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So, you have a toddler who is picking up their speed on two legs and wants to get out exploring…

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The Best Ride-on Toys for Toddlers (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Ride-on Toys for Toddlers (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice John Deere Ground Force Tractor John Deere Ground Force Tractor
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So, you have a toddler who is picking up their speed on two legs and wants to get out exploring and having fun. At this age, life’s an exciting learning curve, and everything is an opportunity to play. Why not take this sense of adventure to a new level and get them a ride-on toy?

Ride-on toys are not just about getting mobile, they’re also a fantastic way to help your tot develop their balance, motor and coordination skills as well as build confidence – all while they are having a total ride-on blast. And there are a host of ride-on toy styles to choose from, from simple push vehicles and scooters to pedal cars and even mini sport car motorized rides. To help you get a move on choosing the best toddler ride-on toys, we review some of the latest models currently parked up in the toy store.

The Best Ride-on Toys for Toddlers


What toddler doesn’t love a tractor? Well, with the John Deere Ground Force they can now have their own! The detail on this toy farm vehicle is impressive and with a 12V rechargeable battery, so is the ride. Designed for 2-7-year-olds, your tot will get a lot of ride-on playtime with this four-wheel drive toy that’s robust enough to deal with a range of outdoor terrain. You get two speeds (with a parental lockout for safety) plus reverse and automatic brakes. You also get a trailer while inside there’s a working FM radio so your toddler can listen to their favorite tunes as they do some serious playtime farm-work. This ride-on tractor drives nice and smooth and as one of the best ride-on toys for toddlers, will be played with, time and time again.

Key Features
  • 4WD tractor with trailer
  • Powered by 12V battery
  • Two speeds plus reverse
  • Parental lockout feature
  • Working FM radio
  • Brand Peg Perego
  • Model IGOR0039
  • Weight 50 pounds

Realistic looking tractor that drives well on a range of terrain

Replacement parts can easily be ordered online


The battery recharger is a little slow to re-juice

As a starter push ride on toys for toddlers, the Whisper Ride is a super-cute way for your car-mad tot to get their auto fix. This is one of the best boys’ ride-on toys for younger kids and will help them develop their motor and coordination skills before progressing to a ride-on toy they can propel on their own. Made from sturdy plastic, you get a smooth ride thanks to the pretty quiet wheels and a safety belt to keep your tot securely in place. The noise level is increased thanks to the honking horn your tot will love! Plus, there’s a dashboard space for a drink and snack for your little one. Great fun – and easy for mom or dad to push too.

Key Features
  • Push car for young toddlers
  • Smooth ‘quiet ride’ wheels
  • Steering wheel with honk horn
  • Fixed safety belt and folding handle
  • Bottle holder and dashboard storage
  • Brand Step2
  • Model 823099
  • Weight 18.01 pounds

Quick and easy to assemble

Lots of storage space for yours and your little one’s essentials


The four wheels don’t turn fully so you need to lift the front a little to direct

Indulge your mini-trucker with a realistic looking battery powered ride-on toy that will keep them entertained for hours. Powered by a 12V battery, you get three speed options, and a top speed of 3.7mph. Designed for kids aged 3-8, this neat truck can also adapt to their differing skill levels, thanks to the choice of remote control or manual operation. For younger tots, you can drive them remotely until they have the skills and confidence to go it alone. And we really like the super-bright LED headlights and the AUX port, so your little one can listen to tunes as they truck on by. Add in an adjustable seatbelt, 14-inch traction wheels, spring suspension and rechargeable battery, and you have a whole host of off-road ride-on toy fun.

Key Features
  • Realistic 3-speed ride-on truck
  • Made from non-toxic plastic
  • Manual and remote control
  • Headlights, seatbelt and Aux port
  • Rechargeable 12V battery
  • Brand Best Choice Products
  • Weight 45 pounds

A tough little truck that can take on most terrain

Option to remotely drive for your tot is a great idea


Can be time-consuming to assemble so read the instructions carefully

For the tot that’s chomping at the bit to get some wheels but is not yet ready for pedal power, check out this cute Scoot-About toddler ride-on toy that can work wonders for their mobility and coordination. Made from steel with chrome handlebars and adjustable seat, your tot will look the business as they scoot around the place.

