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You know better than to have your cell phone in your hand while you’re driving. Even if you’re trying to…

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The Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mounts (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mounts (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice The Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mounts (Review) in 2022 Mankiw Wireless Car Charger Mount
Best Value iOttie Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount iOttie Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount
Premium Pick Anker Wireless Car Charger Anker Wireless Car Charger

You know better than to have your cell phone in your hand while you’re driving. Even if you’re trying to make a call over the speakerphone or consulting your smartphone’s GPS navigation, using your phone is both dangerous and illegal in many places. If you want to stay safe but still have access to your phone and its screen, there is another option. You can use a wireless phone charging car mount. It’ll place your phone within sight, give you the ability to use it hands-free, and even charge your phone when needed. And there are so many different types of wireless phone charging car mounts available that eliminate the need for wires and cables. You can discover some of the best wireless phone charging car mounts available right here.

The Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount

If you’re looking for a wireless phone charging car mount that’s easy to use and charges quickly, the Mankiw Wireless Car Charger Mount is a great option. It features one-handed operation with a built-in advanced sensor and two clips. This allows you to easily place or remove your smartphone in seconds with one hand. It combines a phone charger and mount in one with a wireless charging pad that requires no cords or cables other than a single car adapter. Even better, a 360-degree ball joint allows you to position your phone at any angle.

This fast-charging car mount offers 7.5 watt and 10 watt Qi charging functionality, and it’s suitable for use with any smartphone. This includes the latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones. Check to make sure your phone is compatible before buying.

Key Features
  • Can be installed on the windshield, car air vents, or dashboard
  • Holds all phones with a width of 60 to 80 millimeters or overall size of 4 to 6.5 inches
  • Compatible with any Qi-enabled smartphone
  • Fast charging compatible
  • Brand Mankiw
  • Model C13-Black
  • Weight 4.3 ounces

360 degrees of adjustment is ideal for using your phone’s GPS navigation

One-handed clips make moving your phone easy

Works even if you have a thick case on your phone


Suction cup can be weak

Bumps and rough roads can cause phones to fall

Rubber phone grip on clips can weaken over time

Get an on-the-go access to your phone when driving with this iOttie Easy One Touch Car Phone Holder. It is a universal car phone holder that works with LG, iPhone, Samsung, and other smartphones. You can use one hand to mount and unmount your smartphone thanks to the buit-in and secure one-touch lock and release mechanism.

Navigating through maps couldn’t be any easier. It is engineered to give you a great driving experience and has a flexible arm design that is coupled with durability and strength. The arm can easily be adjusted to your desired angle. No matter the edge you set it to, it stays there firmly. No amount of movement or shaking from the car will push it out of position. It features a long-lasting suction cap that can always be restored by simply rinsing under warm running water. When done, simply allow it to air dry (which shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes). This is an all-round smartphone car holder that can work across all sizes and brands of phones. Its flexibility allows a customized use for your individual preference.

Key Features
  • An arm holder is durable and flexible
  • Features an adjustable bottom foot
  • Can be mounted on windshield or dashboard
  • Features a secure one-touch lock and release mechanism
  • Brand iOttie
  • Model HLCRIO125
  • Weight 7.2 ounces

One-hand operation

Does not scratch your phone

Universal smartphone car holder


Cannot hold phones with thick cases

Comes in only black color

Not ideal when the car comes into contact with direct sunlight

This wireless charger from Anker is built with PowerWave technology. As a leading technology in wireless charging, Anker keeps improving its operations through research and testing. This system automatically detects your device once it is mounted into the arm holder. It then begins charging your device. This car charger is built to work equally well across all smartphones and devices, and an adjustable holder means you can set it to hold your device without any fear of it falling. A 360-degree rotation design enhances the viewing experience, and you can operate its functions with a single hand.

Anker gives you an exceptional experience with its high-speed wireless charging technology. You receive the same fast charging speed you get from a traditional wired charger at home. An added two ports permits charging of multiple phones at a time. Even more, you get to do other essential stuff on your phone as it charges – be it receiving hands-free phone calls or navigating through the GPS.

Key Features
  • Features an built-in PowerWave technology
  • Features a 360-degree adjustable arm
  • Wireless charging
  • One-hand operation mode
  • Brand Anker
  • Model B2551011
  • Weight 5.6 ounces

High-speed wireless charging technology

Works with all devices

Included two quick-charge ports and a car charger


It overheats when used for more extended periods

Does not work with extra-thick cases

Not ideal for heavy phones

This Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charging Dock is a great and useful wireless charging car mount. Its design is a custom one that has been carefully modeled to fit perfectly onto the OEM plug-in charging space that is built into the Model 3 center dock. Tesla has run a series of tests on this wireless phone charging dock and has approved it to be an ideal fit for their software updates.

