The $100,000 2019 Lincoln Navigator Is the First Ever Six-Figure Lincoln

In the brand’s 101-year history, this is the first Lincoln to cross that magic price point.

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The $100,000 2019 Lincoln Navigator Is the First Ever Six-Figure Lincoln © The $100,000 2019 Lincoln Navigator Is the First Ever Six-Figure Lincoln

The recently updated Lincoln Navigator is so hot that Ford literally can’t build them fast enough. And along with the smashing success of this full-size luxury truck—it's on track to have its best sales year since the recession—comes a new price hike, this time into rarified six-figure territory. It's certainly worked for Ford pickups, so why not for the automaker's fancy SUVs?

Normally a modest price hike wouldn’t be big news, but this one is pretty significant for Lincoln. The Black Label trim now includes 30-way power front seats as standard for the 2019 model year, raising the base price by around $2,000 and putting the MSRP of a fully loaded, long wheelbase Navigator Black Label at $100,890. It's the first Lincoln to ever carry a six-digit price tag.

As for the lesser Navigators, the base Premier trim now starts at $74,500. The mid-range Select trim sees a $1,000 price hike for no apparent reason, with no extra equipment over the 2018 model bringing its price to $78,850. As for the Reserve trim, it now includes the previously optional Technology Package as standard which gives you some extra safety tech like adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking. That brings the price of a Navigator Reserve to $86,500.

If anyone told you 10 years ago that Lincoln would be asking six figures for any of its vehicles, you would probably laugh at them, and rightly so. But the Navigator crossing the $100,000 mark says a lot about Lincoln’s success in adding prestige to its name that was associated with your grandparents and airport shuttles not that long ago. We guess the McConnoughey ads are working. It's either that or our unquenchable thirst for SUVs.

The Navigator has lived in the shadow of the Cadillac Escalade for most of its life, but this newest iteration shows how Lincoln has recently changed the game and put its plus-size SUV ahead of its rival with a more ritzy look, a genuinely luxurious interior, and loads of modern tech. Of course, moving into this price bracket puts the Navigator into competition with a whole new class of rivals, and we'll have to see if sales of the maxed-out Black Label trim keep pace with its sub-$100K siblings.

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