Ideal for one to three-year-olds, the front wheels are set wide for stability and there’s a front bumper to protect your furniture or whatever else gets in your little scooter speed demon’s way! And while they’re having fun, they are also learning, as they need to steer and coordinate their legs to get the propulsion to move. Add in a ringing bell and streamers and you’ll struggle to get them off and back in the house for supper.

Key Features
  • Adjustable push-ride scooter
  • Steel frame with chrome handlebars
  • Wide-set front wheels
  • Working steering system
  • Easy-glide wheels
  • Brand Radio Flyer
  • Model 20A
  • Weight 9.25 pounds

A well thought-out scoot that can be seat-adjusted for your growing tot


The wide-set wheels can make the scoot a little front heavy

This Wheely Bug is not only adorable but a whizz at helping your toddler build their balance and motor skills they need to confidently move about. Made from wood and metal, with a body of padded foam covered with durable polyurethane, the Wheely Bug is also a tough ride-on dude that can take the hard knocks of being a tot’s favorite toy.

With its 360º wheels and easy-grip handle, your child will have endless fun with the Wheely Bug as it can move in all directions, challenging and developing their coordination and spatial awareness. Designed for use on smooth level surfaces, this ride-on toy can be used both in and outdoors and the low-profile design is perfect for your tot to clamber on themselves. Cute and effective, this is one of the best starter baby ride-on toys for your growing toddler.

Key Features
  • Wood and metal ride on toy
  • Smooth 360º caster wheels
  • Wipe clean polyurethane seat
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • One-year warranty
  • Brand Prince Lionheart
  • Model 7502DC
  • Weight 4 pounds

A cute way to get your younger tot to build their coordination and motor skills


So your child gets the max out of the Wheely Bug, make sure you measure for the right size

If your little tike likes their bikes, then check out this pedal-powered hog from Fisher-Price. As one of our best ride-on toys for toddlers, this tough trike is a child-friendly toy version of a Harley Davidson styling, and is both biker cute and tough as boots. Made from sturdy plastic with big foot pedals that are easy for little legs to reach and durable tires, the wide wheelbase on this ride-on toy reduces wobble when they pedal. The easy grip handlebars also put your tot in control, boosting their balance and coordination as they ride. Ideal for tots from 2.5 years old, there’s even secret storage in the seat for all their essential biking snacks and treats.

Key Features
  • Mini version of the iconic Harley
  • Large, easy to reach pedals
  • Solid wheelbase and durable tires
  • Easy grip handlebars
  • Seat storage compartment
  • Brand Fisher-Price
  • Model W1778
  • Weight 8.5 pounds

The sturdiness of this Harley Davidson trike is really impressive


The seat lid can pop off if handled too roughly

What wannabe builder can resist this awesome sit on sand digger that scoops and digs while rotating 360! And the beauty of this ride-on toy excavator is that it not only boosts your older tot’s leg power but also challenges their arm and hand-eye coordination too.

Made from heavy-duty steel, your tot can push-ride around the back yard like the king of the building site, and make light digging work of the borders or their sand pit. Operated by easy grip levers, the bucket rotates and scoops while the long wheelbase means the whole ride-on toy stays solid and stable. This is a heavy, durable push ride-on toy for toddlers that really means some digging business!

Key Features
  • Heavy duty steel ride-on digger
  • Wide wheel axle and base for stability
  • 360-degree bucket rotation
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • From four years of age
  • Brand
  • Weight 14 pounds

A fun ride-on toy that will stay a family favorite, well past their toddler years!


Is more suited to older tots

Shouldn’t be used on rougher, uneven terrain

The sleek curves of this mini Mercedes-Benz SL500 make this motorized toy from Uenjoy one of the best battery car for kids in our review.  Ideal as an electric ride-on car for 1 to 5-year-olds, the detail on this toy Mercedes is also impressive, from the Merc logo to the dashboard and wheel hubs.

But how does it drive? With its rechargeable 12V battery, you get two speeds as well as a parental remote override, and can travel at between 3-5km/h. Its rear-wheel drive gives a smooth ride while all four wheels are set with a spring suspension system. Meanwhile a seat belt and lockable doors keep your toddler safe as they drive. Inside there’s also a neat dashboard system, pre-set with songs and stories as well as an FM radio and option to connect your own music via USB or Bluetooth. Yes, it is near the top end of our budget, but this is a ride-on toy your kids will go drive crazy for.

