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Whether you’ve been a longboarder for years or are relatively new to the sport, chances are you’ll want to slide…

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The Best Longboards For Sliding (Reviews & Buying Guide) of 2023 | Autance © The Best Longboards For Sliding (Reviews & Buying Guide) of 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Fish Skateboards Downhill Longboard Fish Skateboards Downhill Longboard
Best Value WiiSham Longboard Cruiser WiiSham Longboard Cruiser
Premium Pick Seething Complete Cruiser Longboard Seething Complete Cruiser Longboard

Whether you’ve been a longboarder for years or are relatively new to the sport, chances are you’ll want to slide at some point. A freeing experience, longboard sliding is when you maneuver the board so that the wheels roll without keeping traction on the asphalt. Not only is it an enjoyable activity, but sliding is also pretty important for those who longboard on hills. Helping you to stop quickly, this skill adds a bit of flair and personality to your ride. 

Of course, while sliding takes practice, it helps to have a longboard made with that purpose in mind. And with so many options out there, it can be tricky to find the right board to tackle the road ahead. To help, we’ve curated a list of the best longboards for sliding so you can learn the skill with the help of the perfect board. 

The Best Longboards For Sliding

If you’re looking for a longboard that can comfortably handle downhill travel, the Fish Skateboards Downhill Longboard is a fantastic candidate. At 41-inches long, it gives you a smooth and effective ride that makes sliding easy. Since the board is nine-inches wide, steering is almost effortless. The board is made out of eight layers of maple wood, a high-quality material that ensures durability. The polyurethane wheels are smooth, incorporating bearings that prevent shaking and shocks. Paired with seven-inch shocks, this board lets you slide easily whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider.

Although the board slides well, it doesn’t feature curves at the front and back, and while curves are not necessary for sliding, these angled parts can be helpful. As a result, this board might be better for those used to sliding.

Key Features
  • Bearings made out steel alloy
  • Wheels constructed out of polymer
  • Wide-set design for stability
  • Supports up to 330 pounds
  • Brand Fish Skateboards
  • Model B08RYRDP3T
  • Weight N/A

Wheels prevent shock while riding

Requires no assembly

Slip-resistant board surface


Lacks curves at front and back

Wheels very close to board

Flat polymer works poorly on rough terrain

This longboard is priced affordably, making it a suitable choice for pretty much any budget. Long and wide by design, it helps you remain stable while riding due to the wheels’ well-designed bearings. Because the board narrows at the front and the back, it is perfect for new sliders. It keeps the wheels visible while you ride, making it easier to move the board around and slide effectively. Coming in either a floral or plain black design, there is a version of this board for every riding style.

While the board is well priced and features a solid design, the print patterns are relatively limited: the sleek black is a good choice, but the textured surface makes decorating it challenging since it’s hard to get something to adhere to the surface.

Key Features
  • Narrow front and rear parts
  • 42 inch x 9.5 inch board
  • Well lubricated bearings in wheels
  • Strong board for good balance
  • Brand WiiSham
  • Model B07BJCHMGF
  • Weight N/A

Aluminum alloy resists rust

Board is made of layered maple

Polymer wheels are very durable


Board narrowing makes it vulnerable to impact

Available in limited styles and patterns

Relatively small wheels for board style

Take a look at the Seething Complete Cruiser Longboard for its sleek design and high-performance value. This premium selection is made out of high-grade materials, including hardwood maple layers. The alloy trucks meet the polyurethane wheels to provide easy balance and a smooth ride. The wheel design makes it relatively easy to slide, even if you aren’t too experienced. The board is designed primarily for use on hills, so it is better suited to asphalt and sidewalks. Stylish and sturdy, this sliding longboard is designed for use over the long term.

Bear in mind that this board’s primary purpose is downhill travel, making it ideal for sliding. However, this also means it won’t be as good on rougher terrain. Also, the longboard truck attachments are prone to rust, and the wheels can loosen over time.

Key Features
  • Board is 42 inches long
  • Made of layered maple hardwood
  • Textured surface for grip
  • Seven-inch alloy trucks
  • Brand Seething
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 6.8 pounds

Bearings inside wheels prevent vibrations

No need to assemble the board

Polymer wheels resist damage


Suitable mainly for downhill riding

Truck attachment parts can rust

Wheels can loosen over time

At three-feet long and just under nine-inches wide, the layered maple featured in this longboard’s design helps it support up to 220 pounds. The SpongeBob pattern adds a bit of flash, while the design of the wood lends to sliding ability. With a point at the front for aerodynamic appeal, it also helps you control the wheels when you slide. The curved rear of the board facilitates balance in conjunction with the shock-resistant trucks and sturdy wheels. Built to work reliably, this longboard is a great way to teach kids and teens how to slide.

