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Losing your keys is one of life’s major inconveniences but thanks to keyless door locks for garages, this does not…

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The Best Keyless Door Locks for Your Garage (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Keyless Door Locks for Your Garage (Review) in 2023 | Autance
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Premium Pick August Smart Keyless Door Lock Pro August Smart Keyless Door Lock Pro
Best Value Kwikset Powerbolt Electronic Keyless Door Lock Kwikset Powerbolt Electronic Keyless Door Lock

Losing your keys is one of life’s major inconveniences but thanks to keyless door locks for garages, this does not have to be a problem. If you need to give several people access to your garage to pet sit, clean, or carry out maintenance, this device can make things a lot easier.

Thanks to a programmable keypad, you can set multiple codes for different users and remove them when you want to. You can even get keyless entry systems that can be operated from a smartphone using a numeric PIN and that integrates with other smart devices in your home. There are plenty of security features, including hard-wearing silicone keys that will not show a pattern of wear and give away your code. To get you started with choosing the right device, here’s our pick of the best keyless door locks.

The Best Keyless Door Lock

The problems associated with lost and broken keys will be a thing of the past with this keypad-operated deadbolt lock with a free-spinning deadbolt turn. It comes in a variety of finishes that are all manufactured from premium metal materials to suit your door trims.

It takes just minutes to install and there are no wires. It will fit doors that range from 1-5/8 inches to two-inches thick, but there is a thick door kit available if you need it. Access is gained by typing a six-digit numerical code into the silicone-coated keypad. The keys are backlit for easy access in the dark and are hard wearing so the numbers will not wear off. When the battery (1 D battery) is running low, there is an indicator to let you know.

Key Features
  • Quick to install with no wires
  • Fits most standard doors
  • Back lit keypad
  • Grade 2 certified lock
  • Brand Schlage Lock Company
  • Model BE365VCAM619
  • Weight 5.35 pounds

This is a keyless electronic keypad lock that has a heavy-duty stainless steel design that you can install yourself. It will fit any standard door knob hole on right and left hinged doors and has an adjustable latch backset 2 3/8″ to 2 3/4″. The door knob is a spring latch lock rather than a deadlock. All you need is a screwdriver to install it in minutes. It has a new ergonomic design and is powered by four 4 AAA batteries. There is a low battery warning and a backup battery box jumper just in case they run out. It also has a mechanical key as a backup.

This keyless door lock can store eight user codes that can all be controlled by a master code. For the ultimate in security, it auto-locks from outside in three seconds. It is not vulnerable to phone connections or cyber-hacking. Because the numbers are printed beneath the buttons, they do not wear out and no one can guess the codes from the pattern of wear.

Key Features
  • Spring latch lock for all doors
  • Supplied with backup battery box jumper
  • No phone connections or cyber-hacking
  • Buttons will not wear out
  • Brand SoHoMiLL
  • Model YL 99
  • Weight 2.7 pounds

This is a motorized deadbolt lock that is available in three attractive metallic finishes. The tamper-resistant design of the keypad door lock is easy to install with a few screws and will fit most doors thanks to the adjustable backset that fits depths of 2-3/8 to 2-3/4″. It has a sleek, tamper-resistant cover.

It requires four AA batteries to operate and has a backlit keypad, although it can be operated with a back-up key. It has a maximum of eight customizable access codes and you have the option of setting a master code as well.

Key Features
  • Available in three metallic finishes
  • Backlit keypad
  • Eight customizable access codes
  • Brand Kwikset
  • Model 99090-018
  • Weight 1.5 pounds

To share access to your garage securely, you can’t go wrong with this professional grade (Grade 2) security keypad digital door lock. It’s powered by a 9V battery and takes about half an hour to install using only a screwdriver. It will fit doors between 1-3/8 inches thick and 1-3/4 inches thick and is available in two attractive metal finishes.

It can store a maximum of 19 user codes (six digits) and has a staggering 10,000 possible user codes. It is supplied with two preset user codes so you can use it straight away. The silicon-coated keypad is backlit and weather resistant. It comes with a low battery indicator and you are able to select an automatic re-locking mode for maximum security.