Key Features
  • 12V powered ride-on car
  • Ages 1-3 (remote only) and 3-5 (remote and manual)
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Spring suspension
  • Dashboard entertainment system
  • Brand Uenjoy
  • Weight 38 pounds

The design spec and working functions are awesome

Remote control works well, even from a distance


Not as good over rougher ground

Initial assembly can be a little fiddly

For the young tot who is just starting to walk and explore, we love this cute Giraffe Ride-on toy from Little Tikes. As a solid scoot toy, it gives your little one hours of rolling fun as they build their balance and motor skills.

Made from tough and durable plastic, the Go and Grow giraffe features an over-sized back wheel and guard for safety while the seat is adjustable so you can get the optimum ride-on height for your child as they grow. Built for in and outdoor use, the simple scoot and steering action will have your tot whizzing along. And for around $30 it is good value too and will stand up to some serious scooting from your mobile tot!

Key Features
  • Cute giraffe scoot toy
  • Designed for 1 year+
  • Adjustable seat as your child grows
  • Oversized rear tire for stability
  • Safety wheel guard
  • Brand Little Tikes
  • Weight 2 pounds

Robust scoot that can be used both in and outdoors

Adjustable seat means you can extend its use as your tot grows


The wheels roll slower when on rougher, outdoor ground

The Stroll N Trike is a versatile ride-on toy trike with four options in one, so perfect for a young tot as they grow. It has been designed to offer a starter push trike, so your child gets to enjoy their ride with a little help from mom or dad but then evolves as they grow. You get a trike to steer, then to learn to ride, before being used as a full-on classic pedal trike for the older child. There’s a removable footrest and an adjustable adult push and steer handle as well as some nice additional extras. The wrap-around tray with cup holder can be removed as can the canopy while the rear storage bucket is invaluable for stashing all those toddler essentials.  The seat is also adjustable so it can always accommodate your growing child.

Key Features
  • Designed for tots 9 months to 5 years
  • Four-way ride infant trike
  • Push, steer and pedal functions
  • Adjustable seat
  • Wrap-around tray and UV canopy
  • Brand Radio Flyer
  • Model 481PZ
  • Weight 16 pounds

A versatile trike that evolves with your child as they grow

Some nice extras to make your tot’s triking life a pleasure


You can’t lock the handlebars when your child is not ready to use them

OK, noisy toy alert – this ride-on fun bus from Fisher-Price is a bit of a sound monster that’ll keep your tot on the march and having a blast! A propel yourself ride-on toy for toddlers, your little one will not only hone their mobility and coordination skills but also their musical abilities too. With five different marching tunes, there’s also a keyboard with a host of sounds, including trumpet, sax and drums. Oh, and there’s a loud horn too. Not for the faint-hearted, this is an awesome first ride-on toy for both boys and girls and is ideal for youngsters aged between one and three. But it’s not all about the music – with its solid plastic body, steering handle and wide stability wheels, it will help your tot to build their all-important motor skills while having the best – and noisiest – time. Time to dig out those ear-defenders….

Key Features
  • Sturdy plastic ride-on toy bus
  • Wide wheels for stability
  • Keyboard with feature sounds
  • Steering handle and dashboard horn
  • Under seat storage
  • Brand Fisher-Price
  • Model 08325-MM
  • Weight 4.41 pounds

A solid, sturdy ride-on toy to capture the attention of very small children


There are no foot pegs for your tot to raise their feet up on

This is a seriously cool battery car for kids that will have your tot the talk of the neighborhood! With its swing-up doors and the obligatory red bodywork, this is the ultimate mini-Lamborghini that will have your little one whizzing about the backyard.

Powered by a 12V rechargeable battery and with a level of detail that goes beyond, what toddler wouldn’t be delighted to see this awesome ride-on toy under this year’s Christmas tree? We like the drive of this mini-Lamborghini, with both manual and remote controls with speed selection, so mom or dad can take over and it has a top speed of 3,7mph. A built-in horn, LED headlights and an AUX outlet so your tot can blast out those cool driving tunes all add to this best ride-on toys for toddlers experience.

Key Features
  • Officially licensed Lamborghini design
  • 12V rechargeable battery
  • Swing doors, LED headlights and horn
  • Manual and remote driving controls
  • AUX outlet built into the dash
  • Brand Best Choice Products
  • Weight 60.6 pounds

A head-turning electric toy for toddlers that drives smooth for a fun ride


An investment buy as it is at the top end of our review budget

With your eye on the bike riding prize, this smart-looking Strider balance bike is sure to get your tot on their way to pedal power. Designed for little ones between 18 months and five, the Strider is designed to develop the balance, coordination and motor skills needed to progress to a ‘grown up’ pedal bike. Both the seat and handlebars are adjustable so it can be tailored to your tot and as it’s lightweight, is easy to balance and control, even for little ones. And those large, no maintenance tires give a smooth whizz of a ride, and the addition of foot pegs and comfy hand grips means your tot gets to enjoy the thrill of learning to balance and ride.

Key Features
  • No-pedal balance bike
  • Designed for 18 months – 5 years
  • Lightweight and easy to balance
  • No-fill tires and comfy handgrips
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Brand Strider
  • Model ST-S4RD
  • Weight 6.7 pounds

Adjustable and lightweight enough for little tots

Improves balance and coordination skills before progressing to a pedal bike


The plastic wheels can be a little hard

It may look a little strange, but this walk and ride-on toy can help your tiny tot find their feet and get on the move. Made with a lightweight aluminum frame and a padded seat, the Pewi has been designed as an educational and developmental ride-on ‘walking buddy’ for tots from the age of nine months to support and encourage them as they transition from crawler to full-on walker. Used as either a push walker or ride-on toy to propel with their legs, the Pewi will work your tot’s balance, coordination, confidence and spatial awareness levels, as they are having fun. The rubber wheels are non-marking and tough enough to be used both indoors and on outdoor level surfaces so where your toddler goes, the Pewi goes too!

Key Features
  • Ride-on and push-walk development toy
  • Designed for tots from 9 months
  • Helps to develop walking, balance and coordination
  • Easy grip handles and light aluminum frame
  • No-mark wheels for in and outdoor use
  • Brand YBIKE
  • Model YPIW2
  • Weight 4.41 pounds

A great addition to your tot’s toybox as they learn to walk


The height is not adjustable so make sure it fits if you have a taller toddler

Made from wood and with an ‘old school’ toy feel, this scoot push bike is a lovely-looking addition to your tot’s toybox. The Hape ride-on toy would make a good first push-scoot bike, and is well-made, with large rubber wheels and a sturdy seating platform.

There’s no frills, but it doesn’t need them – as a scoot bike to help develop your tot’s coordination and motor skills, it does what it says on the tin. We like the fact that the rubber wheels don’t leave any marks on your floor and they run smooth and pretty straight, meaning that with a little practice, your tot will soon be independently whizzing around.

Key Features
  • Wood and metal-framed scoot ride-on toy
  • Non-toxic paint and finish
  • Rubberized, non-marking wheels
  • Good for balance and motor skills
  • For tots aged 12 months and up
  • Brand Hape
  • Model E0101
  • Weight 5.6 pounds

A really robust and hardy wooden scoot toy

No-mark wheels make it ideal for indoor use


The seat height is not adjustable

Treat your little princess with this gorgeous horse and carriage, powered by their own feet or the push of a parent. Toy brand Little Tikes has come up with a right Royal cracker with this combo, and you’ll be hard pushed to get your little one out at the end of a hard day of Princess play.

You get a sturdy carriage with a seat and opening door as well as an integrated horse whose reins double up as handles. The four wheels are large and have a 360 turning circle for a royally smooth ride. With a top handle for mom or dad, the floor of the carriage can also be removed for when the Princess is big enough to push herself around. Add in hoof clopping sounds, cup holders and a rear storage box for all those essential princess things and this ride-on toy magic is complete

Key Features
  • Carriage and horse ride-on combo
  • Top handle for parents to push
  • Removable floor and 360 tires
  • Clopping sounds as they drive
  • Cup holders and rear storage
  • Brand Little Tikes
  • Model 642326M
  • Weight 11 pounds

A well-designed ride-on toy that understands its little princess market

Easily adaptable so your little one can power their own ride


Can take a little while to assemble

If scooting looks to be your toddler’s thing, then this two-in-one kick scooter will get them riding like a whizz. Lascoota has made a solid scoot that can be adapted from a seated to standing ride so should also last your tot through to kindergarten.

