The Best Bad Behavior of Goodwood 2023: Tire Smoke Galore | Autance

Who doesn’t love this kind of tire smoke-filled rascality?

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The Best Bad Behavior of Goodwood 2023: Tire Smoke Galore | Autance © The Best Bad Behavior of Goodwood 2023: Tire Smoke Galore | Autance

A few weeks back I wrote about one of the more underrated, unofficial happenings at the Goodwood Festival of Speed every year: the turnaround. It’s really entertaining due to having a natural effect on drivers, to make them embrace their inner hooligan and create a little tire smoke and noise. In general, though, thanks to the overall fun and easy-going atmosphere at this legendary event, this kind of rascality definitely takes place elsewhere on track.

YouTube channel All Cars put together a great little best-of video, enjoy:

A lot of it involving cars that you wouldn’t quite expect to do so, either. Well except the drift cars of course.

But otherwise, how often do you see a Ferrari F1 car light up its rear tires? Or a McLaren GT do a rousing little donut in the turnaround (a different one than the previous I pointed out!). Let’s not also forget about the 1 of 37 Kimera EVO37, a restomod monster designed as a modern-day Lancia O37 rally car; one of those acted like a ne’er-do-well, as well! Considering its $500,000+ price tag and rarity, that was probably a riskier move than a few other sick rides that ran the circuit.

I also can’t not mention the pre-1970 Dodge Charger drift car with a big ol’ Daytona wing on it; the thing heaves around like a goddamn champ. Someone also rips an immensely-long burnout in a McLaren 765LT -God bless ’em.

It’s fun bits of rascality like this that make Goodwood such an epic event. It also helps remind us that, deep down, all car enthusiasts love a good power slide, drift, burnout, or all of the above. It doesn’t matter what displacement is shoving the right amount of power to do so down the drivetrain, either. I think it’s safe to say that the little kid in us jumps for joy every time we see this kind of stuff.

Especially at a high-end automotive festival in the United Kingdom. I could poke fun about prim-and-proper Britons not wanting their tweed suits smelling of burnt rubber, or wanting to be seen anywhere near such hooliganry. But c’mon, that’s an unfounded trope… everyone loves glorious stuff like this.

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