Key Features
  • Professional Grade 2 lock
  • Backlit silicone keypad
  • Automatic re-locking mode
  • Brand Schlage Lock Company
  • Model FE595 CAM 619 GEO
  • Weight 1.5 pounds

This smart lock device is part of the smart technology revolution for home security. You can turn any door into a WiFi door lock using this voice-activated lock. To operate it, you need an Alexa device to enable the voice control. You can use your smartphone device (which needs an iOS operating system of version 9 or higher or an Android operating system of version 5 or higher) to lock and unlock the door from any location. This gives you the ability to allow your friends and family keyless entry when they need it.

It works with your existing deadbolt and you can lock and unlock the door as well as keep track of who has entered and exited using the 24/7 activity feed. It locks automatically when you leave your house. When you approach and use the voice command, it opens but you can use your regular keys as well when you wish. It will fit most single cylinder deadbolts.

Key Features
  • Voice activated
  • Requires Alexa device and smartphone
  • Works with most single cylinder deadbolts
  • Door locks automatically behind you
  • Brand August
  • Model AUG-SL03-C02-G03
  • Weight 13.9 ounces

This electronic keyless deadbolt is just what you need for keyless entry to your garage. It will fit most standard doors (depth from 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″). You can install it in minutes using just a screwdriver and you will need four AA batteries. An indicator will warn you when the batteries are low and the keypad is illuminated.

In terms of security, it has been certified Grade 3 for commercial use and is resistant to bumps and is pick resistant. After five consecutive incorrect codes have been entered, an alarm will sound and the keypad is not responsive for 45 seconds. You are able to program six user codes and a single use code for a cleaner/dog walker. There is also a master code feature.

Key Features
  • Electronic deadbolt
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Grade 3 for commercial use
  • Bump and pick resistant
  • Brand FLIR
  • Model 99070-103
  • Weight 2.6 pounds

Rated for residential security (Grade 1) this keyless entry system can be operated via voice control (using an Alexa device and smartphone) or via a keypad. It is powered by four AA alkaline batteries and will fit most doors.

You are able to lock and unlock your door remotely using Z wave technology. The electronic lock has a built-in sensor that triggers an audible alarm and has three alert modes. It is easy to install using only a screwdriver and detects the direction that the bolt needs to be moved. 

Key Features
  • Remote access from anywhere using a smartphone
  • Z wave technology
  • Fingerprint resistant screen
  • Brand Schlage Lock Company
  • Model BE469NXCAM619
  • Weight 3.8 pounds

This keyless lock can be fitted to most single-cylinder deadbolts so you can carry on using your existing hardware and your keys when you want to. It attaches easily to the existing deadbolt of the door so it only takes around 10 minutes to fit and you only need a screwdriver.

It needs four AA batteries and offers completely flexible access – you can grant access for weeks, days or hours at a time and it automatically opens as you approach with your smartphone. When you leave home, the door will lock behind you either instantly or up to 30 minutes later. The device is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and many other smart security systems.

Key Features
  • Fits most single cylinder deadbolts
  • Compatible with devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Brand August
  • Model AUG-SL04-M01-S04
  • Weight 13.9 ounces

This is a smartphone or keypad operated keyless lock that replaces an existing deadbolt on doors that are between 1-3/4″ and 2-1/4″ thick. It has a motorized tapered deadbolt that can cope with doors that are a little out of line. It requires four AA batteries but there is a 9V terminal just in case the batteries run out. You can operate the lock using a 4th generation or more recent mobile device and it is possible to generate up to 25 (4-8 digit) unique pin codes and then delete them when you need to.

There is an auto relock feature if you are worried about forgetting to lock the door when you go out. It is both weather-resistant and quiet and can be fitted using only a screwdriver to doors that are between 1-3/4″ to 2-1/4″ thick. The keypad is backlit and has numbers that will not wear off.

Key Features
  • Motorized tapered deadbolt
  • Fits most doors and quick to install
  • Operated with smartphone or keypad
  • Up to 25 unique pin codes
  • Brand Yale Security
  • Model YRD256-iM1-0BP
  • Weight 3 pounds

Ideal for garages and workroom entries, this is a wear resistant, combination door lock that has a silicone-coated keypad with 11 buttons. It is backlit for night time access and has a lever function. You can install it yourself using just a screwdriver as it will easily replace most handles or door knobs.

You can set up 19 user codes and you have an option of 10,000 number combinations. You can delete them just as easily. It is certified as Grade 2 and comes with an auto-lock feature which will lock the door automatically after five seconds.

