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Zero-turn riding mowers are a subset of tractors that cut your grass into equal sizes with a zero-swing radius. These…

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The Best Zero Turn Riding Mowers (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Zero Turn Riding Mowers (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Ariens Zero Turn Mower Ariens Zero Turn Mower
Premium Pick Swisher Zero Turn Mower Swisher Zero Turn Mower
Best Value Ariens Zoom Zero Turn Lawn Mower Ariens Zoom Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Zero-turn riding mowers are a subset of tractors that cut your grass into equal sizes with a zero-swing radius. These machines feature a lawnmower wheel, which possesses a fantastic speed. Though there are variations of models by several manufacturers, the typical zero turn riding mower comes with two small wheels in front and larger wheels on back. In addition to these four wheels, it may feature a steering wheel or a joystick for movement and control. The vast options available may create a level of confusion. Thus, we have listed the very best zero turn riding mowers to help shorten your scouting process.

The Best Zero Turn Riding Mower

Our first zero turn mower is refurbished to meet the needs of modern-day home and lawn owners. It is the Ariens IKON-X Zero Turn Mower, a particular unit manufactured to be one of the best performing mowers in the market today. This machine is a refurbishment of older models; thus, it has undergone all the necessary testing and certification to ensure that it’s functional and durable. This mowing machine features upgrades that cover a wide range of aspects, such as cleaning, functionality testing, and repackaging. It comes with different accessories that enable every user to make use of it to the fullest capacity possible. 

This zero-turn mower from Ariens arrives in a generic box, which is the trademark of the brand. The construction of this unit results in a lightweight build that many users appreciate. The IKON mower features two lever controllers and a working scale that caters for all small garden sizes. It does well in every household and can even be used in specific industries for better output. The primary power source of this unit is gasoline, and we love that it is reasonably priced.

Key Features
  • 8.42 pounds
  • Two lever controllers
  • Thick and solid body
  • Save 40%-70% time
  • Brand Ariens
  • Weight 871 pounds

It saves time and energy.

It does not need high maintenance.

It can take zero turns easily.


It is an expensive machine.

It can’t turn in zero direction

Say goodbye to your regular, boring design of a mower and check out the Swisher Zero Turn Mower. This is a mowing machine designed and built for your comfort. Identified by manufacturers as the Response Gen mower model, this unit features a powerful engine from Briggs & Stratton for exceptional performance. It offers users with total control and improved comfort via its patented rapid response control system and makes mulching easier through the use of three gator blades and a cutting deck. For better grass discharge and improved airflow, the Swisher turn mower features a front debris shield unit.

This Swisher riding mower comes with an Ogura clutch and a Hydro-Gear 2800 transmission system. The fuel capacity is large, due to its powerful performance. A total of eight gallons of fuel can be poured into this mower for operations. If you’re tired of mowing your grass, but you love having a lawn at home, you can make use of the Swisher zero turn mower. Turn your mowing sessions into exciting, fun times that don’t drag into the day. This mower delivers a beautiful and entirely professional cut every day, without much effort thanks to its powerful blade system and high-quality engine.

Key Features
  • 24 HP (724cc) Briggs & Stratton engine
  • 3 Gator mulching blades
  • 8-gallon fuel capacity
  • Front and rear hitch
  • Brand Swisher
  • Model ZTR2454BS-CA
  • Weight 1,018 pounds

Built-in rear hitch

Broad 66 inch cutting width

8-gallon fuel tank


Cannot cut down to 1.25 inches

We love all zero turn lawn mowers manufactured by Ariens because it provides its services according to the needs of its customers. Its production of versatile products makes it a leading manufacturer of household equipment. The Ariens Zoom Kohler Turn Lawn Mower is a member of its Kohler 6000 Series of mowers. This is a unique system, made to transform your overgrown lawn into a well-manicured work of art at a shorter time than regular mowers. It is a compact mower built for use on small to medium-sized lawns.

Some significant features displayed by this unit include its 4-point deck hanging systems, a foot-operated deck lift, a 12-gauge steel deck and an 18-inch-high back seat for user’s comfort. All large jobs will be finished within the shortest possible time thanks to the system’s high-performance engine and wide cutting width, which isn’t common to competing models. The Ariens zero turn mower comes with a side discharge and a fully welded steel frame for better support and improved stability. Storing this machine is very easy, thanks to its compact nature. Also, maintenance isn’t much of a problem thanks to the durable materials in its construction. We recommend the Ariens lawn mower for home lawns and medium-sized commercial grass areas because it fulfills all your mowing needs at a price that is easy to afford.

Key Features
  • Designed for small- to medium-sized lawns
  • 12-gauge steel deck
  • 4-point deck hanging system
  • Fully welded steel frame
  • Brand Ariens
  • Model 915211
  • Weight 425 pounds

It can take zero turns easily.

It made of 10-gauge steel.

