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Roses are red, and so are fire vans.

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A Mercedes-Benz T1 Fire Van Is A1 in Our Book | Autance © A Mercedes-Benz T1 Fire Van Is A1 in Our Book | Autance

Firetrucks are often some of the first vehicles that tiny baby humans encounter. They’re drawn to the miniaturized red blocks that excite the adolescent mind with rowdy sounds and flashing lights. This connection typically lasts for a couple years, then drops off in favor of cooler things like Hot Wheels. Unless you’re a car enthusiast. If you’re infected with the automobile bug like us, fire vehicles remain intriguing into adulthood, to the point of snapping photos when we encounter new variations. This old-school German Mercedes-Benz T1 van is exactly the type of unique surprise we love to see.

  • Car: Mercedes-Benz T1 Van
  • Location: The shipping docks in Amsterdam
  • Photog: Tony Markovich (Instagram + Twitter: @T_Marko)
  • Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5i, 18-55mm IS STM len

Before the legendary Sprinter came around, Mercedes-Benz had the T1, also known as the TN for Transporter New and the Bremer Transporter due to its production in the Bremen, Germany, plant. I spotted this example in the Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij (NDSM) wharf arts district outside of a place called Sexyland World, which is described as, “a cultural clubhouse for the creative life with ongoing programming, a place where equality, not competition, is the driving force and day and night are equals,” according to a Google translation.

This part of Amsterdam, which also includes a community of shipping container homes, is full of color, incredible art, and creative energy. In the sea of vibrant graffiti, this big red and yellow van still stuck out, and it seems it was quite far away from its original home. Judging by the website printed on the van, www.feuerwehrsteinheim.de, it’s a fire vehicle from Steinheim, Germany.

I have no idea what it was doing in Amsterdam, but it looked like it still had the lights and sirens ready to go in case of emergency. We’re still trying to decide what part is better, the livery or the Mercedes-Benz star wheel caps.

A Mercedes-Benz T1 Fire Van Is A1 in Our Book

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