This board is ideal for younger users in terms of style and structure, so it may not be the best option for adults. Both the pattern and the overall design make this board a better choice for kids. Also, the board’s rounded tail can compromise your sliding if you’re not careful.

Key Features
  • Unique and cartoonish design
  • 36 x 8.75 inch board
  • Supports up to 220 pounds
  • Made of high-grade maple
  • Brand Kryptonics
  • Model B08B712YL1
  • Weight N/A

Ideal for younger riders

Durable polymer wheels

Reliable, shock-resistant trucks


Not well-suited for adult riders

Wheels can wear down quickly

Rounded tail can compromise sliding

Are you looking for a unique board that uses high-end materials to make sliding easier? If so, take a look at the Quest Rorshack Complete Longboard for its innovative design. For starters, the deck is crafted out of a blend of bamboo and maple. Bamboo is known for its lightweight nature and sturdiness, while maple is famed for its toughness and durability. Together, they offer an easy-to-maneuver board that works well for sliding. With its 6-inch trucks and strong wheels, you can take this board on all sorts of terrain. The wheels ring in at 65 millimeters making the task of sliding that much easier.

Although this board slides well, it is relatively short: the deck rings in at only 34 inches, making it a bit trickier to handle steep hills. Resultantly, this is better suited to experienced riders. Also, this board may have a noisier ride than others.

Key Features
  • Lightweight board for ease of use
  • 34 inches long
  • Polymer wheels and quality bearings
  • Can support substantial weight
  • Brand Quest
  • Model QT-NRS34C
  • Weight 7.01 pounds

Durable wheels work on all terrain

Blended maple and bamboo deck

6-inch trucks ideal for sliding 


Trucks are vulnerable to damage

Can be difficult to maintain

May result in a noisy ride

Those who want a longboard that is both stylish and functional can reap many benefits from the Volador Maple Longboard Cruiser. This 40-inch longboard is constructed exclusively out of maple, a sturdy hardwood that helps it hold a lot of weight. The board is ideal for cruising, especially when you look at the design features of the trucks. Made out of aluminum, the kingpin design lets you the trucks over a five-degree range, allowing you to choose the ideal setting for your sliding style. Paired with smooth polyurethane wheels that encase high-grade bearings, the result is a smooth, quiet ride, regardless of the terrain.

While the wheels are smooth enough for sliding, they aren’t great on rougher terrain. They will wear down prematurely if taken on gravel or grass. Also, the hardware on this board is vulnerable to rust, so be sure to maintain your board.

Key Features
  • Includes adjustable trucks
  • Eight layers of maple in board
  • Sturdy polyurethane wheels
  • Stylish graphics on surface
  • Brand Volador
  • Model B07C3XB5XC
  • Weight N/A

High on the hardness durometer

Bearings prevent vibration and noise

High-quality maple ensures durability


Wheels wear down relatively fast

Front and rear design can make sliding more challenging

Hardware is vulnerable to rust

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard sets itself apart from the crowd through the deck itself. Manufactured using the industry-standard maple hardwood, it incorporates nine separate layers to ensure strength and durability. These parts are laminated to add a layer of protection against moisture (which can cause mold). On top of the deck is a gritty material that helps you keep traction with the board. At the bottom of the board are the six-inch kingpin trucks, positioned at 35 degrees. Paired with the curved front and back, this longboard makes sliding really easy. You can grip onto these parts to keep your balance and control the sliding process.

Although the laminated component adds a bit of strength against damage, they are vulnerable to extreme temperatures. Store the board indoors in a cool area to prevent the layers of wood from separating. Also, the board’s sandpaper surface tends to wear down quickly.

