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An opulent mix of performance, beauty, and impressive specifications.

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Singer’s Turbo Study Is Truly Gorgeous | Autance © Singer’s Turbo Study Is Truly Gorgeous | Autance

It seems like every classic enthusiast car gets the reimagination treatment these days, some done better than others, and Singer Porsche 911s are probably the most prominent of the lot. At least resale values indicate so. This Los Angeles operation has only been around since 2009 but has made quite a name for itself by putting finely tuned and upgraded components in air-cooled-911-resembling sports cars. The specs are generally insane, such as its former naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six option that made a massive 500 horsepower.

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  • Photog: Unknown (used with permission from Singer)
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This latest piece of kit is just as impressive as everything else the brand has unveiled. The Turbo Study is a reimagining of the Porsche 930 and it sports many modern niceties, including carbon-ceramic brakes, carbon fiber bodywork, a twin-turbo 3.8-liter flat-6 that makes around 450 horsepower, air conditioning, a finely stitched and deliciously opulent leather interior, the works. Like previous creations, Singer changed the dimensions of the 930’s iconic wide body, whale tail spoiler, and shark fins (those accents along the side, between the door and the rear wide fender) to look more accentuated and pleasing to modern design aesthetics.

The whole package is thoroughly gorgeous, and it’s probably a riot to drive. There’s no word on pricing, but each car is typically a different price due to the ever-changing customizations. It’s such a bespoke operation that if money is no object, they can do everything possible to craft together any customer’s perfect reimagination of their own. Just look at this interior.

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