The Hyundai Grandeur EV Retro-Future Restomod Gets Better the Closer You Look

When it comes to retro classics, Hyundai understood the assignment.

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The Hyundai Grandeur EV Retro-Future Restomod Gets Better the Closer You Look © The Hyundai Grandeur EV Retro-Future Restomod Gets Better the Closer You Look

In case you missed it, earlier this month Hyundai unveiled a retro-futuristic version of its classic first-generation Grandeur—which was actually a rebadged Mitsubishi, but we'll give Hyundai a pass on this one. It's rad, it's modern, it's classic, and it's very awesome all at the same time.

The fact is, Hyundai has been absolutely killing it in terms of design lately, and the Grandeur is no exception. Press photos don't do the Grandeur justice, though, and while we can tell you all about what makes the restomodded sedan cool, one YouTuber paid a visit to South Korea's largest mobility theme park, Hyundai Motorstudio, to find out what makes this one of the most unique retro builds on the planet.

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First and foremost, this Grandeur is poked full of squared holes. This is a nod to Hyundai's EV-centric Parametric Pixel design language plucked from the Ioniq 5. From illuminated areas like headlights, taillights, and turn signals to the grille and window switches, they're everywhere. Even lounge-like infinity lights on the ceiling have this same theme. The attention to detail is impressive.

The classic one-spoke steering wheel has been retained, though fitted with a tiny screen on the bottom and directional control pads mounted at nine and three. The dashboard has been completely reworked, functioning as a soundbar to complement the total of 18 speakers around the vehicle. The dashboard also plays on the lounge concept, with an integrated storage area opening up like a grand piano.

screenshot via YouTube

As for the analog gauge cluster, it's been replaced by a giant ultrawide touchscreen that extends into the center of the dash. The portion directly in front of the driver displays vital information such as speed and navigation, while the area in the center is reserved for more entertainment-centric functionality. A secondary small screen sits in front of the gear selector, extending the use of the infotainment system to a secondary area

Oh, and the seats were also completely changed to, again, fit this lounge theme that the entire car simply oozes. Soft red velvet faces upwards and is complimented with gray leather on the door trim, or darkened red leather on the seatbacks.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can't buy this Grandeur. In fact, we're not even sure why Hyundai released this concept, other than the Grandeur is turning 35 years old and it's the epitome of nostalgia in its home country. Nevertheless, it's a super cool modern take on a classic and is something that other automakers should be taking note of.

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