Key Features
  • Made of layered maple wood
  • Silicone carbide grit on top
  • Aluminum trucks for rust-resistance
  • Durable steel axles
  • Brand Atom
  • Model B06VW3TYHH
  • Weight N/A

Textured surface for added grip

Laminated wood for moisture-resistance

Kingpin trucks at a good angle


Bonding between layers vulnerable to cold

Trucks are susceptible to rust

Sandpaper surface wears down

The board is relatively large at 41 inches long and over nine inches across. Since it can support up to 330 pounds, it works well for riders of all ages. The deck’s design narrows both at the front and back of the structure, helping you grip the board when sliding. Plus, since the 7-inch trucks let you see the wheels at all times, it is pretty easy to control the board. Made of eight layers of hardwood maple, this board is built to last. Paired with durable wheels (80A on the hardness durometer), this longboard is ideal for those seeking a ride that will last.

Even though the wheels are made of high-end materials, they are relatively elastic. This can result in them gripping the ground when you are trying to slide. Also, the board’s shock absorption gets worse over time.

Key Features
  • Deck is 41 x 9.5 inches
  • Includes seven-inch trucks
  • Elastic polyurethane wheels
  • Supports up to 330 pounds
  • Brand LanGelin
  • Model B08LCYVLF3
  • Weight N/A

Textured surface to facilitate grip

Made of high-grade maple wood

Aluminum trucks resist rust


Can be tricky to assemble and take apart

Elastic wheels prone to gripping ground

Shock absorption worsens over time

Best Longboards For Sliding Buying Guide & FAQ

Whether you longboard for recreation or as a means of getting around and beating gridlock, there are many benefits to picking a board for sliding. The key is finding a longboard that works for your riding style — a board that is sized correctly and meets all the necessary criteria to work. The most important thing to look for is quality in terms of both materials and design. 

We’ll break down the benefits of having a longboard specifically designed for sliding, the kinds of longboards you’re likely to find on the market, the most important things to look for when choosing a longboard, and more to help you choose your perfect product. 

Why Do You Need a Longboard for Sliding?

Longboard sliding is a valuable skill, especially when going downhill. Regardless of how steep the incline, you’re going to need to be able to come to a quick halt. Particularly in urban areas where you are fighting traffic, you need to control the board. 

A freeing experience, longboard sliding is when you maneuver the board so that the wheels roll without keeping traction on the asphalt.

Additionally, the ability to slide is important to learn more advanced tricks with the board. Whether for exercise, coordination, or simply for fun, advancing your capabilities is always worthwhile. Boards meant to let you maneuver the deck without needing the wheels to grip the pavement open a whole world of opportunities to riders. There are a whole host of other advantages, too. 

  • Sliding longboards help you stay agile while riding your board since it adds more function to your ride.
  • Longboards for sliding incorporate all parts of the body (including hands) and help you develop motor coordination.
  • Because of how you’re positioned during the longboard sliding practice, it can help you develop better balance. 
  • Since sliding lets you stop more easily, it makes exercise more accessible since you can more safely reach higher speeds. 
  • Adding another skill to your bag of tricks, longboards for sliding helps you develop your abilities with all aspects of longboard riding. 

Different Kinds of Longboards For Sliding

The good thing about sliding is that, technically, all kinds of longboards can perform the function. That said, some types of boards work better than others as sliders. The key to success is pinpointing the kind of longboard with which you are comfortable while ensuring that it can slide easily. 


A popular type of longboard for those looking to reach high velocities of travel, downhill boards are great for developing sliding skills. These boards are designed to reach speeds upwards of 60 miles per hour. Because they are meant to work on steep areas, the boards are good at turning and sliding. They are also designed for easier braking since the board needs to stop after traveling very quickly. 

Generally, this type of board features a wider deck and larger wheels that are higher on the hardness scale. Usually heavier by design, these boards are great for those learning to slide as beginners. The weight of the board gives you the necessary resistance to learn sliding techniques at lower speeds. Since the boards can move quickly, it’s easier to translate this skill when going downhill. 


A common type of longboard for beginner riders is the cruiser since it places the least amount of strain on the board itself. Ideal for learning, this type of board is geared towards recreational riders. Since it has such a nominal learning curve, the board is a great way to develop skills like sliding. As an added benefit, these boards tend to be the easiest to maintain. 

Because the board is so long on a cruiser (usually at least 40 inches), it gives you a high stability level. By placing less strain on the trucks, you can more easily learn to slide. The curved angles of the board make it easier to leverage the wheels to slide. Keep in mind that cruising types of longboards include several subsets. Long-distance boards are better to start with, though commuter cruisers are a good long-term solution when you’ve acquainted yourself with sliding skills. 


