Ram Shows Off Stock Footage Subscription Instead of New Electric Truck | Autance

Ram’s promotional video for a new electric truck features: Empty roads, empty platitudes, and a request for ideas. Stellantis might have a ways to go on EV trucks…

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Ram Shows Off Stock Footage Subscription Instead of New Electric Truck | Autance © Ram Shows Off Stock Footage Subscription Instead of New Electric Truck | Autance

Everybody’s on the EV pickup truck train, it was only a matter of time before Dodg- um, RAM, threw its bag onto an empty cargo car of that train and hopped the hell on. I mean, it couldn’t let Tesla, Ford, GM, and Rivian have all the fun, right? Ram just announced that it’s got a new electric truck coming soon, here are a few pics of the ram battery-electric Ram 1500.

Nice… scenery?

Actually, Ram ain’t got no BEV truck. Instead of an electrified concept, or even, at the very least, some specifications of the forthcoming truck, Stellantis has opted for something a little bit dumb. Ram is apparently crowdsourcing the truck.

Using a new website (“Ram Revolution“) you can add in your two cents on what shape the BEV Ram 1500 will take. On one hand, I somewhat applaud the openness of development; we as consumers don’t really get this kind of direct input into the design process. Cars and trucks are designed at the behest of hand-picked, closed focus groups and opaque layers of market research done by big, faceless executives.

On the other hand, we all know how dumb the internet can be. The internet collectively came together to meme a million-dollar research vessel into having the name “Boaty McBoatface.” Or, Y’all remember those weird Doritos flavor names? Is this the energy we want for probably the most important Ram product since the 1996 Dodge Ram? 

Ram Shows Off Stock Footage Subscription Instead of New Electric Truck

Whatever. RAM released a minute-long video of stock footage of country roads, some generic “real truck” buzzword platitudes, and a call to action… for a truck they’ve given us absolutely no information on. The Ford F-150 Lightning’s development is done, it should be making its way to dealers within a few weeks. Deliveries for the Rivian R1T are trickling out, and we already have pricing numbers for the EV Silverado and Hummer truck.

What do we know about the RAM truck? Well, we know at least, that Stellantis has a membership to Shuttershock. Our editor Tony Markovich asked Stellantis reps on the ground at the Chicago Auto Show, they told him that “Timing has not been announced”. Chad Kirchner over at EV Pulse managed to get an interview with Ram trucks CEO Mike Koval Jr. at the Chicago Auto Show, but even that convo didn’t get yield any deep details. The press release talks a lot about “beginning the journey”, judging from that, I don’t even think Ram or Stellantis have even remotely started development on any sort of EV Ram.

Ram’s lack of EV truck development reminds me of that time I was an undergrad, in the midst of a world history in literature class. It was a minor credit elective, and I truly thought I could half-ass it and still come out with an A. I’d cut class, and when I did show up, I rarely commented. The professor didn’t have a participation grade, so it didn’t matter. I was convinced I was so smart, able to get away with minimum effort but still average an A.

Then, one day, I walked into class, and I saw little blue books on everyone’s desk. It was midterm time. The midterm was on a book, that I had never read, or even purchased. Everyone else in class had studied, and were ready to take the midterm. I looked at everyone in the class, nervously chuckled, did an about-face and ran straight to the registrar to withdraw.

As far as electric truck development goes, Ram, right now, is me. Rivian, Tesla, GM, and Ford all studied for the midterm. Ram didn’t even buy the book. To its credit, Ram’s on a better track than me, it’s not withdrawing, at least.

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