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If you own a tool kit then the chances are that in amongst the hammer and nails, screwdrivers and nuts…

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The Best Right Angle Drills (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Right Angle Drills (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice DEWALT DWARA100 Right Angle Drill DEWALT DWARA100 Right Angle Drill
Premium Pick DEWALT DWD460K 11 Amp Angle Stud & Joist Drill DEWALT DWD460K 11 Amp Angle Stud & Joist Drill
Best Value Ryobi P241 Right Angle Drill Ryobi P241 Right Angle Drill

If you own a tool kit then the chances are that in amongst the hammer and nails, screwdrivers and nuts and bolts, you will also own an electric drill. A drill is an invaluable piece of equipment for professionals and home improvement enthusiasts who need the right tools of the trade for their jobs. Not many people own a right angle drill and instead opt for the conventional type. There are many benefits to owning a right angle drill and it’s definitely worth adding one to your kit if you do a lot of work around the house or work as a professional. Right angle drills work much the same as standard drills but allow you to get into very tight spots. It can be a lifesaver in certain situations where a cumbersome drill just won’t fit. In this review we’ve looked at the best right angle drills on the market and have highlighted their best features. We have also looked more in detail into the benefits of using this type of drill and what to look for when purchasing one.

So, if you are looking to expand your tool kit, have some tricky jobs that need drilling or need some new equipment for your job then keep reading to find out our 10 favorites:

The Best Right Angle Drill

If you are looking to transform your DEWALT drill into a drill for tight spaces then this DWARA100 attachment makes the perfect accessory. This attachment can be used with screwdriving bits, impact holes saws, nut drivers and spade bits. Attach this to your current impact driver for tighter access with increased gear strength. If you’ve ever used a drill that gets hot when in use, you’ll be aware how uncomfortable this can be – you won’t get that problem with this product as it’s been designed with a special ergonomic handle which is made from ABS, this means that the handle will never get hot whilst in use, giving you an altogether more comfortable experience. The fasteners are supported by a rung magnet too, which gives them better retention and holding power. You’ll feel a noticeable difference when you use this drill attachment.

Key Features
  • Attachment For Impact Driver
  • Impact Rated Gears Allow More Than 2000 Life Cycles
  • Ergonomic ABS Handle
  • Allows For Tighter Access
  • Strong & Durable
  • Brand DEWALT
  • Model DWARA100
  • Weight 7 Ounces

Good value for money

Allows for tighter drilling

Compact design

True 90 degree head


Needs additional hex shaft drill bits

Manufactured in China, this tool is perfect for those looking for a 90 degree drill to perform tighter tasks. Said to be one of the most compact 18V right angle drill drivers on the market, this product has been designed with a combination of a 3/3/4 head length and integrated clutch. This is a really versatile piece of equipment that has a great reputation in the industry, with a 3/8 inch single sleeve keyless chuck, extended multi-position trigger and up to 150 lbs of torque.

Key Features
  • Powerful cordless right angle tool
  • 3/8 inch single sleeve keyless chuck
  • Multi-position trigger
  • Tool only
  • Brand Milwaukee
  • Model 2615-20
  • Weight 2.78 pounds

Powerful tool

Improved led light design

Long lasting battery charge


Sensitive trigger

Tool only – additional accessories extra

What we really like about this small right angle drill was the fact that it is super lightweight at just 4 lbs. Anyone who has ever used an electric drill for a prolonged period of time will know that it can cause some serious arm fatigue when the drill is heavy – a lighter drill means a more comfortable experience. This cordless right angle drill is perfect for reaching those tough, hard-to-reach spaces and has plenty of torque for different types of drilling and driving tasks.This slim design would make a great addition to any tool kit as it’s versatile and with a keyless chuck it’s fast and simple to change the bits too.

Key Features
  • Lightweight tool
  • Slimline design
  • Variable speed
  • Brand Makita
  • Model XAD02Z
  • Weight 4 Lbs


Easy to use


No Battery/Charger/Bits Included

The Bosch angle drill is a highly recommended piece of kit and is a great tool for any home improvement work. This particular model features two LED lights that articulate with the chuck to illuminate dark work spaces. This is a powerful little right angle drill that only weighs 2.75 lbs, so is perfect for prolonged use. It has a variable speed trigger, where you can adjust the speed from 0 – 1,300 RPMs and it does an amazing job at reaching tight spots and small areas with its pivoting head that can be adjusted into five different positions. We like that the designers have considered comfort as a feature and designed the ergonomic handle to have a secure grip. The auto lock chuck is easy to use for fast bit replacements and can handle a number of jobs including: drilling a pilot hole, driving screws and using spade bits. There is a built in fuel gauge to make battery management easier too.