This type of longboard is ideal for those focused exclusively on sliding skill development. The boards feature a main deck with narrowed components at the front and the rear. While it can lack some level of responsiveness for cruising, the exposed wheels make sliding a lot easier. Because the wheels are smaller, it is easier to get them to spin without gripping the ground. 

Some freeride boards have dips in the deck to foster the proper placement of your feet on the board. It helps you to stay in control while you ride. These boards tend to lie lower to the ground, a feature that can assist you in sliding. Great for beginners and advanced riders alike, the freeride type is a worthy candidate as a longboard for sliding. 

What to Consider When Buying Longboards For Sliding

When you begin the hunt for the ideal longboard, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Much like assessing the merit of a car, the first thing to investigate is the specs: look at the style and design of the longboard and, first and foremost, make sure that it will perform well at sliding. This means the deck needs to be wide enough, and the wheels should be relatively small and high on the hardness scale. Maneuverable trucks are another desirable feature, though it isn’t technically necessary. 

Next, think about how easily you can store and maintain the longboard. Anything with working wheels is going to get some wear and tear over time. Consider how well-equipped your garage is to perform any necessary repairs. Then, think about the storage demands of the board. Chances are, you can simply tuck it in your vehicle’s trunk or latch it to your ski rack

Finally, consider the merit of the materials used in construction since they speak directly to the longboard’s durability. Look out for polyurethane wheels and either steel or aluminum trucks on the ride. Ensure that the deck has at least eight layers of hardwood and is both long and wide enough for your comfort.

How To Choose The Best Sliding Longboard Setup

When selecting your sliding longboard setup, there are three main categories to look at. The first is the deck of the board: to slide well, you’ll need a deck that is both wide and long enough to perform well, especially if you are newer to sliding. Make sure that the deck is made out of sealed hardwood (maple being the standard). This promotes durability and lets you rely on the board. 

The second thing to look into is the trucks on the longboard. Opt for a board with trucks that you can adjust over different angles. This lets you choose the most comfortable position for sliding. The trucks need to be wide enough to give you the balance required to slide. Ideally, they are made out of tough metal that is resistant to rust and corrosion. 

Finally, when designing your longboard setup for sliding, check out the wheels. Polyurethane is the standard material, though it comes in various hardness levels. Generally, the harder the wheels, the more easily they will slide. The smaller the wheels, the more readily they will slide. However, smaller wheels make control more difficult, so balancing size with your skill level is vital. Once you’ve thoroughly assessed the longboard itself, there are some other steps to take.

  • Make sure that you have proper riding accessories, including appropriate shoes, gloves, and a helmet. 
  • Check the board’s weight threshold to make sure that it can handle your mass plus the force of your landing on it after a jump. 
  • Keep some spare parts on hand in your garage to make performing maintenance easier.
  • Store the board where you’ll be most likely to use it, whether that is your trunk or by your garage door. 
  • Plan your route ahead of time and practice sliding regularly to get comfortable with the technique. 
Longboards for sliding incorporate all parts of the body (including hands) and help you develop motor coordination.

Best Longboards For Sliding FAQ:

Longboarding is more of an art than a science. As a result, it’s only natural to have a few questions. Gathering as much information as possible is the key to a successful riding experience. To help you with research and make your longboard experience better, we’ve addressed the most common inquiries below. 

Q: Do you need special wheels to slide on a longboard?

You can slide with any wheels, though hard polyurethane wheels work best. The smaller the wheels, the better. 

Q: How do you slide stop on a longboard?

Either hop off the board or place your foot down to act as a brake. Wear gloves to ensure that you stay safe if you take a tumble. 

Q: Other than sliding, what else can you do on longboards? 

You can do everything from racing to cruising to commuting with longboards. The number of tricks you can learn make the possibilities virtually endless. 

Our Top Pick

After careful consideration and lengthy assessment, we’ve declared the Fish Skateboards Downhill Longboard as our top choice. It works well for riders of all experience levels and touts an easy-to-control design. Effective at both sliding and cruising, this board works well on inclines and flat ground. Powerful and durable, this sliding longboard is a great selection. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with the wide world of longboards for sliding, you can make your pick. It may be the Fish Skateboards Downhill Longboard or the affordability of the WiiSham Longboard Cruiser. There’s a board for every riding style — it’s all about finding the right fit. 


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