Made from aluminum, plastic and stainless steel, the Lascoota can withstand some serious play and is adjustable in both height and how they ride. For younger tots you start off with the sitting mode, and as they get more confident the seat can be removed so they can then stand up and scoot. The handlebar height adjustment can cover kids from 2 to 8m with a maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds. Add in lean-to-steer technology, a wide foot deck and light up scoot wheels, and this has to be one of the best ride-on toys for toddlers for the money.

Key Features
  • Sit-down scoot converts to stand up
  • Lean to steer technology
  • Aluminum and stainless-steel fittings
  • Wide footboard and light-up wheels
  • Designed for kids 2 – 8
  • Brand Lascoota
  • Weight 8.15 pounds

The clever design means you get a lot of scoot for your money


The seat is best for smaller children as it may not take the weight of an older child

Such a simple premise, this bright blue horse hopper is the ultimate balance and coordination ride-on toy. Your tot will have no idea that they are working their motor skills with this bundle of air-filled joy, they will be having too much fun causing bouncing chaos around the home! Made from toxin-free plastic and created in the shape of an adorable equine, this toy is perfect for older tots, so three and above although younger children should be able to play with it under supervision. All they need to do is sit on its back, hang on to its ears and bounce to their heart’s content, all the while getting some cardio exercise and honing their balance and spatial awareness skills.

Key Features
  • Four-legged Space Hopper
  • Seat height – 11 inches
  • Phthalate-free plastic
  • For ages 3+
  • Includes inflator pump
  • Brand AppleRound
  • Model FBA_Horse-Blue
  • Weight 2.87 pounds

A timeless toy that really hones those balance and coordination skills


It is quite small so not suited to older children.

Tots grow so quickly and once they are mobile there’s no stopping them which is why this early stage ride-on toy scooter will become a firm favorite. Not only is it a push ride toy that encourages their balance and muscle strength, it is also an in-ride entertainment and education system!

The ride-on toy looks like a cute retro scooter with low profile wheels for a stable ride. But as a learning toy this scooter also excels. It has three levels of musical and language play for your tot, starting from 12 months of age, progressing to a more advanced level for two-year-olds+. Songs, sounds, tunes and phrases and learning prompts, who knew learning on the move would be so much fun!

Key Features
  • Plastic push ride scooter
  • Motion switch activates learning content
  • Three levels of music and play
  • Over 50 songs, tunes and phrases
  • For 12 to 24 months
  • Brand Fisher-Price
  • Model CGX01
  • Weight 5.5 pounds

Doubles up motor skills development with language learning


Can ride a bit rough on really hard floors

Our final ride-on toy is a cute Disney-tastic push and ride-on car that will appeal to the Minnie Mouse fan in your house. Made from sturdy plastic and in bright pink Minnie colors, this is a good ride-on toy for tots just starting to really walk. The wheels roll pretty smooth and the low seat is accessible for your tot to climb on and off, while the raised back handle supports them to walk as they push their toy. Plus, this is a total Minnie-fest, with stickers, Minnie music, signal lights, honking horn, revving engine and working steering wheel, as well as enough dials and buttons to keep your little Disney fan on the move and totally entertained.

Key Features
  • Plastic ride-on and push toy
  • Low plastic wheels for stability
  • Working steering and ignition key
  • Music, sounds and honking horn
  • Blinking front headlights
  • Brand Kiddieland
  • Model 048272
  • Weight 5.15 pounds

Well-priced, bright and entertaining with a decent, stable ride for very little ones

Ideally targeted at young tots just learning to walk


It is on the smaller side so your toddler could grow out of it quite quickly

Best Ride on Toys for Toddlers Buying Guide

Things to Look for When Buying a Toddler Ride-on Toy

There are certain things you need to consider when buying a new ride-on toy for your toddler to ensure they are having a rolling good time:

  • Toddler Toy Design

With a wide choice of styles and designs, there is the perfect ride-on toy for your toddler so check out the design to ensure it fits with your tot, their likes and abilities. Color, materials, themes and added extras all go the extra mile if they directly appeal to your toddler so take into account any specific preferences or interests your little one has. Also make sure the design is solid, sturdy and if possible adjustable.