Key Features
  • 5 position pivoting head (from 90 degrees to 180 degrees)
  • 12v motor provides 1,300 rpm
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Brand Bosch
  • Model PS11-102
  • Weight 2.75 Lbs

Small & light

Pivoting head

Improved led lights


Battery difficult to remove

If you need a drill for tight spaces then you’ll be looking for something lightweight and easy to use. The Makita suits this purpose perfectly as it claims to be simple to use in close quarters with a variable speed for controlled use and weighs only 3 lbs. The drill features a white LED light which illuminates the drilling area, making it ideal for working in low light environments. The bulb will never need replacing either and will last the duration of your tool. We like that it has a paddle switch with a speed limiting dial which means that you will never over-tighten fasteners. It’s simple to use one-handed and smooth to use.

Key Features
  • Shock proof led light
  • Lightweight design
  • Variable speed
  • Ball bearing construction for extended motor life
  • Reduced head height for working in limited space
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Brand Makita
  • Model DA3010F
  • Weight 4.15 Lbs

Built in led light

Paddle switch to prevent over-tightening

One year warranty


Chuck not keyless

This may not be the cheapest drill of its kind on the market, but we believe that it’s one of the best right angle drill products out there and the extra dollars spent would make a wise investment. This drill is simple to use and weighs around 6 lbs, so whilst it’s not the lightest out there, this is a robust and durable tool that is built to last.

Key Features
  • Right angle drill
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Brand Milwaukee
  • Model 2708-20
  • Weight 6.86 Lbs



Well known brand



We felt that this product offered great value for the money, although the battery is not included. This is a compact drill which offers plenty of torque and rotational speed for a variety of household jobs. In fact, with 1,100 RPM you can feel confident that this drill will get the job done and will do it well. A cute little feature of this right angle drill is the onboard magnetic bit tray – perfect for keeping all your bits close to you and not having to keep the screws in your mouth (hands up who does this?!) which is totally unsafe and inconvenient. The handle has been specially designed with a rubber overmold which is useful in situations where the environment is damp or hot and you can lose grip. Another good feature is the LED light that will illuminate your work area as you drill.

Key Features
  • Works with multiple 18v batteries
  • Rubberized grip
  • Onboard magnetic tray
  • Long neck design for better leverage
  • Brand Ryobi
  • Model P241
  • Weight 2.13 Lbs

Special design for awkward-to-reach spots

Good value

Led light


Battery not included

This makita drill offers all the features that you would want from a right angle drill kit. Not only is it super compact, but it always weighs approximately 2.5 lbs with the battery included. This is super lightweight for a drill and perfect for those hard-to-reach spots that can easily give you arm fatigue when in use for a prolonged length of time. The drill features a variable speed of 0-88 RPM which makes it ideal for a number of different drilling and driving applications. The design has been carefully thought through too and features an ergonomic barrel grip for extra comfort and a stronger grip. The built in LED light illuminates your work areas, whilst the keyless chuck will ensure you can change your bits fast and easily too.

Key Features
  • Drill set with battery included
  • Variable speed
  • Led light
  • Keyless chuck
  • Ergonomic barrel grip
  • Brand Makita
  • Model AD02W
  • Weight 2.5 Lbs

3 year warranty for tool

1 year warranty for battery & charger


No variable clutch

What makes right angle drills better than standard drills when it comes to reaching tight spots, is the compact design. This Milwaukee cordless drill has a head size of only 3.75 inches which means that this drill is perfect for drilling and driving applications that are in difficult to reach areas. The drill delivers 100 inch pounds of torque and has a lightweight design which means that you can use it for longer periods of time, more comfortably. Said to be one of the most versatile right angle drill/drivers on the market, this design is one of the first sub-compact right angle drills to feature a spindle lock chuck. Extra features include a fuel gauge, electronic clutch, speed control and overload protection.

Key Features
  • Built-in LED light
  • Electronic clutch with 11 settings
  • Extended paddle switch for ultimate control
  • Brand Milwaukee
  • Model 2415-20
  • Weight 2.25 Lbs

Super compact


Easy to use


Battery not included

If you’re specifically looking for a dewalt right angle drill or you are just looking to purchase a kit from a well known brand then this model is likely to suit your needs. This is a powerful piece of kit that boasts two variable speed ranges and a durable design which has been built to last. This tool can handle large hole drilling in wood as well as a number of other applications and it has a comfortable grip which has been designed with comfort as well as practicality in mind. The patented DEWALT-built motor delivers some serious power with 11 amps, and you are free to choose the speed that suits your drilling needs. It has a mechanical clutch that offers gear protection at low speeds.

