The Toyota GR86/BRZ Cup Car Basic Is a Great Excuse To Move to Japan | Autance

Spec racing the new GR86 is probably the answer to everything.

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The Toyota GR86/BRZ Cup Car Basic Is a Great Excuse To Move to Japan | Autance © The Toyota GR86/BRZ Cup Car Basic Is a Great Excuse To Move to Japan | Autance

Spec racing series are some of the most interesting forms of motorsport. The goal is noble: Put all competitors in equal machinery so that it is a true contest of skill. Most series are put on by groups of friends, but sometimes an automaker sanctions a series, like Toyota with the GR86/BRZ Cup.

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The series has been hosted every year since the debut of the original Scion FR-S/Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ in 2013, known as ZN6 and ZC6 respectively. Because of its official backing and popularity in Japan, it has a two-tiered structure for amateur racers and professional racers to compete amongst their peers. The Clubman series hosts amateurs and bans professionals, while the Professional series hosts the top pilots.

With the debut of the new Toyobaru, there has been a small refresh in the shape of new cars. The GR86 and BRZ, ZN8 and ZD8 respectively, are going to be sold in Japan with a variant called Cup Car Basic, the only eligible car for the series. These models will come with nearly no features and they will be on steel wheels, to be changed out for an approved set of 17-inch diameter by 7.5-inch wide set of wheels with a set of 215/45R17 Dunlop Direzza ZIII tires. 

More importantly, they arrive to prospective drivers with a roll cage, engine oil cooler, and specially cut floor mats that clear the cage from factory for “daily use,” apparently. A few more regulations exist in the rulebook that stipulates the use of a transmission oil cooler, differential oil cooler, a TRD mechanical two-way limited-slip differential, as well as approved coilovers from either STI, TRD, or a list of aftermarket companies that have yet to be announced.

Unfortunately, the series only exists and tours in Japan with rounds at Fuji International Speedway, Sportsland Sugo, Tokachi International Speedway, Suzuka Circuit, and Okayama International Circuit. Some spec series for our Toyobarus exist in the states, but none are officially sanctioned. Still, enjoy the race cars from the faraway place and imagine slaloming through Suzuka’s fearsome esses in a prepped GR86.

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