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Let’s Talk About Post-Winter Car Prep (It’s Hooptie Happy Hour!) | Autance © Let’s Talk About Post-Winter Car Prep (It’s Hooptie Happy Hour!) | Autance

Some of my east-coast colleagues are starting to get excited about seeing cool cars come out of hibernation, and wanted to talk about getting their machines shined up and back on the road after sitting static in the garage or slumming it through slop all winter. Come hang!

Hooptie Happy Hour is our weekly chat session in which the Car Autance writing staff knocks off work specifically to hang out in the comment section here for a hot minute. Well, 60 hot minutes, I did say an “hour” after all. We try to answer comments as much as we can all week but HHH is designed to spark live conversation.

I personally will not be able to join in the chat today as I’m actually going to be out playing in what little snow is left in northern California, but I do recall many springs trying to clean up my old cars when I lived in Massachusetts.

Man, that’s a tough place to be a car enthusiast. The whole state seems to have the attitude of an HOA and if Karen on the corner doesn’t call the cops on your modded car, the road salt will try to eat it. At least, that was my experience. But I digress!

One year in particular, after watching my FC RX-7 get caked in gunk from daily driving all winter, I vividly remember freezing my ass off in my dad’s uninsulated garage (it had the build quality of a hillbilly chicken coop) trying to glean grime off so the car would look cool again. Good times. Kind of… brrr.

Now we’re hoping you all have some tips and memories of waking your cars up from the winter slush and slumber, so come speak your piece! The Spot.IM commenting system below is easy to use – just make an account with a social media handle or email address and you can jump right in.

Update 03/26/21: It’s 5:00 p.m. in California and Hooptie Happy Hour is technically over. You’re welcome to keep hanging out with other stragglers, but the Car Autance crew might be shuffling off soon. If you didn’t get a reply this evening, sorry about that, we’ll try and hit you back next week! Remember, every Car Autance post has a comment field and we hope you feel welcome in all of them. Thanks for coming by!

Welcome to Hooptie Happy Hour!

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