Please, U.S. Air Force, Don’t Let Trump Schlock Up Air Force One’s Iconic Appearance

He can do whatever he wants with his planes, but this one doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to us.

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Please, U.S. Air Force, Don’t Let Trump Schlock Up Air Force One’s Iconic Appearance © Please, U.S. Air Force, Don’t Let Trump Schlock Up Air Force One’s Iconic Appearance

Donald Trump made the already ongoing procurement of new Air Force One aircraft a token defense spending issue even before taking office. Since then, the first year and a half of his presidency has been chock full of news regarding what is a relatively tiny but critical acquisition program within the Pentagon's massive portfolio. Outright false claims of huge savings on the new aircraft, the controversial move to buy orphaned airframes once destined for Russia, and the airplane's apparent lack of critical capabilities are just some of the issues that have reared their ugly head regarding the White House's direct involvement in the program. Now the President wants to do what seems to be unthinkable, to change the iconic blue, white, gold, and seafoam ("Luminous Ultramarine") paint scheme that has adorned the flying White House since JFK sat in the Oval Office over half a century ago.

In fact, Jackie Kennedy was a pivotal player in the creation of Air Force One's now iconic livery, transforming the design from the less than elegant flight-test orange motif to the one know so well today. 

President Kennedy and the First Lady arrive in Mexico City on Air Force One, then a VC-137A, before the first VC-137C arrived with its iconic paint scheme. , National Archives
The President and the First Lady get off the new Air Force One (SAM26000) the day before the President was assassinated. , Kennedy Library

The New England Historical Society tells how the famous paint job came to be:

VC-137C SAM26000 served Kennedy and many other Presidents, Vice Presidents, and dignitaries over its long service life. Here it is seen wearing the Air Force One livery as it is towed into the display hangar at Wright Patterson AFB., USAF

So this is not just screwing with some airplane's paint job, it is destroying a historic work of art by a legendary designer and one of America's most beloved White House couples. The paint scheme is part of our collective heritage and a major reason why Air Force One remains one of the most recognizable symbols of American ingenuity, might, and prestige to this very day. 

Air Force One sits idle in the golden sunset light at Portland Air National Guard Base., Tyler Rogoway/Author

Axios broke the story about Trump's wish to remake the look of Air Force One, with Mike Allen writing:

So POTUS seems to want Air Force One's appearance to be a 'louder' visual affair, something akin to a flying flag. Donald Trump has a long history with aircraft of his own, which are famously known for wearing red, black, white, and gold schemes with a huge italicized TRUMP on their fuselages. Even his lower-profile Citation X had huge Rolls-Royce logos and his made-up family crest painted by its cabin door. Trump's 757, which once belonged to Paul Allen and replaced his ultra-gaudy 727, was also used as a constant backdrop during his campaign. So although this development is troubling, it isn't very surprising. 

What the President wants to do with his personal property is fine. I actually get a kick out of the crazy branding on his airplanes and helicopters and his in-your-face branding style has made him a wealthy and famous man. There is no doubt that he definitely has an amazing knack for self-promotion. But this isn't his plane. It belongs to all of us. And turning it into a silly 4th of July fireworks stand billboard can't happen. It wouldn't make us look powerful. It would make us look ridiculous. 

Many people have joked that Trump will paint a giant eagle on the nose of Air Force One. When it comes to Presidential aircraft, there is actually a precedent for that. A VC-118 Liftmaster nicknamed Independence had just this motif when it flew President Truman around. This was before the cultural lore of Air Force One was established though.


Maybe the most conservative thing we can hope for is something akin to the old American Airlines 747 scheme that was also flown on the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft for years. But it will probably involve a lot more flash based on what we have seen on Trump's own aircraft in the past.


It's fine that the President wants to put his touch on the new jets. Including some unique interior elements and other small details like adding a big bed and some gold-plated fixtures or something really shouldn't be a problem. But changing the aircraft's outward appearance is. 

Clearly, the USAF brass will have some very strong opinions of their own about fooling with Air Force One's historic and elegant look. But the question then becomes would they actually be willing to take on the White House over such an issue? Probably not, especially considering how this President holds brutal grudges. 

The good news is we still have at least a few years before the first of two 747-8i replacements for the USAF two aging VC-25As enters service, so enjoy their gorgeous paint scheme why you still can.

And please, nobody tell POTUS that a new Marine One will be arriving even sooner.

Tyler Rogoway/Author

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