose the best car phone mount for your vehicle and smartphone. We will also cover some of the common questions on phone mounts plaguing most buyers. Read on to learn more. 

Car Phone Mount

Different Kinds of Car Phone Mounts

Air Vent Mounted

Air vent mounts attach to the blades of your car’s front air vent, letting you conveniently place your phone just to the left or right of the steering wheel, depending on the vent placement in your car. They tend to work better with rectangular vents than round ones and they can hook very firmly into place.

However, using an air vent mounted car phone holder also brings the risk of overheating your phone when you’ve got hot air blowing in the winter.

Magnet Mounts

Magnetic car phone holders are typically fitted with multiple magnets on the mounting plate that adheres to any metal surface on your vehicle. You simply place your mount on the flat surface and it snaps in place. They come in different designs, ranging from compact mounts with a similar magnetic mounting head to larger versions with gooseneck arms. 

Some manufacturers include a slim metal plate in the package so you can use it to install the mount on textured surfaces for better grip. 

Suction Cup Mounted

Suction cups are the most common type of mounts for car phone holders. They are designed to stick to your windshield or dashboard, making them the most versatile. However, they can fall off if the surface isn’t clean enough, and some suction cups are stronger than others, so your mileage may vary.

Car Phone Mount

Best Car Phone Mount FAQs

Car Autance answers all your burning questions.

What is the purpose of a case-compatible holder?

Case-compatible holders have the versatility to hold your phone without removing its case, saving you time and trouble getting in and out of the car.

Are magnetic car mounts safe for phones?

Yes. Most magnetic car mounts are safe for phones. They have been specially designed to be powerful enough to hold your phone in place but not so powerful that they penetrate the phone’s casing and damage any of its sensitive components.

Are car vent mounts bad?

No, not if they are designed well. The biggest issue with car vent phone mounts is they either block air from blowing out, clamp wrongly on the vent’s grill potentially causing damage, or hold the phone too close to the vent and cause the phone to overheat from hot air.

How do I get my car mount to stick to my dashboard?

To ensure a car mount sticks well onto your car’s dashboard, pick a nice flat spot so the adhesive can stick well, clean the surface down with an alcohol wipe, peel off the adhesive paper, and firmly push the mount onto the dashboard for at least a minute or to ensure complete adherence.

Our Top Pick 

The iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Universal Car Mount is a great option for any driver thanks to ease of use and its extra convenience. All you need is one hand and one motion to secure your smartphone for a drive – and the grippy nature of this mount can even prevent scratches on the back of your phone or case. Plus, with built-in design cues that allow you to connect cables and charging cords, it’s also easy to stay plugged in when needed, with access to all of the necessary ports. 

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