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A good workbench is one of those items that can easily turn a good home garage into a great one….

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The Best Garage Work Bench (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Garage Work Bench (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice work bench 2x4Basics Workbench & Shelving Storage System
Premium Pick Gymax Adjustable Height Work Bench.jpeg Gymax Adjustable Height Work Bench
Best Value olympia workbench Olympia Tools 82-802 Multi-Purpose Workbench

A good workbench is one of those items that can easily turn a good home garage into a great one. They are a very versatile tool, perfect for both heavy-duty work, by providing a solid, strong work area, to smaller, more intricate jobs by providing a clean, solid base.

A work bench can also be a really solid investment too, being the type of item that so long as you choose a well made model that’s right for you can go on to provide years and years of useful service.

That is the point of this guide. We’ve gone out and found ten of the best workbenches on the market today – so you don’t have to worry about the quality aspect. We’ve also put together a buying guide and FAQ in this article, to highlight all the features and options you should bear in mind whilst making your selection.

Use both parts of this article then to find the best garage workbench. Trust us, after you’ve bought it you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

The Best Garage Work Bench

Hold on, hold on – just wait a minute. A solid wood workbench and storage system with a price tag well under 100 bucks and a total weight of about 20 pounds? Yeah right, and what are the shelf supports made of – unicorn horn?

Actually, the weight and price are both accurate (and both very low) because this is a very clever kit from 2x4Basics. What you are actually buying are the black supports you can see in the product image. They are constructed of extremely tough plastic resin and once you have them, you just need to pick up standard 2×4 pieces of lumber.

Key Features
  • Clever Customization System
  • Can Provides a Great Amount of Storage
  • Strong Resin Construction
  • Relatively Low Cost
  • Brand 2×4 Basics
  • Model 90164
  • Weight 21.1 lbs

The Gymax Adjustable Height Work Bench is constructed from high-quality bamboo with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame that’s adjustable between 28.5 and 42 inches to give you a customizable setup. The feet of the work bench are also adjustable for accurate leveling on uneven surfaces, and feature Teflon pads to prevent the bench from sliding or shifting during use.

This sturdy bench boasts a maximum weight capacity of 1,500 pounds, making it a versatile choice for a large variety of projects and tasks. Rounded angles on the bench’s corners help to prevent serious injuries to pets and children. This work bench is quick and easy to assemble and will be a solid addition to any garage or workshop. Some people even use it as a utilitarian work desk.

Key Features
  • Adjustable Height Steel Frame
  • 1.5-inch Thick Solid Bamboo, UV-cured Top
  • Max Weight Capacity of 1,500 Pounds
  • Threaded Bolt Leveler Feet With Teflon Pads
  • Brand Gymax
  • Model GYM03220
  • Weight 86 lbs

We’re now halfway through the list and, having seen some examples of the various options out there right now for garage benches, we’ve come full circle back to the same style we saw in the first product on the list.

The first thing to note is that the bench is coming in with a far lower price tag than we saw on the Seville Classics at the top of the list – this option has a price of around a hundred bucks. Naturally to reach this price point, some design elements have been scaled back.

Key Features
  • Pegboard for Storage
  • Useful Light
  • 16mm (0.63 Inch) MDF Boards for Worktop/Shelves
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Enamel Finish
  • Brand Olympia Tools
  • Model 82-802
  • Weight 83.7 lbs

We love the name of this product, Mobile Project Center — it sounds like a base for GI Joe. It does live up to its name too, with a design that is all about mobility. It weighs 40 pounds, which is pretty light for a small workbench, especially one like this that boasts stainless steel as its frame material. It’s also quick and easy to set up – it literally takes a few seconds and you’re all set to go.

There’s no point having mobility and easy setup unless the workbench is actually useful as… well, as a workbench. Kreg have you covered here too though with a number of useful features present and correct. The bench has multiple work modes, all easy to set up. This makes it extremely versatile and you can easily adjust the worktop placement and angle to suit a range of tasks.

Key Features
  • Extremely Versatile & Strong Design
  • Folds up For Easy Storage
  • Fast & Easy to Set Up
  • Built in Storage Trays
  • Brand Kreg
  • Model KWS1000
  • Weight 40 lbs

Our first entry is this product from Seville Classics and, oh boy, is this model packing an outstanding range of features. It’s almost tough to know where to start, but let’s dive in and check out a few of those features.

The first thing to notice is that this is very much an all in one style of workbench. As we go through the list we’ll see several variations on the traditional garage workbench design. Some are relatively basic designs, but that is not something this model can be accused of!