Key Features
  • Silicone keypad with 11 buttons
  • Up to 19 user codes
  • Auto lock feature
  • Brand Schlage Lock Company
  • Model FE575 PLY 626 ELA
  • Weight 5 pounds

Best Keyless Door Lock Buying Guide & FAQ

Features to Consider When Buying a Keyless Entry System

Here’s a simple guide to what you should look out for when buying a keyless entry system.

  • Security

The best door locks have keypad numbers that are hardwearing so that no one can trace your code from the pattern of wear. Smartphone operated systems need security layers so they cannot be hacked.

  • Lighting

A backlit keypad is a lot easier to use at night.

  • Batteries

A low battery indicator is useful as is the feature that allows some sort of backup battery jumper/charger to be used.

  • Fitting

Look out for a model that is easy to fit with minimum tools.

  • Codes

Think about how many you need. The option for temporary codes and single use codes is useful too.

  • Auto lock

If you continually worry that you have forgotten to lock the door, this is a useful feature to have in a remote door lock.

  • Smartphone

If you have an integrated home security system, it is useful to include your garage lock in it using a smartphone app so look out for this feature.

Benefits of Using Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks are not new but they are becoming more sophisticated and now have many additional features. If you are still not convinced that your home would benefit from a lock like this, here is a summary of the key benefits.

  • Convenience

Carrying a big bunch of keys around is not that convenient. With keyless door entry systems, you don’t have to worry about that.

  • Lost keys

Losing our keys and getting locked out are two major inconveniences in life and cost us hours of time. It can also cost a lot of money if you have to get a locksmith to break in for you. With keyless locks, lost keys are a thing of the past.

  • Controlled access

There are many occasions where several people may need access to your garage. This could be a cleaner or contractor, someone you are working on a project with or members of your family. You can’t give them all keys! It’s much easier to give them a code.

  • Temporary access

Once you have given someone a key, it can be hard to get it back from them. Also, they could get a copy of that key made and then have unlimited access to your garage. When you have a keyless lock, that is not possible. You simply give them a temporary access code and then delete it when you no longer want them to have access.

  • Smart technology.

Some keyless locks are compatible with smartphone apps and devices such as Alexa. This gives you integrated control of your home security.

  • Security

Some of the more sophisticated devices allow you to monitor who is going in and out of the door and when.

  • Lighting

Most keypads are backlit so there’s will be no more fumbling for keys in the dark!

  • Compatibility

Check that the lock is compatible with the thickness of your garage door.

  • Security grade

There is a grading system for locks operated by The American National Standards Institute and the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. Locks can be categorized as Grade 1 to 3 base on tests of operational function, impact resistance, key torque cycles and pull strength. Grade 1 is the highest rating and Grade 3 is the lowest.

How to Install a Keypad Door Lock

All keyless door locks come with full fitting instructions and most can be fitted within half an hour using just a screwdriver. It is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Here are the typical steps.

  • If the lock does not work with the existing lock, remove the old deadbolt. Then set the new deadbolt to match the existing backset. Then place it in the deadbolt hole but make sure it is the right way up and that the bolt is retracted fully.
  • Install the exterior keypad and secure it in place using the mounting plate. Connect the wires of the keypad to the battery. Carefully place them inside the unit and attach the cover plate.
  • Open the door and check that deadbolt extends and retracts smoothly. If this is not the case, you will need to repeat steps one and two.
  • Try out the preprogrammed codes to see if the door opens.

Different Types of Keyless Door Locks

There are two main types of keyless door locks. The first type works with the existing deadlock or latch bolt lock of your door. It simply replaces the key as the way of opening the door. You still have a keyhole and you can over-ride the lock with the key if you wish. You are using all the existing hardware. The second type of keyless lock replaces the existing lock. You need to remove the existing hardware and replace it. These take a bit longer to install but if they fit the existing hole you should not need any special tools.

There are also several ways of triggering the electric signal that make the inbuilt motor withdraw the bolt of the deadlock so that the door can be opened. Here are the ways that can be done.

  • Keypads

A keypad is provided with the lock. When the correct combination of numbers is pressed, the electric signal is triggered. The keycode number is usually four or six digits long. It can be changed and some are single use or are only valid for a day/week/month.

  • Radio frequency

This uses a key fob or card that communicates with the lock using radio waves. Often they can be used without the need to remove the fob from your bag.

