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Chainsaws have come a long way in terms of design, size and portability. Cutting down trees and stocking up on…

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The Best Cordless Electric Chainsaws (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Cordless Electric Chainsaws (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Greenworks 12-Inch Cordless Electric Chainsaw Greenworks Cordless Electric Chainsaw
Premium Pick The Best Cordless Electric Chainsaws (Review) in 2022 Oregon Cordless Chainsaw
Best Value Greenworks 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw Greenworks 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Chainsaws have come a long way in terms of design, size and portability. Cutting down trees and stocking up on firewood for winter used to be time consuming and physically demanding. These days both homeowners and professionals can use these handy tools to complete all kinds of arduous tasks quickly and efficiently. Battery-powered chainsaws have become a popular alternative to traditional gas-powered chainsaws thanks to their user-friendly features and weight. The market has no shortage of these power cordless tools with a wide array of designs and brands to choose from. Our guide below includes the best cordless electric chainsaws available for purchase.

The Best Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Our top pick comes from Greenworks, a company with over a decade of experience in manufacturing battery-powered home and garden tools. Its cordless electric chainsaw makes a great addition to your toolbox.  This battery-operated chainsaw is not only portable, but it also comes with a heavy-duty 12-inch bar and chain for chopping wood and completing all kinds of challenging tasks as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This cordless chainsaw can be used to chop down trees in areas where electric outlets are unavailable. Its G-MAX 40 V lithium battery is reliable and does not take much time to recharge. This efficiency is accompanied by a tough stainless-steel bar with tool-less chain tensioning and an automatic oiler. This feature was created to oil the chain and bar in order to reduce friction and protect the chainsaw from wear due to frequent use. This affordable design also has automatic chain tensioning, a great feature that sets it apart from other similarly sized chainsaws. This feature helps reduce noise and vibration, making it the ideal tool for backyard chores. 

Key Features
  • 12-inch stainless steel chain with automatic chain tensioning
  • Includes 40V GMAX lithium ion battery with fade free power
  • Equipped with automatic oiler with a see-through oil tank
  • Ergonomic wrap around handle for comfort and control
  • Brand Greenworks
  • Model 20262
  • Weight 6 pounds


Easy to use


Long-lasting battery


No kickback protection

Not suitable for professional wood cutting

Expensive spare batteries

This battery-powered chainsaw from Black & Decker is packed with a ton of great features, including a 10-inch bar and chain as well as a powerful 20V lithium battery. This compact size is far from heavy and ideal for trimming branches and chopping wood. The automatic oiling system is also a plus and ensures that the chainsaw is adequately oiled for the task at hand. Another handy feature worth mentioning is the auto-tensioning system that gives you better control over the chainsaw so you can make the necessary adjustments while working. The wrap-around handle is also extremely practical and provides additional comfort where it counts.

Key Features
  • 10-inch Oregon bar and chain
  • Includes 20V MAX lithium battery
  • Automatic chain tensioning for easy adjustments
  • Automatic oiling system with transparent tank
  • Handle has a wrap around design for comfort
  • Model LCS1020
  • Weight 7.2 pounds


Generates less noise

Equipped with safety features

Easy to use


Ideal for small jobs only

Battery requires frequent charging

The EGO power battery chainsaw is another great option for those in need of a durable and affordable tool. The 14-inch bar and chain are large enough to cut sizable branches with precision and the brushless motor is extremely efficient and helps reduce noise, which is also a bonus. This Amazons Choice tool has a 56V lithium battery that takes around 30 minutes to charge. The battery can be used with other ERGO tools but needs to be purchased separately. Other features include chain tension adjustment and a chain kickback break for additional control and safety.