Key Features
  • Stainless Steel Drawers
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Built in Peg Board (With 23 Free Hooks)
  • Built in Light & Power Strip
  • 1.5-Inch Work Surface
  • Brand Seville Classics
  • Model UHD20247
  • Weight 135 lbs

If you’re looking for a top-quality, lightweight, yet ultra sturdy workbench, you’ll love the Sjobergs Nordic Plus 1450 Birch Wood Hobby and Garage Compact Tools Workbench. This bench is a generous 57 inches in length, but only weighs 66 pounds when fully assembled, making it easy to move around whenever necessary. The reason for this is that it’s constructed from solid, but light birch wood and is manufactured using the most modern techniques by a company that’s been in the business for more than 80 years.

This bench is ideal for garages, sheds, workshops, basements, and more. It’s equipped with dual vises to solidly anchor materials during work. It also has a convenient and sizable lower shelf so you can easily access often-used tools and gear.

Key Features
  • Solid All Birch-Wood Construction
  • Dual Vises With a Clamping Distance of 4.5 Inches Each
  • Optional Storage Cabinet Available
  • Backed By a One-Year Warranty
  • Brand Sjobergs
  • Model SJO-33448
  • Weight 66 lbs

This is another example of the all in one style workbench with light and pegboard. Again, we have a lower priced item so know before you go in that some features are going to be drastically reduced in order to meet that price point. The tag on this model is under 100 bucks so understand we are not dealing with a premium model here.

The legs and frame are good quality steel to provide a solid and secure base. The worktop (and under shelving) is however compressed board style of wood, not the best material on the market right now. The built in light is always useful to see, as is the power strip.

Key Features
  • Particle Board Work Surface
  • Steel Frame
  • Built in Light
  • Model 3302
  • Weight

Seville Classics are back once again with their third entry on our list today. This style of garage workbench is much simpler than the other two options on the list, however it is still packing a host of useful design points.

Naturally, you will have noticed this model has no built in storage. This is another of the paired back models that are all about the worktop instead of the optional extras like pegboards, lights and power strips.

Look at its price tag, however, and you’ll find what you are getting is not a paired-back version of the other workbenches but rather one that has been designed to be a premium, stand-alone bench that will be a pleasure to work at, whilst having the solidity to provide years of useful service.

So the worktop itself is high-grade solid hardwood. The frame and legs are steel, with a powder coat to protect against corrosion. The worktop level can be raised or lowered through 13.5 inches of height to provide a bespoke fit.

This model is not cheap. But it is a very well made and very well designed worktop that could be a great investment for the serious at home mechanic.

Key Features
  • Manual Height Adjustment with Wide Range
  • Solid Hardwood Top
  • Heavy Duty, Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • 1000-Pound Load Capacity
  • Brand Seville Classics
  • Model UHD20288B
  • Weight 75.9 lbs

The Black+Decker WM225 Workmate 225 Portable Work Center and Vise is our top pick for a super lightweight and portable garage work bench. It gives you an adjustable work platform with clamps and measurement markings for high accuracy. It folds up quickly and easily for easy transport and space-saving storage when not in use.

This work bench also comes equipped with dual height-adjustable legs that can fold under to bring the work table lower for taller or bigger projects. This model is capable of supporting up to 450 pounds, making it an excellent choice for a wide variety of projects. It’s also equipped with adjustable rear jaws that give you the flexibility to clamp irregularly shaped objects and accessories.

Key Features
  • Heavy-Duty 16-Gauge Steel Frame
  • Weight Capacity up to 450 Pounds
  • Folds Up Quickly and Easily For Storage or Transport
  • Backed By a 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Includes Adjustable Clamp With 4 Swivel Pegs For Gripping Irregular Objects
  • Brand Black+Decker
  • Model WM225
  • Weight N/A

The Winnintronic Garage Work Bench is a great option for people who like quick and easy access to hanging tools at their fingertips. This work bench comes equipped with a rugged pegboard and hooks, which is ideal for hanging frequently used tools and accessories in an organized manner. It features a thick and durable MDF panel worktop that’s able to support up to 331 pounds. It’s not the strongest work bench on our list, but it’s a great option for small to medium projects.

The frame is constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated steel that’s durable and corrosion- and dent-resistant. It also has a handy lower MDF shelf to store and support larger and bulkier equipment and accessories. A handy sliding drawer is ideal for storing tools and hardware out of the way.

Key Features
  • Durable MDF Work Table and Shelf
  • Heavy-Duty Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • Large Sliding Drawer
  • Back-Mounted Peg Board and Hooks for Hanging Tools
  • Maximum Weight Capacity of 331 Pounds
  • Brand Winnintronic
  • Model SVB50626650
  • Weight 47.43 lbs

Best Garage Work Bench Buying Guide & FAQ

Even a cheaper bench is going to set you back a few hundred bucks, so it’s well worth ensuring that you’re selecting the right model for you. To help you choose the right one, we’ve put together this short buying guide to investigate some of the features to look out for, as well as how to get the most out of your new purchase.

