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Most auto enthusiasts are very particular about the things they use on and in their vehicles, so shopping for them…

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Best Gifts For Car Lovers in 2023 | Autance © Best Gifts For Car Lovers in 2023 | Autance

Most auto enthusiasts are very particular about the things they use on and in their vehicles, so shopping for them can be a little daunting, especially if you are not into cars yourself. The good news is, we very much are into cars and can help you find the best car gift in no time. Ranging from cheap and practical to luxurious and exciting, this buying guide contains some of the coolest and most useful things that any car enthusiast would appreciate.

The Best Gifts for Car Lovers

Cool looking and practical? Yes, these magnetic mounts by WizGear not only help keep a driver’s smartphone securely glued to one place, but they actually look great no matter the vehicle thanks to their complementary design. 

With a sturdy base and powerful magnetic head, this car mount holder is incredibly convenient and easy to use. You can rotate your phone however you like and swivel the display as you please – the holder won’t budge. However, the prongs can break off in the air vents and it feels flimsy. It also doesn’t seem to last that long and can break in about a year.

Key Features
  • 2 pack of magnetic car mount holders
  • Sturdy base
  • Powerful magnet
  • Holds smartphones and mini tablets
  • Brand WizGear
  • Model magnetic mount
  • Weight 3.84 ounces

Pack of 2

Convenient phone access


Flimsy feeling

Prongs can break

Not long lasting

All car lovers pride themselves on keeping their vehicles looking like new. That’s why this car care kit by Armor All is the perfect gift. Containing four essential products for keeping a car clean, fresh, and protected, this is one of the most practical and useful gifts around. However, if you order it as a gift you should inspect it first. The wipes can dry up quickly and the tire spray is on the weak side.

The kit contains the Original Protectant for cleaning which also helps fight fading and cracking while providing UV protection. Then there is the Ultra Shine Wash & Wax which gently removes debris, leaving an incredible shine. The Tire Foam Protectant cleans the tires and restores their ultra-black appearance, while the Glass Wipes remove road grime and fingertips in no time, making cleaning glass easy and even satisfactory!

Key Features
  • Car detailing kit
  • 4 products
  • Cleans, protect, and restores
  • Pleasing smell
  • Brand Armor All
  • Model 78452
  • Weight 4.1 pounds

Quick and easy clean

Multi use kit

Long lasting


Can leave streaks on glass

Tire spray isn’t that strong

Wipes can arrive dry

If you have a gearhead friend who likes to keep his work space neat and organized, a tool chest such as this one from Craftsman would make an ideal gift. The top part fits onto any Craftsman bottom chest, allowing customization and maximization of any available space. It’s very versatile and convenient.

Heavy-duty steel construction makes this top tool chest sturdy and durable, guaranteed to last a lifetime. There are 6 convenient drawers that all come with a key locking system, allowing the user to securely lock tools (or whatever else he or she keeps in the drawers!) inside the chest. However, it can be a pain to stack and isn’t that durable.

Key Features
  • Top tool chest
  • 6 lockable drawers
  • Steel construction
  • Brand Craftsman
  • Weight 65 pounds

Easy storage option

Locking tool chest

Easy access drawers


May not sit flat on all surfaces

Not that durable

Awkward to stack

If you know someone who is a hardcore car enthusiast, a detailing kit for ultimate buffing and polishing such as this one from Chemical Guys is the way to go. Packed with everything for a full polishing job, this detailing package is a fantastic gift for any car lover.

There are 13 items packed in here, including the TORQX machine polisher, a buffing pad, polishing pad cleaner and a conditioner, three plush microfiber towels and other tools and accessories for a perfectly clean, shiny and polished car. Though you should know the polisher can be loud, plus it is a bit difficult to understand at first and it can be uncomfortable.

Key Features
  • Car detailing kit
  • 13 products
  • