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Every skater has or her his own personal preferences, from the type of wheels and precision bearings to the deck’s…

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The Best Longboards (Review and Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Longboards (Review and Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Minority Downhill Maple Longboard Minority Downhill Maple Longboard
Best Value Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Cruiser Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Cruiser
Premium Pick Atom Drop Through Longboard Atom Drop Through Longboard

Every skater has or her his own personal preferences, from the type of wheels and precision bearings to the deck’s material and design. Even seemingly straightforward parts of a skateboard, like grip tape, can be a very personal choice. Style and skating go hand in hand — and if you’re looking for a more relaxed, gliding kind of ride, skip the traditional skateboard and consider a longboard instead. 

Longer than the average skateboard and designed for cruising, a longboard is fantastic for riding around your neighborhood and speeding downhill. The easy, curving, and slick style of a longboard is what makes this kind of skateboard a personal favorite of so many skaters. If you’re looking for the best longboard, check out which longboards we consider the best of the bunch. 

The Best Longboards

This longboard features a 40-inch drop deck and is made out of 100-percent maple wood in the style of a classic downhill drop model. It offers a lower center of gravity to give you more speed and better balance, making the board especially great for newer skaters. The deck is made out of extra-durable and strong eight-ply cold-pressed hardrock maple wood and has a 37-inch wheelbase. A set of aluminum seven-inch reverse kingpin trucks can be adjusted, giving you options for maneuverability. And a set of sturdy 70 x 51 millimeter 78A PU wheels paired with ABEC-9 bearings offer excellent smoothness. 

However, it should be noted that this board’s trucks are of lower quality than some other models. Also, the board may scrape the ground during turns and corners. 

Key Features
  • 40-inch drop deck
  • Constructed out of eight layers of hardrock cold-pressed maple wood
  • 34-inch wheelbase
  • High rebound PU wheels
  • Brand Minority
  • Weight 7.5 pounds

Excellent at cutting corners and turning, with high responsiveness

Speedy and well-suited for downhill skating

Prevents wheel bite from all angles


Trucks are low quality

Board may scrape the ground during turns and corners

This impressive board features high-quality materials, solid and durable construction, and some exceptionally responsive parts. The longboard deck measures 44-inches long and is crafted out of sustainably sourced bamboo and eight layers of Canadian maple wood. These hybrid materials give the deck strength and good pliability, so it’ll flex when needed. The shock-absorbent 70 x 51 millimeter 85A PU wheels and smooth precision ABEC-7 bearings are nicely responsive, keeping you gliding smoothly. A set of lightweight seven-inch aluminum trucks also help your longboard feel flexible and maneuverable under your feet.

Something to consider about this longboard is that the deck can be very hard, making it not as flexible as some other longboards. Also, the wheels aren’t of the best quality, so more experienced skaters may want to upgrade the board’s wheels for even more smoothness and faster speeds.

Key Features
  • 44-inch deck
  • Precision ABEC-7 rated bearings
  • 85A polyurethane wheels
  • Constructed out of bamboo and Canadian maple
  • Brand Retrospec

Specially milled wheel wells help reduce wheel bite and grab

Wheels and bearings roll nice and smooth

No assembly required


Deck can be very hard, almost inflexible

Wheels aren’t the best quality

Built with a 40-inch maple laminate deck with CNC drop through cut-outs, this longboard has eight layers of tough yet flexible material beneath your feet. The reverse kingpin trucks sit at 50 degrees, with seven-inch aluminum hangers and heat-treated axles. The 70 x 51-millimeter wheels offer super high rebound as well as high speed and high traction. The deck is covered in tough 80-grit grip tape made out of silicon carbide. When you see this longboard in person, you’ll notice its excellent craftsmanship, feel its strong yet flexible deck, and experience its seamlessly smooth ride for yourself. Though it is more expensive, it’s a board you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Even though this is a premium longboard, it’s not as good of an option for tricks. Also, it requires a significant lean to turn. 

Key Features
  • 40-inch deck made out of maple laminate
  • Supports over 200 pounds
  • Super smooth 70 x 51 millimeter wheels
  • Lower board height
  • Brand Atom Longboards

Solid, expert construction from the wheels to the trucks

Deck surface is nicely grippy

Eliminates wheelbite


Not a good choice for tricks

Requires significant lean to turn

Unlike most skateboards, this product is created as an artisan board — meaning it’s specially designed and engineered for striking results. In both style and construction, this longboard is attractive and appealing. It features a 42-inch drop through camber deck with a good amount of flex and great shock absorption. The deck is constructed with eight layers of natural hardrock maple wood and epoxy glue. Engineered for smooth skating and easy maneuverability, this board rolls on 70 x 51 millimeter 78A PU wheels and ABEC-9 precision bearings. The trucks can be adjusted to 50 or 45 degrees, letting you choose just how much maneuverability you’d like.

