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There’s not much Porsche left of this machine, but it’s a thing of beauty.

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That’s One Hell of a Baja Bug | Autance © That’s One Hell of a Baja Bug | Autance

I’m not really into the “safari everything” trend that’s got people putting all kinds of lift kits and knobby tires on sports cars, but this is something else entirely. It’s… barely a Porsche.

  • Vehicle: 1991 Porsche 911 (964) “Baja Prototype #1”
  • Location: Southern California desert
  • Photog: (Images owned by Collecting Cars); I cropped this one down
  • Camera: Unknown

You might have seen this machine around social media (it was a finalist in the 2019 SEMA “Battle of the Builders,” but because it’s currently for sale on Collecting Cars it came across my desk presented with a big ol’ photoshoot and is looking amazing. I highly recommend you hit that link even if you’re not interested in bidding; there are more than 100 pictures of this car playing around in the sand, and it’s quite a majestic thing to behold.

The car is identified as a 964 911 (VIN WP0CB2969MS461959, to be exact), but what you’re seeing is basically a brand-new vehicle after heavy customization by Russell Built Fabrication. Funny enough, the original “donor car” was apparently a convertible. You’ll find even more images and details of the company ethos if you follow that link.

The short story on the motor, from the Collecting Cars listing:

“Its engine is a special 3.8-liter unit built by Rothsport Road & Race using the best internals, and equipped with independent throttle bodies, plenums, a Motec ECU and a GT3 exhaust system yielding 360 bhp.”

Apparently, the car weighs about 2,800 pounds dry, so, even with those immense 30-inch tires, it should be pretty fast.

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