Unlike other wireless charging car mount devices, this one requires no device plug-in before it performs wireless charging on your smartphone. Drop your smartphone onto the large surfaced charging dock and it begins to charge. When you want to remove it, just pick it up from the dock. The dock area is large enough to charge two phones at a time, and each phone should charge at a fast speed with up to 10 watts of output. For iPhones, it supports 7.5 charging, and installation is a quick and can be set up in a few minutes. In addition, you can always explore the added dual USB splitters. They can be used to connect different USB enabled devices, such as a dashcam or USB audio. An easy-to-read LED charging indicator light keeps you informed on the state of your charging devices.

Key Features
  • Product of a trusted brand
  • Wireless charging
  • Features simultaneous fast charging for dual devices
  • Highly durable driving accessory
  • Brand BASENOR
  • Weight 13.6 ounces

No plug-in required for wireless charging

Easy to use

Compatible with Tesla software update


Comes in only black color

Cannot charge two large tablets at a time

Requires larger area space to set up

The CTYBB Wireless Phone Holder and Car Charging is particularly handy for anyone who’s constantly in need of a full charge. This combination wireless car charger and mount offers fast Qi-compatible charging with a built-in smart chip that actually identifies what your device and the optimal charging power it needs. You can quickly and easily charge up every time you’re behind the wheel. Additionally, this wireless phone charging car mount keeps your phone visible and within reach. It has a one-button clamp and release function, and a 360-degree ball joint lets you position the mount for peak visibility.

This wireless phone charging car mount is compatible with most of today’s smartphones. It’ll charge — and securely hold onto — phones like the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max as well as the Galaxy S10 and S10+. Check to make sure the size of your phone will be suitable for this mount.

Key Features
  • Qi-certified for fast charging with any compatible phones
  • One-button release allows you to grab your phone, not the mount
  • 360 ball joint offers flexible angles and viewpoints
  • Fits any device from 4 to 6.5 inches in size
  • Brand CTYBB
  • Model Wireless Car Charger Mount & Car Charger
  • Weight .64 ounces

Smart charging capability automatically determines the optimal charging needs of different smartphones

Mount can be used on air vents or as a dashboard mount

Suction cup is removable and washable for easy reuse and repositioning


Quick charging speed can vary from device to device

Doesn’t charge or work with some phone accessories, like PopSockets

Air vent mounting can be prone to vibrations or falls

Driving can be fun when you get the right driving accessories along. You can use your smartphone to make calls on speaker out as you drive, use the GPS to navigate to your destination, or enjoy some of your favorite songs on your phone. This can get heartbreaking when you have to drive for long hours, and your phone’s battery decides to make just about half the journey with you. This VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount will see you through your trip no matter how long it would last. As a car phone holder charger, it holds your phone safely while charging your battery and also allows you to use your smartphone for any other purpose even as it charges.

It features automatic clamping arms on the left and the right. This ensures that your smartphone or device fits into the holder. Regardless of the size of your device,  it can adjust to accommodate it.  It supports all Apple and Android smartphones and charges Apple iPhones at 7.5 watts and Android smartphones at 10 watts. Also, it does 5 watts charging for all other devices thanks to the new smart chip, which can detect wireless charging devices and does power adjustment among the three charging wattage modes.

Key Features
  • Features a smart chip which identifies which charging mode to use for any device
  • Ideal for vertical air vents
  • Automatic clamping arms
  • Wireless charging
  • Brand VANMASS
  • Model 5647456600
  • Weight 4.8 ounces

Compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones

Inbuilt overheating protection mechanism

Includes an additional micro USB charging cable


Only ideal for horizontal air vents

Features only one USB cable

Fast charging not supported on all devices

This Squish Wireless Car Charger features a QC 3.0 charger mechanism. It is ideal for use in all cars and has a dual charging mode which charges a wide range of different smartphones among 10 watts and 7.5 watts. Typically, it does 7.5 watts charging on iPhones from 7 through to XR and even the new 11 series. For Samsung smartphones starting from galaxy s7 to the all-new massive galaxy S10 series, a whopping 10 watts charging mode is effected. More to this is that it is a wireless car charger for iPhone that works super cool with iPhones and does a decent fast charging job on them.

This wireless car charger has a buyer-centric focused design. It gives extra protection and care to your smartphone as long as it is fixed into its holder and offers your phone a firm and secure grip. Any unfortunate happenings of scratches to your smartphone or its case is prevented. It also gives up to 50 percent faster-charging speed to your smartphone and has been tested and certified by the wireless charging association. What’s more, it includes a 3.0 car charger and micro USB c cable as well. This is a perfect choice for all your car charging needs.

