We Have More Info On The Presidential Motorcade’s New Satcom-Packing Super Truck

The massive six door custom truck only holds three people and features a cutting-edge command station in an electronically shielded cabin.

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We Have More Info On The Presidential Motorcade’s New Satcom-Packing Super Truck © We Have More Info On The Presidential Motorcade’s New Satcom-Packing Super Truck

Yesterday we did a deep dive on a new jet-black, six-door, dome-packing truck that has appeared at the rear guard of the president's sprawling motorcade. We concluded that this vehicle was a new 'Roadrunner'—the Secret Service's code name for the White House Communications Agency's communications, networking, and command vehicle that follows the presidential limousine everywhere. Basically a rolling highly secure satellite communications gateway and wifi router, this vehicle is critical to the motorcade's functions and to the Command In Chief's ability to stay in touch at all times. Now we have much more to report about this mysterious vehicle and where it came from. 

The truck was produced by The Armored Group and features a large, almost sci-fi like command station with a large video screen in the back. In fact, the rear of the vehicle is built as its own sensitive compartmentalized information facility (SCIF), sealed and hardened to exacting standards from external electronic emissions. 

By building a SCIF inside the truck, non-hardened components can be installed, thus saving time and cost, and improving the vehicle's overall capabilities and flexibility.

The Armored Group

Just three occupants are carried in the truck's six-door custom cabin. The Armored Group describes the vehicle as such:

The Armored Group

The Armored Group goes on to give the specs of the highly-modified vehicle's payload bay and support systems:

The Armored Group

The site also has information on its armor, with vital areas being protected against rifle rounds under-floor blasts, including its sensitive computer systems. Run-flat tires, enhanced braking, and an upgraded suspension are all part of the package as well. A 10 passenger transport variant is also available.

The Armored Group

The Armored Group makes all types of armored vans, SUVs, limos, sedans, and special purpose vehicles, including this very wicked looking SWAT Suburban. The company is a prolific purveyor of armored SUVs to the U.S federal government, from Special Operations Command to the Department of Justice, and most notably the State Department, which has consumed such vehicles at an alarming, if not wasteful rate

What's clear is that this modified F350 Super Duty offers a lot more capacity than the Chevy Suburban platform it replaces, which not only means more capability now but room for expansion in the future. 

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