While the longboard is of excellent quality overall, the included bearings aren’t of the best quality. Also, the deck has a lot of tilt if the trucks aren’t tightened well enough.

Key Features
  • Deck measures 40 x 9 inches
  • 34-inch wheelbase
  • Trucks can be set at 45 or 50 degrees
  • Symmetrical camber shape
  • Brand Volador
  • Weight 8.4 pounds

Durable deck offers the right balance of flex and stability

Grip tape is very grippy

Quite lightweight for its larger size


Deck has a lot of tilt if trucks aren’t well-tightened

Included bearings aren’t high-quality

This longboard is made of multiple layers of bamboo and hardwood maple to offer a uniquely lightweight option. If you love carrying your board on your backpack or under your arm, this longboard’s very lightweight build will be a perfect fit. It’s a 44-inch traditional longboard with a super-flex deck. Designed for pro-level performance, the board rides on genuine ABEC-7 speed bearings, seven-inch aluminum trucks, and durable 70 millimeter PU wheels. It offers a combination of great skate-inspired style and smooth, optimal cruising whether you’re riding for recreation or hitting high speeds as you skate downhill.

However, some customers have reported that some boards’ graphics may be messy or wear out over time. The longbaord’s deck can also start out stiff, but over time, this should be resolved as you ride it more.

Key Features
  • 44-inch bamboo and hardwood maple
  • 70 millimeter PU wheels
  • ABEC-7 precision bearings
  • 7-inch aluminum trucks
  • Brand Quest
  • Model QT-NSC44C
  • Weight 9.9 pounds

Finish and bamboo wood grain make for a stylish deck

Wheels ride incredibly smoothly

Very lightweight


Graphics on some boards may be messy

Deck can start out stiff

Perfectly suitable for kids, teens, and adults who want to learn how to ride a longboard, this cruiser board offers excellent stability without too much flex, which provides a little more safety as you learn. It’s constructed with a 44-inch deck that has a maple core and bamboo veneer. These materials add durability, strength, and stiffness. A sand grit finish offers a good grip beneath your feet. The wheels, which are soft enough to add more grip on turns and smooth enough for even rough roads, are 78A wheels made of high-quality urethane. As you master the ability to cruise anywhere, you’ll come to like the adaptability and versatility of this longboard and its superior glide.

However, more experienced skaters may want to upgrade this longboard’s bearing. Also, the board can be pretty high for some skaters.

Key Features
  • 44-inch maple core deck
  • 7-inch Paris-style trucks
  • Soft 70 millimeter 78A urethane wheels
  • Deck surfaces has a sand grit finish
  • Brand Magneto
  • Weight 8 pounds

Great stability for new skaters

A suitable choice for cruising and other riding styles

All components are built for smoothness


Experienced skaters may want to upgrade the bearings

Board can be pretty high for some skaters

This longboard is a strong but flexible choice, and the drop through design makes it great for cruising, sliding, carving, and freestyle riding. Built with a 39 x 9.1 inch deck made out of eight layers of maple, this longboard is tough enough to handle up to 250 pounds of weight. It rides on 70 x 50 millimeter PU wheels and ABEC-9 bearings for a smooth roll. The board does have some flex to it, but it’s more stable than anything else. It’s also a longboard built with beginners in mind—the low center of gravity and drop through deck offer great beginner benefits as you learn the basics.

One downside to this longboard is that its deck is a bit shorter than most other models. Also, customers have said that the bearings may not spin very smoothly.

Key Features
  • 8-ply maple deck measures 39 inches long
  • 70 x 50 millimeter PU wheels
  • Deck offers 4 inches of clearance
  • ABEC-9 precision bearings
  • Brand Playshion

Lower mount offers a lower center of gravity

Flexes yet offers solid stability and balance



Deck is a bit shorter than most longboards

Bearings may not spin very smoothly

This longboard is sleek and slick, both in its appearance and its performance. It features a 42 x 9-inch deck that’s super flexible and excellent at absorbing shocks. Made out of cold-pressed, nine-ply natural hardrock maple and epoxy glue, the deck is strong enough to survive tough use. It gets its gliding and cruising performance from a set of high-quality, high-speed ABEC-9 chrome steel bearings that offer smoothness and speed. Paired with 7-inch aluminum trucks that can sit at 50 or 45 degrees plus 70 x 50 millimeter PU wheels with a rock finish, you’ll get the ultimate carving experience.