Key Features
  • 14-inch Oregon bar and chain
  • 6300 rpm brushless motor
  • Made of water-resistant materials
  • Equipped with chain tensioning knob
  • Brand EGO Power+
  • Model CS1400
  • Weight 8.3 pounds

Water resistant

Efficient brushless motor

Equipped with chain kickback brake

Long 14-inch bar


Battery and charger not included

Chain tensioning is done manually

This battery operated chainsaw from Worx has a ten-inch bar and a 20V battery that works with a variety of Worx tools. This incredibly practical feature allows you to save money on batteries and is accompanied by automatic chain lubrication to keep the chainsaw working like clockwork. The auto tension system is also found in this model and this system prevents the chain from over tightening. The Worx cordless chainsaw also comes with an extension pole that will come in handy when it comes to cutting down stubborn or hard to reach branches. This pole will give you an additional ten-foot reach, so you can get the job done with minimal discomfort. The ergonomic design of the handle also contributes to the comfort factor, especially if you have a time-consuming wood cutting task ahead of you.  

Key Features
  • 10-inch bar and chain
  • Includes 20V battery and charger
  • Automatic oiling system for lubrication
  • Battery compatible with other Worx tools
  • Automatic chain tensioning system
  • Brand Worx
  • Model WG322
  • Weight 6.19 pounds



Easy to use

Battery and charger included


Not suitable for cutting thick chunks of wood

Ideal for small tasks

Next on our list is another quality chainsaw from Greenworks and this model has a long 16-inch Oregon blade and a brushless motor. These features make this tool less noisy and more efficient when it comes to chopping off wood and pruning trees. It also means that the chainsaw can complete up to 100 cuts on 4×4 lumber. Quick and hassle-free adjustments can also be made thanks to the automatic chain tensioning. The Greenworks chainsaw has a powerful 40 Volt lithium battery that you can use to power other tools from the same brand, but the battery will not be included with your purchase. Running out of juice can be a headache, especially if you still had more felling or pruning to complete. The battery life indicator allows you to recharge the chainsaw before it runs out of power. Moreover, the automatic lubrication feature makes this Greenworks tool the ideal companion for homeowners and weekend warriors who have plenty of wood related tasks on their plate.

Key Features
  • 16-inch Oregon chain and bar
  • Brushless motor offers more torque and less noise
  • Completes up to 150 cuts per charge
  • Auto chain tensioning and automatic lubrication systems
  • Includes chain brake and hand guard for safety 
  • Brand Greenworks
  • Model 20322
  • Weight 11.6 pounds

Less noise and vibration

Fast charging time

Safe to use



The battery is sold separately

Oil tank prone to leakage

Dewalt is a brand that needs no introduction and their cordless electric chainsaw is a great alternative to traditional gas-powered tools that require maintenance and a more experienced hand. This 16-inch model allows you to cut branches from any angle efficiently and without pausing for oil refills. The auto lubrication system features durable Oregon components that help keep more oil on the chain once it stops or slows down. This feature is also accompanied by a tool free tensioning system that allow you to adjust the bar quickly and without the need for additional tools on your end. The Dewalt chainsaw was also designed with your safety in mind and has a chain brake for kick back protection. Moreover, the 40V lithium ion battery is reliable and goes a long way once charged.

Key Features
  • 16-inch Oregon bar and chain
  • Auto lubrication via quality Oregon components
  • Low noise brushless motor with tool free tensioning
  • Brand DEWALT
  • Model DCCS690B
  • Weight 13.5 pounds

Easy to use

Powerful for its size

Auto tensioning


Battery and charger not included

Oil leaks when tool is not in use

Oregon is a brand with decades of experience under its belt, and the CS300 cordless chainsaw showcases the company’s expertise in manufacturing lawn and garden tools. What sets this chainsaw apart from other similar-sized models is its built-in sharpening system. This system allows you to sharpen the saw by simply pulling a red lever located on the right side of the handle. This feature is accompanied by a long 16-inch blade that cuts through different branch diameters without filling the air with loud grinding noises. The Oregon chainsaw has a brushless motor to increase torque and was designed ergonomically with even weight distribution to reduce strain on the hands. Batteries are sold separately, and those are available in three different packs. The 2.4Ah battery pack delivers up to 250 cuts on a single charge, while the high-capacity 6.0Ah allows you to complete up to 600 cuts on a single charge.

