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You’re not locked into keeping Plasti Dip forever, it can be removed using a variety of methods.

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How To Remove Plasti Dip from Cars: The Ultimate Guide | Autance © How To Remove Plasti Dip from Cars: The Ultimate Guide | Autance

Time Needed: 2-3 Hours, Difficulty: Intermediate, Cost: $25-$50

Plasti Dip is a great way to change the look of your car for less than the cost of a new paint job. It’s easy and quick to have installed and can last a long time if done correctly. Even so, there will come a time when your dipped car won’t look so fresh. You may also just change your mind.

Luckily, you’re not locked into keeping Plasti Dip forever. It can be removed using a variety of methods. All you’ll need is a steady hand, some time, common auto care products, and a well-ventilated place to work.

Let’s get rolling.

The Safety Brief

  • It’s possible to use strong chemicals, such as paint thinner to remove the dip. Unless you’re extremely experienced with those products, it’s best to stick to less invasive methods.
  • Even though dip dissolver is not as harsh as other chemicals, it’s best to work in a well-ventilated area to avoid lung damage.
  • Be sure to dispose of both the dip and the cleaning materials used in its removal properly.
  • Wear gloves. Dip dissolver isn’t great for your skin.

The Tools & Parts You Need

Though you can use harsh chemicals to remove dip, it’s best to peel or use a dip dissolving agent to avoid paint damage.


Dip Dissolver

The Job: How To Remove Plasti-Dip

Peeling Method

1. Find An Edge

Either on a seam or edge of the vehicle surface, you should be able to find a part of the dip that can be peeled. This works best when the dip is thicker and able to stay in one piece.

2. Peel Slowly

Using both hands, carefully peel away the Plasti Dip. If a tear develops, pull from a different angle. It’s easiest to pull a large sheet.

3. Wash Away Remaining Dip Or Adhesive With Alcohol

The dip should peel away cleanly, but if it does not, you can use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to buff away the remaining adhesive.

4. Wash Car

Carefully wash the car to remove alcohol and any other debris. This will also give you a chance to inspect the vehicle for any spots you missed along the way.

Dip Dissolver Method

1. Spray dip dissolving agent Over Dip

Working in small areas, spray the dissolver directly onto the plasti-dip. Massage it into the dip using a microfiber cloth.

2. Wait 

Wait five minutes or so to allow the solution to penetrate the dip.

3. Wipe Off Excess Dissolver

Once the solution has penetrated, you should be able to wipe the dip off using your microfiber cloth. Rub gently so as not to scratch into the paintwork.

4. Scrape Off Remaining Dip

Using a hard plastic edge or scraping tool, such as a credit card, work carefully to scrape away the remaining dip. It’s best to use plastic if you can, because a metal razor can much more easily damage the paint underneath.

5. Wash Car

Thoroughly wash the car to remove any lingering dissolver and to take the time to inspect your work.

The Plasti Dip Questionnaire

Q: How Long Should My Plasti Dip Last?

A: A solid dip job should last at least three years, but if you live in a harsh climate or drive over rocky or dusty roads you may see a shorter lifespan.

Q: What If I Notice Paint Damage Underneath?

A: If you’re unsure of the quality of paint underneath the dip, it’s best to hit the local auto body shop or paint center to find out if there’s damage. Peeling dip off of a damaged paint job could cause more widespread damage and remove paint that you want to stay.

Q: What If My Dip Left A Color Or Stain Behind?

A: This is most common in light-colored cars, but it’s not the end of the world. If you notice a color transfer or stain, it should lighten dramatically as the car spends time in the sun.

Video Tutorial on Removing Plasti Dip

Best Places To Buy Tools and Parts to Remove Plasti-Dip

There are so many products out there for removing plasti-dip that it can be hard to find the right ones. That’s why we’ve selected a few of our favorites to get you started. They include Dip Dissolver, Chemical Guys Microfiber Towels, and Armor All Car Wash Concentrate.

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