Keep in mind that the bearings need to be cleaned and greased before your first ride to perform their best. Also, the board may have a bit too much flex for some skaters.

Key Features
  • Deck measures 42 x 9 inches
  • Made of cold-pressed 9-ply hardrock maple wood
  • 70 x 51 85A PU wheels
  • Drop through deck style
  • Brand Slendor
  • Weight 8.8 pounds

Lower deck height offers easy pushing and braking

Offers a tighter turning radius than most drop through boards

Smooth ride with ultra-low rolling resistance


Bearings need to be cleaned and greased before your first ride

Board may have a bit too much flex for some skaters

This board has a 42-inch deck made out of high-quality Canadian maple wood built for extra-smooth riding and gliding. The length and the sturdy material makes winding down hills of any size a thrill. You’ll also get exceptional durability since the maple deck can carry up to 330 pounds of weight, and it’s meant to survive many miles and rides. The board rides on aluminum seven-inch trucks, reactive precision ABEC-11 bearings, and PU-cast bushings. Grip is critical when you’re skating fast, and the high-density anti-skid diamond emery layer on the top of the deck helps create friction that keeps your feet firmly in place. This board is even waterproof for all-weather skating.

Some skaters may prefer different trucks and bearings with this longboard, depending on your experience and riding style. However, these things can easily be changed out.

Key Features
  • 42 x 10 inch deck
  • Constructed with nine layers of Canadian maple wood
  • Ultra-high elastic 95A PU wheels
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Brand seething
  • Weight 7.27 pounds

Deck’s grip surface offers a lot of traction

Bearings and wheels can reach high speeds

Trucks offer great stability


Some skaters may prefer different trucks and bearings

This board is specifically designed to help you stay put on your board, whether it’s your first skate or you’re an experienced pro. Constructed with a 41-inch drop-style performance deck made from sustainably-sourced Canadian maple wood, this longboard is both reactive and super smooth. It features slant reverse 180-millimeter kingpin trucks, precision ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings, and 70 x 51 millimeter 85A PU wheels. The board’s deck is lower than most, giving you optimal balance with a lower center of gravity for more secure skating. Additionally, a layer of extra-gritty, extra-abrasive OS780 grip tape keeps your feet in place. With these benefits, you’ll have better agility and control, which makes for more responsive riding.

However, it should be noted that the board’s trucks are of poorer quality and are noisy. Also, the wheels aren’t the smoothest or the most durable compared to other longboards. 

Key Features
  • 41-inch Canadian maple deck
  • 70 x 51 millimeter 85A PU wheels
  • Stainless steel ABEC-7 bearings
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Brand Retrospec

Lower center of gravity offers more balance with less difficulty

High-rebound bushing and PU wheels help absorb shocks and impacts

Grip tape is extra grippy


Trucks are poor quality and noisy

Wheels aren’t the smoothest or most durable

Best Longboards Buying Guide & FAQ

Whether you’re buying a beginner board or looking to upgrade to a new longboard, you have a ton of options. Longboards are incredibly popular, and there’s a wide selection of different boards made by plenty of skateboarding brands. From the graphics on the deck to the board’s shape to the bearings and wheels, there are a lot of different factors to consider before you settle on the best longboard for you. 

We’re here to make that process easier: our buying guide will help you decide which longboard is the right pick for your style, your experience level, and your needs. 

The Advantages of Owning a Longboard

If you think a longboard is the same thing as any other skateboard, just with a longer deck, think again. Longboards offer their own unique benefits — and they can introduce you to an entirely new style of skating. Some skateboarders even prefer longboarding, as it provides a different feel each time you hit the street. 

A longboard is fantastic for riding around your neighborhood and speeding downhill.

With a longboard, you’ll be able to ride faster and achieve a more wave-like motion. Many skaters liken longboarding to surfing; it even goes by the nickname street surfing. It’s a great choice if you want to achieve higher speeds and cruise. Nimble and responsive with fast turning, a longboard is particularly great over long distances

  • Longboards work your entire body, giving you a serious cardio workout — and the balance needed to skate will work your core.
  • Typically made to be lightweight, longboards are easy to carry anywhere.
  • You can use a longboard for cross-training for other sports like surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. 
  • Longboards are perfect for freeriding or downhill skating, made for reaching high speeds and exciting adrenaline rushes.