Key Features
  • Wireless charging
  • Supports simultaneous multiple charging
  • Qi fast charging
  • Adjustable arm
  • Brand Squish
  • Model SQ961
  • Weight 13.4 ounces

Automatic clamping

Includes a 3.0 car charger

Has dual USB charging slots


Comes in black color only

Has only two charging modes

Unable to hold thick phone cases

This Bolt Car Mount is an iPhone wireless charger that features an inbuilt touchless automatic sense technology which opens on its own when it detects your phone approaching. It also has an inbuilt infrared sensor that gives your device a firm hold when it is placed into its holder. It also gives a flexible and adjustable view to use maps, switch through songs, and receive speaker out phone calls effortlessly. Rotate the 360-degree rotating mount in any angle you desire.

It uses a Qi-certified wireless charging technology providing up to 15 watts of charging power and works universally to provide fast charging speed to all Qi-supported smartphone devices. Additionally, it is also an air vent device that can easily be installed on your car’s air vents and is an efficient wireless charging device which is compatible with all smartphones. Overall, its ease of use makes it an exception driving accessory and included is a dual USB 3.0 charger and one type c UBS car charger.

Key Features
  • Infrared sensor
  • Up to 15 watts
  • Qi-certified
  • Features an automatic sense technology
  • Brand Lynktec
  • Model LTBC-0004
  • Weight 7.4 ounces

Easy to use

Automatic lock and unlock

360-degree adjustable mount


Internal battery does not last

Not suitable for cars with horizontal air vents

Not ideal with iPhone 8 plus

iOttie has served the world well with durable and efficient electronic devices and accessories. Over the years, its technological innovation and research have led to the design and production of tools which make our day to day life activities easy and more convenient. With this iOttie Wireless Charging Air Vent Mount, you get to enjoy the experience of a magnetic wireless car charger. It offers dual car charging with an added micro USB cable and an extra port which enables you to charge a second device simultaneously.

Adjust the metal plate of your smartphone for better wireless car charging experience. This works across all smartphone models, sizes, and brands. Bigger and smaller phones can likewise be adjusted to suit this charger for s faster and efficient charging of all your devices and smartphones. It provides 7.5 watts for iPhone charging from iPhone 7 plus to XR plus with Android phones charging at 10 watts. Installation is simple and takes a few seconds to set up. What’s more, a twist-lock keeps the car charging air vent mount firmly stuck onto your car’s air vents. Twist to lock and untwist in the opposite direction to unlock. Once installed, it can withstand all road shakings and vibrations without moving out of place. This is an ideal accessory for every driver who makes use of your phone as you drive.

Key Features
  • Features a simple twist-lock feature
  • Wireless car charging
  • Magnetic car charger
  • 7.5 watts for iPhone charging and 10 watts for Android
  • Brand iOttie
  • Model HLCRIO138
  • Weight 9.6 ounces

Features a dual car charging mode

Dual car charger

Uses rare earth magnets


Added charging cable is not long enough

Features a single USB charging port

The magnet cannot hold bulky phones in place on rough roads

This Fast Wireless Car Charger is a high-quality wireless car charging accessory. It is designed with a compact design to shield your smartphone against any possible falls and damages. It has a Qi-enabled technology which works across all supported devices and the wireless charging has a fast charging technology that will charge your devices in no time. It also provides an enhanced charging speed of up to 15 percent.

Inbuilt over-current power protection shields your device from high voltage flow which can cause damage to your devices and smartphones. It does everything possible to protect the lifespan of your device and an over-temperature regulator puts your device at an ideal temperature for its safety. It is built from soft silicon material which gives it an anti-slip design – no matter how sleek and slippery your smartphone or device is, it won’t slip off and fall. It is also a universally compatible wireless charging pad for a car which works with all smartphones and devices. From iPhones 8 to XR, it provides charging power of 7.5 watts. Ten watts for Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus to s10 series, and galaxy note series from note 5. It also includes a 3.0 car charging adapter and a 3.9 feet long charging cable for direct cable charging for all phones.

Key Features
  • Includes universal compatibility
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Made from soft silicone material
  • Features a 3.0 car charging adapter
  • Brand ZealSound
  • Model wg-c
  • Weight 10.6 ounces

High current security

Anti-slip design

Over-temperature protection


Wireless fast charge only works with Qi-compatible devices

Only comes in black color

Includes a single USB charging port

Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mounts

What to Consider When Buying a Wireless Car Charger

Picking out a wireless charger for your car might seem simple. But just like buying any supplementary charger for your smartphone, you’ll face a ton of different options. And it’s hard to know which are the best of the bunch. Some car chargers offer different types of charging for various smartphone models — and some will even work with other devices. Make sure to consider a few specific details as you’re trying to decide between different options.