Key Features
  • 16-inch bar and chain with built-in sharpening system
  • Lubri-Tec auto lubrication system
  • Lightweight and efficient brushless motor
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system
  • Brand Oregon
  • Model 572627
  • Weight 9.3 pounds

Built-in sharpening system

Generates less noise and is silent in between cuts

Multiple battery packs available with different capacities


Plastic handle not durable enough

Sharpening system only compatible with Oregon chain

The Zombi cordless chainsaw is one more option to consider if you are in need a 16-inch cordless tool that packs a punch. Both the battery and charger are included with this model alongside the trademark durable Oregon bar and chain combo. The 58 Volt battery provides enough power to the chainsaw so you can use it for hours to chop firewood and cross more work off your to-do list. The brushless motor is also a plus and so is the LED display that lets you know when to charge the battery. Lubrication is also taken care of and is available in the form of a 170 ml oil tank that helps reduce friction and keeps the chain working like clockwork.

Key Features
  • 16-inch Oregon bar and chain
  • Includes 58V – 4Ah battery and charger
  • Durable and efficient brushless motor
  • Chain brake and hand guard for safety
  • Auto lubrication system with oil level indicator
  • Brand Zombi Power Tools
  • Model ZCS5817
  • Weight 16 pounds

Includes warranty for both chainsaw and battery

Battery and chargers are included

Tool-less tensioning and auto lubrication systems


Heavy compared to other chainsaws – weighs 16 pounds

Recharging takes around 2 hours

The cordless brushless motor chainsaw from Earthwise has many features worth checking out including a 14-inch Oregon bar and chain as well as variable speed trigger control. Pruning trees and foraging for firewood is made easy thanks to the powerful brushless motor and long-lasting battery. This low maintenance design comes with its own 58 Volt lithium ion battery and charger and a hand guard chain brake for safety. The Earthwise chainsaw also comes with a tool-less tensioner knob that allows you to adjust the chain according to the task at hand and the automatic lubrication system takes care of friction and ensures smooth cuts every single time. This tool is available in three different sizes including a 10-inch bar-chain with a 20 Volt battery and 12-inch bar-chain with a 24 Volt battery.

Key Features
  • 16-inch Oregon bar and chain
  • 58V lithium ion battery and charger
  • Heavy duty brushless motor
  • Chain brake-hand guard for safety
  • Ergonomic mesh grip for comfort
  • Brand Earthwise
  • Model LCS35814
  • Weight 15 pounds

Automatic oiling system

Variable speed trigger control

Equipped with safety features

Ergonomic handle


Complaints about tank leaking oil

Battery life shorter than expected

This battery-operated chainsaw belongs to Greenworks, and this design has won many people over thanks to its weight and features. This 7-pound chainsaw comes with its own 2.0Ah lithium ion battery and relies on an automatic oiling system for lubrication. The oil is poured inside a see-through oil tank so you can always monitor the oil levels and refill the tank when necessary. DIY enthusiasts and weekend warriors in need of a quiet tool for pruning, cutting and felling will find the Greenworks chainsaw easy to use and incredibly handy when it comes to tight spaces and branches that require a shorter bar. Automatic tensioning is also found in this model, eliminating the need for tightening tools.  Moreover, the manufacturer offers a four-year warranty for the chainsaw and a two-year warranty for the battery.

Key Features
  • 10-inch bar and chain
  • 24V- 2.0 AH lithium ion battery with charger
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Tool-less chain tensioning using adjustment knob
  • Auto lubrication system with see-through oil tank
  • Brand Greenworks
  • Model 20362
  • Weight 7.85 pounds

Quiet operation

Easy to use

Batteries compatible with all G24 tools

Fast at recharging battery


Tends to leak oil when not in use

Ideal for small tasks and trees

Best Cordless Electric Chainsaw Buying Guide & FAQ

The following buying guide sheds more light on this versatile tool and showcases the difference between gas powered chainsaws and their battery-operated counterparts. Buying an electric chainsaw can be a gamechanger for homeowners who need an efficient and powerful alternative to regular chainsaws. So, read on to find out more about this cordless tool.