  • How old is your child?

The best ride-on toys are age appropriate so always choose the right one for your tot. Most toddler ride-on toys have an age range between one and three years, while many are adaptable for older youngsters. By choosing the right toy for your tot’s age you can be sure it’s the right size for their ability.

  • Ride-on Toy Style

As well as being the right toy for your tot’s development stage, it also needs to appeal to their interests and how they like to play. You can choose from simple scoot-style sit on toys, to push and pedal vehicles, balance toys, multi-sensory ride-on toys and even motorized, battery driven mini cars. Think about what skills your tot is ready to learn, what they are interested in and what will capture their attention.

  • Maintenance 

tots are not known for their delicate demeanors and so their new ride-on toy needs to be quick to assemble, durable and easy to maintain so they can get the maximum fun out of their new set of wheels.

  • Where are they going to ride it?

This is an important consideration before you spend your cash on a new toddler ride-on toy. Some toys are designed to be used indoors so if your tot will be out in the back yard or likes to explore outdoors then these types are not going to last very long. If your tot is going to go on some outside adventures (supervised, of course), then look for a ride-on toy that’s built for varied terrain, conditions and weather.

  • Ride-on Toy Assembling 

you don’t want to be spending hours putting a new ride-on toy together, as you have an excited tot that wants to get going! Look for a ride-on toy that’s quick and easy to put together and is not too complicated.

  • Toddler Ride-on Toys Safety 

safety is essential when choosing a new ride-on toy for your little one. It should meet the required standards and be the right size and type for your child. The toy should be solid and stable, and all safety features such as brakes tested before you let your child get on to play. Your toddler should also be able to put their feet down flat on the floor so they can stop themselves and the toy should not easily tip or fall.

  • Budget 

know your maximum budget before you go ride-on toy shopping and stick with it. Some of the motorized and top-end toys can be expensive so it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for, before you shop.

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Benefits of Baby Ride-on Toys

As well as being a load of fun, toys that little ones can get on and play with can really benefit their development. At such a young age, toddlers are growing and learning daily and a toy that can boost their development is a good thing. Benefits of a ride-on toy for your tot include:

Getting them active – ride-on toys use your tot’s arms and legs as well as helping to strengthen their core muscles.

Boosting their motor skills – the activity of playing on a ride-on toy will help with your toddler’s core motor skills, balance and coordination. Some ride-on toys can also double as walkers, supporting really young tots to find their own feet.

Widens their world – get mobile and boy, there’s a whole world of new places to explore! Ride-on toys help your tot to venture into new environments and see their ‘home turf’ in a whole new light.

Boosts creativity and independent play – ride-on toys also encourage your tot to think and play creatively and practice role-play.

Builds confidence and independence – a ride-on toy is a great way for your tot to spread their wings and gain more confidence in their own skills and abilities. They are also a great stepping-stone to their first bike!

Different Types of Toddler Ride-on Toys

It’s important to choose the right type of ride-on toy for your tot’s age, balance and ability:

  • Sleds or wagons – these are good for very young tots where they can ride on the toy, pulled by a willing parent or older sibling.
  • Rockers – typically the popular rocking horse, they can also be other animals or even vehicles and involve a back-and-forth rocking motion, driven by your tot’s body and legs.
  • Push powered – great starter ride-on toys, these are styled on a pedal-less bike, scooter or vehicle which have a lower center of gravity. The child creates forward movement and momentum by using their feet against the ground.
  • Pedal powered – the pedal ride-on toy introduces more mechanical parts your toddler can use to propel themselves forward. Pedal power ride-on toys improve your tot’s balance and coordination skills.
  • Battery/electric power – The ‘lux’ end of the ride-on toy market, these are mini-mes of adult vehicles that your tot can drive, steer and ride.

Our Top Pick

For its realistic design, easy-to-use features and awesome drive, the Ground Force Tractor with Trailer scoops our best ride-on toys for toddlers review Top Pick. It’s seriously good fun and can safely eat up grass, dirt and gravel terrain while the two gears and 4WD give your little farmer a skill-developing ride. Plus, its size means they can keep enjoying it beyond their toddler years so good value for money too.

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