The Gaggle of C8 Corvette Z06s Spotted At the Nürburgring Sounded Glorious | Autance

Get excited my friends.

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The Gaggle of C8 Corvette Z06s Spotted At the Nürburgring Sounded Glorious | Autance © The Gaggle of C8 Corvette Z06s Spotted At the Nürburgring Sounded Glorious | Autance

Speculation as to what exactly will make the C8 Chevy Corvette Z06 a more hardcore, track-oriented beast seems to have been one of the most popular topics in automotive media over the past two years or so. Especially lately, since we’re only a few months away from its official reveal. Initially reported by, this video by the Auto Addiction YouTube channel showcases quite a sight: A couple of development-spec C8 Corvette Z06s running amok on the Nürburgring.

Well, we already know what the non-Z06 C8 looks like, so that’s not terribly exciting. How much different could the Z06 be? But there isn’t much to see anyway due to their development camo, anyway. What’s truly stunning is what’s presented for our aural enjoyment: the exotic engines behind their driver seats.

The buzz around what the Z06 is packing under there just increased its intensity. The general online enthusiast community said it’ll sound like something exotic, like a Ferrari, and it wasn’t kidding. To me, it sounds even more exotic than that -like, Lexus LFA-level. Yet, it’s been confirmed that the Z06 will have a V8, rather than a V10 like the LFA.

What’s crowding up my thoughts, is how mechanically close it will be to the C8.R race car’s engine. The C8.R makes a different kind of exotic noise that’s far from the heavily-modded LS engines of yore. Will it be the same exact engine, just chilled out a tad and tuned for pump gas? Also, is this road-going V8 and its race-trim sibling made of exotic materials? I’m talking magnesium, sodium, and carbon fiber mixed into the sum of its parts, like some kind of mad scientist’s internal combustion concoction.

Will it be called the LT5? This is me slightly making fun of GM for re-using engine codes. You see, the LT5 was their previous successful attempt at creating an exotic, more European-like powerplant, but it never turned into anything mass-produced. In the 90s, the fuel-injected Chevy small block was the LT series, then it switched to the venerable LS, and then a few years ago they went back to LT. Or, maybe they’ll really show the world they’re on a resurrection kick and call it the Northstar.

Regardless, I’m terribly excited to find out in late October. What are your thoughts on the new C8 Corvette Z06, and its wild-sounding powerplant?

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