Why You Should Use a Cordless Electric Chainsaw

  • Performance

Battery powered cutting tools are the product of decades of technological advancements and a welcome alternative to traditional tools that consume gas and produce a lot of noise. This tool allows you to complete many backyard related chores without compromising on quality or performance. Some people may be skeptical about their capacity to chop down trees but many reputable brands like Dewalt, Greenworks and Ego Power Plus chose brushless motors for their cordless electric chainsaw, offering their customers a high torque, efficient tool that was built to last. Some chainsaws have motors that operate at speeds up to 6300 rpm and higher, making cutting down small trees and dealing with stubborn or dead branches feel like a walk in the park.

  • Price

There are many must-have tools out there that come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, battery chainsaws have been around for quite some time now and with so many options and brands to choose from, the price of these tools remains reasonable and affordable. For example, our highly reviewed top pick and one of the best cordless electric chainsaws out there costs around $139 on Amazon and comes with its own charger and battery. This affordability makes this tool a budget friendly option for homeowners with a backyard or a piece of land that needs regular maintenance. The battery is also a plus and eliminates the need for purchasing fuel in order to power the chainsaw.

  • Safety 

Wearing protective gear while operating a sharp and sizable tool is a must and the safety features found in some chainsaws add another layer of much needed protection. These safety features include right hand guards, kickback protection and low chain speeds. Some models automatically stop working when the chainsaw is in idle mode while others have handles that reduce vibration. All the above features are incredibly important, especially if you plan on using the chainsaw on a regular basis.

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  • Easy to Operate

Most electric chainsaws are described as easy to use and this is a crucial quality that one must look for in any outdoor tool. Nature is unpredictable and the occasional storm can wreak havoc on your backyard, leaving a trail of destruction behind. Therefore, you need a reliable tool to help you clear up the mess. Features like auto lubrication and automatic tensioning contribute to this ease of use. Using a low maintenance tool that requires zero fuel and depends on a rechargeable battery for power can make a world of difference to both landowners and homeowners alike. Battery powered chainsaws can also be a blessing during emergencies and blackouts.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Rechargeable batteries are a great alternative to disposable ones, and this is one more advantage to add to the list when it comes to electric chainsaws. Reducing emissions is the goal here and this tool ticks the environmentally friendly box thanks to its reliance on batteries rather than gasoline. Making a small difference can make a large impact on the world and people who are in constant search of the next best thing in terms of efficiency and eco-friendliness can opt for a cordless chainsaw to save time and energy.

  • Less Noise

There is no escaping the loud and often headache inducing sound of a chainsaw motor. Gas powered motors fall within the 106-117 decibel range and this puts them on the same level as motorcycles. This noise level can result in noise complaints from the neighbors. Battery operated chainsaws, on the other hand, can be 2 or even 3 times less noisy than good old-fashioned chainsaws. This makes them an ideal choice for homeowners who live right next door to their neighbors. Less noise also means less damage to your eardrums. In both cases, wearing earplugs or any other form of ear protection is a must.

Electric vs Gas Chainsaws

  • Electric

Electric chainsaws run on batteries and this definitely has its advantages. You will find different battery pack options depending on the brand. Some batteries last longer than others depending on their Ah rating. Therefore, you need to pay attention to both the Ah and voltage. Higher voltage equals more power, and this is exactly what you need in a wood cutting tool.

As previously mentioned, electric chainsaws do not pollute the air, and this puts them at an advantage compared to gas powered chainsaws. It also allows homeowners to cut back on fuel and go for a more eco-friendly choice. Battery chainsaws are far from a headache to maintain and do not require extensive cleaning and upkeep. Spare batteries are also available in case you need to use the chainsaw in remote areas and for more time-consuming projects.

Cordless chainsaws are lightweight, and this makes a world of difference to people with back problems and landowners who have a long day ahead of them. Both gas powered and battery-operated chainsaws give you the freedom to move without worrying about tripping over cables or searching for power outlets. All you need to do is pull the trigger or press the start button to get the motor running.