It has padded seat armrests.


Bulky design.

Difficult to operate

Among the list of famous mower brands, Husqvarna is one of the top three. It designs and distributes some of the most well-designed elements that make your mowing sessions more enjoyable and extremely fast. It launched the Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower, which is one of the top turn mowers available. It is built from heavy-duty materials that endure all pressures and weights exerted over time for better performance. It operates using a strong and sturdy 26 HP Kohler engine that runs at a maximum speed of 6.5 MPH.

The Husqvarna riding mower provides you with all the reliable start-ups you will need for better performance. As the steering levers of your mower are moving inward or outward, the patent-pending park brake system of this zero turn mower is automatically activated and deactivated for functionality. One feature this mower possesses is air induction mowing technology. The system draws air from the bottom and top of the mower deck in a bid to deliver a superior cut and to improve grass cutting. You will love how durable this unit is. The Husqvarna mower features a reinforced steel cutting deck, designed and built from the best and most solid flat-stock steel materials.

Key Features
  • 26 hp Kohler engine
  • Max speed of 6.5 mph
  • Patent-pending park brake system
  • Induction mowing technology
  • Brand Husqvarna
  • Model Z254
  • Weight 678 pounds

It has sharp blades.

It has 26 hp engine power.

Automatic electric brake system.


It is an expensive machine

Meet the Troy-Bilt Mustang Zero-Turn Mower. It is one of the top zero turn mowers available. It has countless features. In the grass trimming and cutting industry, there’s no other mower that can overtake this system when it comes to functionality and durability. The Troy-Bilt mower is powered by a sturdy twin-cylinder engine for the best performance. It comes with an added oil filter and a hydro-static transmission that delivers better output than other mowers. For increased efficiency, this zero turn mower features a rear roller and four-deck gauge wheels that work at double the rate of regular turn mowers.

Another feature of the Troy-Bilt Mustang that we love is its dual-deck wash feature. This is a system that is paired with its extensive 54-inch high-performance deck. The manufacturer of this mower altered the design to include the Reverse Mow Control, which keeps you and your family free from any form of accident. The mustang zero turn mower has a fuel site gauge and a floating front axle system for convenience, with a comfortable high-back seat for your comfort during every mower session. 

Key Features
  • Twin-cylinder engine
  • Dual hydro-static transmission
  • Four deck gauge wheels
  • Equipped with reverse mow control
  • Brand Troy-Bilt
  • Model 17CDCACW066
  • Weight 729 pounds

Automatic electric brake system.

Reinforced steel stamped deck.

Removable deck


It is an expensive machine

Anyone who has encountered a Husqvarna product will attest to how durable and well-designed it is. We introduce the Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower. This is made for all types of terrain and grass for your comfort. It features a powerful engine, built to deliver nothing but optimum output at all times. This mowing machine is a member of the Husqvarna MZ series, which is made up of varied mowing models. Each model comes with a similar design, but they all have differences that enable them to stand out from within the crowd.

This zero-turn riding mower delivers a fantastic ergonomics to users and also great commercial-grade power than many users have never encountered with other models. It provides you with a reliable and high ground speed with the ability to endure all pressures and forces exerted during a mowing session. The steel cutting deck included in the design of this mower is made from fabricated 11-gauge steel material, ergonomically designed to offer an excellent 54-inch cut. Such a feature is ideal for users because it allows for an easy and quick adjustment from the operator’s seat, without any need for external help. All grass clippings can be bagged, mulched, or discharged, depending on your needs. One additional accessory that this unit can be used with it’s the 9-bushel triple bag collection system, which helps keep all clippings in one place until they’re needed.

Key Features
  • 27 HP Briggs Endurance engine
  • 11-gauge steel cutting deck
  • A 9-bushel triple bag collection system
  • foam-padded hand grips
  • Brand Husqvarna
  • Model 967277501
  • Weight 770 pounds

It does not need high maintenance.

It has sharp blades.

It has 26 hp engine power.


It is an expensive machine

If you ever need to upgrade your lawnmower, we recommend the Ferris F400Z Zero Turn Mower. This is one of the best zero turn mowers available. It is a heavy duty and mighty unit, operated by one of the world’s best engines. This mower features a Kawasaki engine that uses up to 5.5 gallons for its operations. It works with a ten gauge cutting deck and also features 0.25 increments for your comfort.

The Ferris turn mower is very user-friendly and can be operated by everyone without the need for new skills or professional input. We love that all blades are electric as this ensures functionality at all times with a reduced level of maintenance. All spindles found have been put together with cast aluminum for better productivity. Besides the reduced maintenance, another reason why we love this unit is that it helps  save both energy and time. Such value is hard to come across with competing models; thus, we are confident that the Ferris zero turn mower is a good bet. Other features we love include padded seat armrests, sharp blades, an adjustable seat for ultimate comfort, zero turns, and a ten-gauge steel system. The price of the Ferris mower is in line with its functionality; thus, we’re proud to have it as a member of our arsenal. You can get this mower for your home or that of any family member who has grass but hates the cutting process.

