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There’s immense skill in hauling large objects with small cars.

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The Small Car Loadposting FB Group Harnesses True Automotive Enthusiast Pride | Autance © The Small Car Loadposting FB Group Harnesses True Automotive Enthusiast Pride | Autance

There are certain aspects of car ownership, customization, and enthusiasm that are truly universally accepted. One is adding power to improve acceleration, another is doing whatever you can to improve an intake or exhaust note (except for making a Nissan VQ sound better, that’s a lost cause). Outside the realm of tuning or wrenching, though, there’s another part of the game that’s deeply respected by anyone who loves cars: packing a shitload of stuff into a small car.

That’s exactly what Facebook group small car loadposting is all about. It’s a group that highlights great feats of hauling stuff. Whether it’s a small hatchback, or even an opportunity to tow something with a car that’s grossly underrated for the task, this group celebrates all kinds of hauling situations that were presumably successful. I say presumably because the posted photos suggest they lived to tell their epic tales. For example, one post boasts about lugging a Honda 600cc sportbike in a Toyota Prius, while another is about lugging an old land yacht with a Mazda 5.

Small Car Loadposting
Small Car Loadposting

I can personally affirm that loading a bunch of stuff in a small hatchback is always incredibly satisfying. I’ve not only assisted friends in moving apartments with my little Mazda 2 in Los Angeles, but I’ve also done it myself. Twice! It’s amazing what you can pack in such a small car with a little tact and willingness to exclusively rely on side mirrors (be extremely careful if you choose to do this).

small car loadposting
Small Car Loadposting

There’s truly no limit to what people can concoct as feasible hauling, and a lot of it is genuinely impressive. My Car Autance colleague Kevin Williams is a member of this group as well, as he’s a connoisseur of stowing heavy stuff in small cars, like transporting engines with a modest Scion xB.

It’s not all hatchback and small-car-towing-big-thing content, either. Some members are masters of space and logistics, like a member who’s hauled all kinds of stuff with a Toyota MR2 Spyder. Dimensions are tight in these little mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive funmobiles, but like everything else in this group, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I highly recommend joining and pursuing this group if you haven’t already. Who knew small cars could haul canoes so well?

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