Mounting Options

One of the most important features of a wireless car charging mount is how it actually mounts. Some models will attach to your air vents with clips. Others will stick to your dashboard or your windshield with a suction cup. Some offer extra versatility and can be mounted in multiple ways. Determine where you’d like your phone to be mounted while you’re on the road to make sure the mount you pick will meet your needs. 

Size and Compatibility

Wireless phone charging car mounts differ in the number of phones they’re able to accommodate, the type and size of phones they can fit, and even the kind of charging technology they use. You’ll want to make sure you find a mount that suits your phone. Consider whether it fits your current smartphone’s size, the types of phones it can charge, and whether or not it can accommodate the thickness of your phone.

Charging Modes

Do you just want basic charging from the wireless phone charging mount you choose? Most popular smartphones, like iPhones and Galaxy phones, need 7.5 to 10 watts to charge. Many car mounts will charge your phone with basic charging. Additionally, you can also consider whether or not you want/need a fast charging capability. You can find some mounts that offer Qi-certified fast charging, or even mounts that’ll adapt the charging speed to optimally suit various smartphones.


No, you don’t need a mount that can actually move — well, unless you want one that does. But you will want to consider a car charging mount’s flexibility, or its ability to work with different phone accessories. Many smartphone owners have their phones protected by cases. If you choose a wireless charging mount that doesn’t work with your phone’s case, you’ll face a lot of frustration. Similarly, if you have any accessories on your smartphone, like a phone wallet, a grip, or any other objects stuck on the surface, you’ll want to look for mounts that’ll work around these potential charging obstacles.


Lastly, don’t forget to consider the brand of the mounts you like best. The brand can offer important insight, like customer feedback and reviews. If you buy from a well-known or reputable brand, you’ll know you’re getting an item you can trust. Some brands make heavy-duty mounts while others specialize in hi-tech options. Look into the brand before making a final decision.

Why You Should Use a Wireless Car Charger

Have you ever been stuck on the road without a charger for your smartphone — but you need to make a call or use your GPS navigation? There are a ton of benefits that can come with carrying a wireless phone charging car mount inside your vehicle, and on-the-go charging is just one of them. You can also get benefits like the following when you have one of these handy mounts installed in your car.

Fast Charging

Wireless car chargers are built with a fast-charging mechanism. They give you a faster charging rate, even on short driving trips. Also, you get the luxury of charging multiple devices and smartphones at a time.

Universal Compatibility

With an understanding of the different preferential choices of smartphone users, wireless car chargers are designed to work with smartphones of all kinds. Whether you are an iPhone user, a Samsung user, or any other Android smartphone user, wireless car chargers will work fine with your phone.

Ease of Use

No need to go through any specialized training or tutoring even if you have never used one before. Wireless car chargers are designed with an easy set up to give users on the use. It can also be adjusted to your desired angle for a better viewing experience. Its operation supports one-hand mode and makes it a convenient driving accessory.

Different Types of Phone Charging Car Mounts

What type of car mount is best for your phone? It’ll depend on a few different factors. You can find wireless phone charging car mounts in a few different varieties, and each type offers its own unique benefits. Check out some of the most common types here.


This uses magnetic power to keep your smartphone in place. Mounting and unmounting your phone is simply by way of sticking and pulling out your smartphone. It is compatible with most smartphones.

Vent Clip

This type is mounted on your car’s air vents. It is of great value to people who want to keep their smartphones near eye level without interfering with the view on the road when driving.

Dashboard Mount

This is ideal for use with cars with flat frontal interior design. Their advantage is in the fact that they are discrete and appropriate for the driver’s convenience. Though removing it might leave some ugly marks behind.

How to Install a Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount

The best way is to follow the foolproof way by following what the manufacturer states in the user manual. Each product has its way of installation, and you cannot go wrong with what the manufacturer says.

Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mounts FAQ:

Q: What is a wireless phone charging car mount?

It is a wireless car charger used in cars. It provides fast charging technology to smartphones while holding your device in a firm position.

Q: How do wireless car phone chargers work?

It uses wireless charging technology to generate charging wattage for different charming smartphones. Wireless charging begins when the device is placed into its holder.

Q: Do all of these support quick charger capability?

All wireless car chargers have quick charging compatibility. Whether or not your smartphone will quick charge depends on if it is Qi-compatible.

Q: Are wireless car chargers compatible with all car models?

Yes. It is good to know your car’s interior design to see better the type of car wireless charger that will best work with your vehicle.

Our Top Pick

We really like the Mankiw Wireless Car Charger Mount because it’s simple to set up and can quickly charge your device. You only need one hand to operate it, and you can place your smartphone in the unit in just seconds. The device has a built-in advanced sensor and charges as well as holds your phone. It features a single adapter and doesn’t require cords or cables. It also rotates 360 degrees, so you can position it at the best angle for your needs. It’s compatible with a wide variety of devices, from iPhones to Androids.


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