Key Features
  • 21.5 gross HP 2 cylinder
  • 5.5-gallon capacity
  • Electric blade Greaseable spindles
  • Pneumatic caster tires
  • Brand Ferris

It saves time and energy.

It does not need high maintenance.

This machine has an adjustable seat.


It is a bulky machine

Best Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Look for When Buying a Zero Turn Riding Mower

Buying a zero turn mower comes with vital features one must take into consideration.

  • Engine Size & Horsepower

The mowers available in the market today feature the use of different engines with varied sizes. Be sure to study the engine size as well as the horsepower of your preferred mower, to ensure that it operates as quickly as you need.

  • Ease of Use & Control

The best kind of mower is the user-friendly one, which is very straightforward in its operations. As a user, you must select a product whose controls you can handle. Since zero turn mowers feature dual levers, you must be able to control both without any external help.

  • Budget-Friendly

Your budget should help you determine the aero turn mower you want to purchase. Be sure to stick to your purchasing range concerning size and price to ensure that there’s no wastage of money. If you have a small lawn, you don’t have to purchase a larger mower as this will bring no extra value.

  • Durability

 We all want our products to serve for extended periods since they are great investments. To ensure that your mower has high strength, study the choice of materials for its construction, the design, craftsmanship as well as the brand. All these will help save you time and money in the long run. Another way to ensure durability is to increase the maintenance and care for any machine you purchase.

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Benefits of a Zero Turn Mower

The benefits of having a zero turn lawn mower are many, and as a potential buyer, you need to know a number of them before you make that final purchase.

  • Less Mowing Time

Once the user knows how to operate the mower correctly, they can be able to cut the grass in half of the time. In landscaping business and a single attempt, the mower also helps to provide dual output.

  • Maneuverable

Zero-turn mowers feature independent motors on wheels thus they’re straightforward to maneuver. The wheels are responsible for the movement of your device via the pull and push of the machines control levers.

  • Reduced Fuel Cost

The less operation time, the reduced consumption of fuel. Using a zero-turn, mower reduces how often you purchase gasoline or charge your mower. This helps you to save money for other activities and tasks.

  • Cleaner Cuts

The blades of zero-turn mowers are very sharp; thus, your grass will be cut evenly at an equal level. This results in a clean output that is great for all landscape businesses.

  • Less Wear & Tear

The risk of wear and tear is drastically reduced with the zero-turn mowers because they operate swiftly and offer double output.

Different Types of Zero Turn Mowers

Zero-turn mowers are categorized according to those used commercially and residentially. Both categories have various models in their groups, which offers customers a lot of options as and when needed. According to your needs as a user, you will require a different kind of mower.

  • Stand-On Mowers

These are zero turn mowers with improved stability. They are different in design to other mower types, as their operators are found behind their platform. Since their blades are far from the turning axis, operating them can become somewhat of an issue.

  • Mid-Mount Mowers

Mid-mount mowers are great for the landscaping business. They work with accuracy and excellent efficiency thanks to their careful design. Unlike the stand out mowers, these machines have their decks located in the middle of the device, under the operator seat.

  • Front Mount Mowers

The final type to be discussed is the Front Mount Mowers. These are mowers that do well on large lawns. They feature a cutting deck designed into the front of the unit, which aids in smooth movements during operation. The mower comes with low centered gravity and a lot of balance that cannot be found with other types of mowers.

Zero Turn Mower Brands Worth Checking Out

The best manufacturers of zero-turn mowers on the market today include Troy-Bilt, Ariens, Swisher, Cub Cadet, and Tor. These brands are easy to use and very affordable. They feature well-built mowers that can withstand constant pressure from mowing.

Best Zero Turn Mower FAQ:

Q: What are zero-turn mowers?

Per definition, zero-turn mowers are mowers controlled by two levers, instead of a front steering wheel. The gears operate by controlling each rear wheel for movement of your mower. Zero-turn mowers are large in design; thus, they’re ideal for the mowing of large open spaces.

Q: How do I lift a zero turn mower?

Lifting your zero turn mower must be done with the right equipment else you will experience significant damage to your machine. Lifting or turning your mower must be done using a maintenance lift or a jack as their designed to undertake such tasks.

Q: Do zero turn mowers have brakes?

Most zero turn mowers don’t come with brakes, as opposed to the traditional mowers that have foot pedal brakes. There are however ways to break and slow down your zero turn mower without an actual brake.

Our Top Pick

The best choice zero-turn mower in this article is the Ariens Zero Turn Mower. It is built with sturdy materials to enhance its durability and functions as the world’s best mowing machine. It is light in weight and does well in small to medium lawns.

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