Key Features
  • Stud joist drill kit
  • Chuck key with holder
  • Two position side handle
  • Kit box
  • Brand DEWALT
  • Model DWD460K
  • Weight 11.75 Lbs

Warranty package included

Sturdy & built to last

Money back guarantee


Very heavy

Quite cumbersome

Best Right Angle Drill Buying Guide

There are so many right angle drills out there which vary in price and quality and it can be difficult to know what to buy. Below we have written a buying guide and looked into which features we feel are essential when looking for a new 90 degree drill as well as listing the benefits of owning one. We discuss corded and cordless varieties, given tips on how best to use one and finally reveal our favorite product on the list. Keep reading to find out more.

Features to Look for in a Right Angle Drill

These are the features you should consider before buying a new right angle drill:

  • Battery

You might think you have a bargain on your hands when you order a $50 right angle drill, only to discover that this is a bare tool and no battery pack is included. This is fine if you have a compatible battery pack but obviously frustrating if not. If you need the full works then look for a right angle drill set which includes everything you need.

  • Size & Weight

How small are the areas that you will be working in? Consider this when you purchase your drill. Look out for super compact designs if you know you’re likely to be working in very close quarters. The weight can vary quite significantly too and products will always list the weight on the packaging or product description. Remember: if you’re buying a bare tool then you’ll need to allow for extra weight from the battery pack too. Opt for a lightweight drill if you plan to use the product for prolonged periods of time. This will minimize the chance of arm fatigue.

  • Compatibility

If you’re buying a branded right angle attachment then make sure you check to see if it’s compatible with the other components.

  • Comfort

Look out for drills that have special design features with comfort in mind. Some right angle drills have special ergonomic handles which have been designed for a comfortable grip.

  • Speed

How fast and powerful is the drill? Although tempting to buy a cheaper drill that might not be the most powerful out there, never opt for a weak drill! Buy the most powerful and fastest drill that you can afford. Your household jobs will be easier and faster the better the drill you use.

  • Ease of Use

Look out for keyless chucks as they make changing the bits faster and easier. Magnetic onboard trays are a nice extra feature too and make it easier for you to keep all your bits and screws close to you at all times. Does the drill have a pivoting head? These are always handy too as they give your drill much more versatility too.

  • LED

You should always buy a drill that has an LED light. Not only is this safer but it’s super useful for working in dim lit environments too. Close quarters are often darker, you’ll need all the light you can get for these spots.

  • Variable Speed

Might seem obvious, but using a right angle drill with variable speed is super useful as it gives your drill versatility and you can adjust the speed to suit your needs.

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Benefits of Using a Right Angle Drill

  • Using in Tight Spaces

The main purpose of using a right angle drill is to get to those hard to reach spots that a conventional drill just won’t reach. The 90 degree angle is perfect for getting into tight spots and confined spaces. It performs the same job as a regular drill but it has a head that is set at a 90 degree angle or can be pivoted at various degrees so you can adapt it to the perfect position. Right angle drills are often used by plumbers as bathrooms are renowned to have difficult-to-reach areas.

  • Versatile

This is largely dependant on the model that you choose, but if you choose to buy a drill where the drive head can be removed and the chuck used as a conventional drill then you have a versatile piece of kit in your tool set. These adaptable drills can be more expensive than conventional drills but ultimately give you more flexibility in terms of what type of jobs you can take on. If you are a professional or a keen home improvement enthusiast then these drills are invaluable.

  • Comfort

Most people prefer using a right angle drill as they are more comfortable to use and give you much more control and precision. Floor joists, wall studs and other tricky jobs are easier when you have more control over the tool. Most right angle drills are used with two hands and so they are much more comfortable to use.

Corded vs. Cordless

Cordless tools are always easier to use as you never have to worry about the cable getting in the way. Cordless right angle drills gives you greater flexibility as you can use them anywhere and not have to worry about finding an electricity point. They’re generally lightweight and easier to use but can run out fairly fast. If you have big jobs to complete or plan to use your drill often or for long periods of time then corded drills with an extension cable makes a better choice as you will always have a source of power available and not have to worry about running out of batteries.

How Does a Right Angle Drill Work?

These type of drills work similar to standard drills but the head has been designed at a 90 degree angle. Depending on the make and model of the drill you may hold the drill with one hand – similar to a traditional drill. Whereas others will require a different type of grip with two hands. They take drill bits the same way a standard drill will and are activated by pressing a trigger. Some right angle drills allow you to change the speed.

Our Top Pick

After looking at a number of different right angle drills we decided that the DEWALT DWARA100 Right Angle Attachment came way above the rest for quality and price. This is a brand that we know and trust and we feel that this right angle attachment is perfect for getting into tight spots and would be a worthy investment for any professional or home improvement enthusiast. This attachment will transform your DEWALT drill into a powerful tool that can handle screwdriving bits, nut drivers and more. Once you attach this then you’re going to give your current driver much tighter access and increased gear strength. The ABS ergonomic handle won’t heat up in use too, giving you extra time to work on longer jobs. All in all, we felt that this attachment stood above the rest for quality and reputation.


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