What to Consider When Buying a Garage Work Bench

  • Weight Capacity – Some tables can take a phenomenal amount of weight, and some… can’t. You’ll know better if you need high weight bearing and, if you do, work benches are available that can hold anything from a 1000 pounds to 3000. Look for rugged steel legs & frame and a good quality worktop if weight is important.
  • Storage – Integrated storage can be useful for holding the tools that you use very often – a pegboard in particular can be useful for keeping tools close to hand.
  • Lights – Some types of benches have integrated lights. That can be really helpful if your garage is dark or you work on your car after nightfall, in which case illuminating your bench can be very useful. Benches with integrated lights often have built in power strips too, which are useful.
  • Mobility – The final consideration is mobility. Do you need to move the workbench very often, or will it be placed in one space forever? If you need to move it, either look for a bench on wheels or, for true mobility, a small workbench that folds up.

Benefits of Using a Garage Work Bench

  • Dedicated Work Space – Never annoy your partner by cleaning oily spark plugs on the dinner table.
  • Storage – If you need storage space, a workbench can supply it.
  • Safe Work Space – Especially when working with small or delicate car components, a workbench provides a safe, stable area to put your work down onto.
  • Heavy Duty Work – At the other end of the scale they also provide an area where you can work on large, heavy items.

Workbench Types

There are, broadly speaking, 3 flavors of workbench out there. They are:

Storage Integrated – Whether shelves, pegboard, drawers or a combination of all three, some designs have lots of useful storage integrated right into the design.

Stand Alone – Essentially a very tough table, they lack any kind of integrated storage. Instead, they will be pleasant to use (in terms of working on them) with great quality, hopefully long lasting, worktops.

Foldable – These types are small and portable. They are ideal for smaller and portable garages and working spaces, or the mechanic who needs a workbench out with him as he works on the drive or street.

Garage Work Bench Maintenance

Garage workbenches are pretty sturdy beasts. Whether they have a MDF, Plywood or metal surfaces, they are manufactured to take a beating. After all, they are designed to be worked on, not to eat dinner off of.

Even though they are nice and tough a good regime of general maintenance will help to prolong their lifespan. A wooden surface in particular could benefit from a protective finish such as a good quality wood varnish. Check your benches instruction manual before you get the paintbrushes out however, as it may not be suitable for all bench types.

Garage Work Bench FAQ

Q:  Where should I place my workbench?

This is a tough one to answer, as there can be so many variables here! Do you want to park your vehicle in the garage? If so, that may be tough in a traditional 20 x 20 sized garage. Do you want your family to have walking access through the space, perhaps to get to a utility room? That may mean putting it to one side of the garage blocks the walking routes around the vehicle. That’s just two examples. If you don’t park in the garage, or put the workbench somewhere else, like a shed or workshop, these may not be big issues for you. Of course if you’re really struggling for space, you could consider a small workbench that folds away, one with wheels or you could even buy some heavy-duty castors and attach them to a standard style bench to give it the mobility to roll around your garage/work shop space.

Q:  What tools do I need for assembly?

It depends what model you go for of course, but most of these products will come as flat pack style assembly jobs. So really you’ll just need the kinds of tools you would need for building an Ikea table. A good set of screwdrivers, a hammer or two, measuring tape and spanners will probably do for most assemblies – and a decent power tool will make the job even faster.

Q:  Can I use a garage workbench with a garage/shop stall? Is it tall enough?

You can indeed – when you have selected your model, you can take a closer look at the height and just make sure, but most are pretty standard height and compatible with most shop stalls.

Q:  Can I replace the workspace top with a thicker piece of plywood?

It really depends on how the original work surface is connected to the frame. If it’s screwed in or held with nuts and bolts then you could replace it with a piece of identical sized but thicker Plywood or even a different material. The best bet though is to buy a workbench already equipped with the type of surface that you want, and if you don’t think that Plywood will be up to the job, consider picking up a table with a hard wood surface.

Our Top Pick for Best Garage Work Bench

For the sheer range of features it’s packing – and the fact it brings them all for such a competitive price – we’re going to go for the Seville Classics Lighted workbench as our top pick. As we said in our review above it is just packed with the kind of design details that makes it a workbench to build your garage around.

Not only does it come with a built in light and power strip (both very convenient features), it also boasts a large amount of diverse storage solutions. We’re talking large drawers, handy shelves and that very useful pegboard. Everything is made of high quality materials too, whether that’s powder coated stainless steel in the frame or the 1.5-inch thick hardwood worktop that will be both hard wearing and also a delight to work on.

All in all, it’s just a very well designed product that should give you years of useful service without making too much of a dent on your bank balance.


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