Types of Longboards

There are several different types of longboards. Sure, every longboard has a longer deck than a traditional skateboard, but other differences and unique qualities make some boards more specialized than others. The following are some of the most popular types of longboards you’ll find.

Drop Through

A drop through longboard has a pretty standout shape — you’ll know a drop-through board when you see one. These longboards have cutouts in the decks, with the wheels visible on either side when you’re looking down at the deck from above. You’ll get a shallow platform, which increases your stability even as you pick up speed, and you’ll enjoy better control while you skate. 

Drop through boards are an excellent choice for freeriding. They’re also good for all-around longboarding since they have a solid cruising capability and the ability to reach high speeds. Drop throughs have become an extremely popular longboard, and they’re now one of the top choices for basic longboarding.


If there’s one thing any longboard is good at, it’s cruising. But some boards are better than others, and cruisers are specifically designed just for this kind of ride. Cruiser longboards allow you to ride leisurely while you skate at any pace. If you want to take it easy, you can’t beat the benefits of a cruiser.

Cruiser boards come in several different styles and shapes. Pintails, which have sharply pointed ends, fishtails, which look like an actual fish’s tail, and a penny board are some of the more common choices. Overall, any good cruiser will come equipped with a more extended deck, moderate flex, and big wheels for a comfortable, balanced ride.


Carving is important in any longboard, but carving boards are built for this tough technique. These boards are the most similar to surfboards, and they mimic both the shape and the feel of surfing waves. Carving longboards are great at maintaining speed with fewer pushes, and they’re constructed to be very responsive. 

A typical carving longboard will feature a midsize deck between 32 and 42 inches long with decent flex for a good flow beneath your feet. Cambered platforms, which place the board’s center higher than the sides, give these boards their spring and acceleration. Some carving boards may have sidecuts, but most look like a traditional longboard.

What to Look for When Buying a Longboard

As you consider all of the different kinds of longboards available, it’s important to start simple. What’s your riding style like? You want to narrow down your options by looking at boards that match your style — cruising, freeriding, downhill skating, or carving. You can also consider longboards that are versatile enough for different skating types if you want to be prepared for anything. 

You should also look at the specific hardware and parts included with any longboard. Even the smallest components like bushings and bearings can significantly affect the way the board rides. High-quality bearings, wheels, and trucks are all important, so make sure to assess the quality and materials of every part to ensure you’ll be riding smoothly at the right speed.

Care and Maintenance for Longboards

Once you’ve found the perfect longboard, it’s essential that you properly care for it. Like any skateboard, a longboard is built to take a beating and survive everything from impacts to scrapes and more. But with regular care and maintenance, you can keep your board in the best shape possible. 

You can perform a little maintenance every time you grab your longboard. Make sure you clean out any dirt or debris from the wheels. You’ll also want to remove the wheels and clean and lubricate the bearings every so often to keep them rolling smoothly. You can easily rinse off your board when needed, but the smaller components may require more careful cleaning.

  • Grip tape can become less effective over time, so make sure to replace it when you feel a loss of traction. 
  • If your wheels aren’t rolling smoothly, try cleaning and re-lubricating your bearings. 
  • Wheels can easily be replaced when they become worn out, so don’t be afraid to get rid of your original wheels after many miles.
With a longboard, you’ll be able to ride faster and achieve a more wave-like motion.

Best Longboards FAQs:

Figuring out which longboards are the right option for you — and the best of the bunch — isn’t easy. You have quite a lot to consider, from different types of boards to deck shapes to the stock wheels, bearings, and trucks. Find answers to some of the most common questions about buying and owning a longboard. 

Q: What is the fastest electric longboard?

Electric longboards can all ride faster than your basic longboard, and the motor and battery capacity will determine their speed. The bigger the wattage and battery, the quicker you’ll be able to go.

Q: Is longboarding more dangerous than skateboarding?

Statistically, longboarding does result in more injuries than skateboarding. However, if you wear appropriate safety gear like a helmet when you skate, you can reduce your risk of injuries. 

Q: Can you slide on any longboard?

>You should be able to slide with any kind of longboard.

Our Top Pick

The Minority Downhill Maple Longboard is our pick for the best longboard because it’s highly durable and easily maneuverable. It offers a lower center of gravity to give you more speed and better balance, making the board especially great for newer skaters. The hard rock maple wood provides a classic design, while a set of sturdy 70 x 51 millimeter 78A PU wheels paired with ABEC-9 bearings offer excellent smoothness. 

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to top the Minority Downhill Maple Longboard, which offers quality design and construction. The Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Cruiser is another fantastic option, with an affordable price that makes it a great buy.


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