  • Bluetooth

A Bluetooth door lock operates in the same way as the radio frequency locks but uses Bluetooth technology instead of radio waves. The lock is able to detect the Bluetooth ID of your smartphone. This triggers an electric current and the door unlocks as you approach it. There is usually a back-up method for you to get in, just in case your smartphone runs out of battery.

  • Z-Wave technology

These devices work using the new smart technology for domestic devices. It is a mesh network that connects multiple devices. The connection is wireless and is divided out among “nodes”. This allows many devices to communicate with each other. The nodes are transmitters and they give off radio waves just like a wireless router. There is usually a smart hub that connects everything.

Some keyless door looks combine two of these methods. For example, you can get a Z wave technology operated door that also has a numerical keypad as a back up way of gaining entry.

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Best Keyless Door Lock FAQ:

Q: What is a keyless door lock?

As the name suggests, a keyless entry door lock does not need a key. They have been around for some time but are now more sophisticated and have more features. In a lock that is operated using a key, there is a lock cylinder is held in place with metal pins. When the key is turned, the pins are moved just enough to turn the cylinder and the door can be opened. In a keyless lock, there is an ‘actuator’ which connects the cylinder to a motor. When the motor is triggered, the pins are moved and the door can be opened. The trigger can be provided by an electrical impulse that originates from a keypad (by entering a numerical code) or by a wireless external source such as a smartphone. In a Bluetooth door lock, it is triggered by the Bluetooth signature on your smartphone.

Q: Is fingerprint door lock safe?

We have used keys for a very long time and have come to trust keys as a secure way of gaining access to our property. However, it is important to remember that keys can get stolen and copied and locks can get physically forced open. No door lock is 100 percent safe. So, the question should be whether keyless door entry systems, including fingerprint door locks, are safe compared to key-operated entry. Biometrics are seen as the way forward for many security applications. Humans have physical attributes, including fingerprints, that are unique to them and that are hard to copy but that does not mean that it is impossible. Also, any electronic door lock can potentially be hacked and an electronic pulse can be falsely generated that will open the door.

Q: What is the difference between a deadbolt lock and a latchbolt lock?

Latchbolt locks are spring-loaded. The rounded metal end protrudes from the door but because of its shape, it is pushed back into the door as it slides past the door frame and snaps back out into a hole in the frame so it securely holds the door in place. It is then connected to some sort of handle or knob on the inside and a key hole on the outside. When the key turns, it retracts the metal end again and the door can be pushed open. The disadvantage is that when the door slams behind you, it is shut and if a burglar gets into your house, they can easily let themselves back out! A deadbolt lock is not connected to a door knob or handle. The end of the lock is not spring loaded, it has to be locked into place in the hollow in the door frame. These locks need to be manually locked so it is harder to lock yourself out. Some have a turn-style knob on the inside of the door whilst others have keys. This can be a problem if you need to get out in an emergency.

Q: How do I tell if I need a right-handed or left-handed lever handle?

When deciding the handing of your door for the purposes of a door lock, it is not the same as when a carpenter is hanging the door. For the purposes of a door lock, you need to stand outside your garage and look forwards at the door. If the hinges are on the right of the door, it is a right handed door. For this garage door, you will need a right-handed lock. If the hinges are on the left of the door, it is a left-handed garage door and you will need a left-handed lock.

Q: How do I change the code?

Most keyless door locks come with either a keypad or a smart phone app that often works via a home internet assistant such as Alexa. For keypad entry, you set up the code using the keypad. Often, several codes can be set up at one time for different people. They may be temporary and only last for a short period of time and you may also have a master code. Many come pre-programmed with two or more codes. Usually, you are provided with a unique, six-digit programming code that only you should be aware of. When you enter this code, you put the device into programming mode. There’s usually a visual (colored light) and/or audio (beeping sound) that indicates that you have entered programming mode. Now you can enter the new code and the device will indicate when it is confirmed. There will be full instructions provided with the lock. Related Posts: Best Key Chains for Car and Best Key Finder

Our Top Pick

Our top pick of the best keyless door locks is a free-spinning deadbolt lock turn that can be installed in minutes to doors of most sizes. Entry is via a six digit numerical code which is entered onto the hard-wearing and backlit keys.

It is battery operated and there is a low battery indicator. It comes with two access codes pre-programmed although there can be up to 19 codes in all. It is Grade 2 certified for commercial use.


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