  • Gas

Chainsaws that need fuel in order to run generate more noise accompanied by the usual emissions. These gas-powered tools are the ideal choice for professional use and have enough torque to tackle challenging tasks like felling large trees and cutting thick branches. The chainsaw must be cleaned in order to remove debris and the occasional tree sap from the chain and bar. Lubrication is also a must in order to reduce friction and wear and so is sharpening the blade. Homeowners who use their chainsaw every now and then are advised to replace the old gas to avoid clogging the carburetor.

Worrying about the battery running out and waiting for it to recharge is not an issue here. However, you are bound to run out of gas, so refueling becomes a necessity. This part can be messy since you need to mix gas and oil together. Gas powered chainsaws offer you extended runtime, but this can also take its toll on your body. Therefore, you must look for a design with low vibration and an ergonomic handle.

Gas chainsaws pack a punch in terms of power and speed, and very few electric models can match this. Some brands do sell powerful motors, but you will find that gas powered models can have a maximum engine power of 8500 rpm, which is great for cutting all kinds of trees and branches.

Corded Electric vs Battery Powered Chainsaw

  • Corded Electric

Corded chainsaws must be connected to a power outlet via a cable or cord as their name suggests. Most of them are cheaper than battery powered chainsaws and are packed with enough power to saw down trees and cut thick branches. Some models are even designed to tackle more strenuous and lumberjack worthy tasks involving large forest trees. Having a steady flow of electricity means less interruptions and less time spent on recharging or refueling this tool. However, it also means that you need to work near a power outlet, or you will be unable to use it. Corded chainsaws are better suited for the backyard or garage. Their cable can get in the way and limit your movement. It can also turn into a tripping hazard especially in the presence of thick shrubs and uneven terrain.

  • Battery-Powered

Battery power chainsaws bring their own pros and cons to the table. Their batteries can be recharged when needed and they do not rely on fuel or power outlets. Some require less charging time than others and the battery will last depending on the task at hand. Most of them are more expensive than corded chainsaws but they are also portable and forest friendly. The absence of a cord makes them the ideal choice for remote areas where you can simply bring a spare battery pack in case the original one runs out. However, these batteries can be expensive to replace and the fact that they are battery powered can sometimes restrict their usage. Hardwood trees over 9 inches in dimeter are reserved for regular chainsaws that have a more powerful motor.

Best Cordless Electric Chainsaw FAQ:

Q: What tension should my chain be?

Use your fingers to pull the chain away from the bar in order to partially uncover the drive links. The chain must snap back into place once you let go. This test will tell you if you need to tighten or loosen the chain. A chain that is too tight will give you a hard time when you try to pull it away from the bar. In contrast, a loose chain will simply sag and fail the snap test.

Q: How do I avoid kickback?

Kickback can be avoided by following certain safety measures. This includes maintaining a firm grip on the chainsaw with both hands and exercising caution when sawing tree branches and felling tree trunks. Sharpening the chain also helps and so does using the correct part of the chainsaw when crosscutting. Purchasing low kickback chains is also recommended.

Q: How often should I sharpen my cordless electric chainsaw?

Chainsaws must be sharpened the moment you start noticing a decline in their performance. Sharp chains will slice through branches without giving you a hard time. They also generate chips instead of saw dust.

Q: Are electric chainsaws safe?

Proper maintenance, handling and wearing the right protective equipment all contribute to safe chainsaw use. Familiarizing yourself with this cordless tool and reading the instruction manual beforehand is highly recommended as well.

Our Top Pick

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw is our top choice and the best cordless chainsaw that money can buy with a 12-inch bar and plenty of other great features. Both lightweight and affordable, this chainsaw is the ideal tool for all kinds of arduous wood cutting tasks. The G-Max 40V lithium battery allows you to complete up to 75 cuts on 4×4 lumber. Moreover, the heavy-duty bar is made of stainless steel with an automatic oiler to keep the chain working as smoothly as possible and with minimum friction.   The wrap around handle is also great for cutting and trimming at different angles with ease. All in all, this cordless Greenworks chainsaw with its auto-tensioning system makes a great addition to your toolbox.

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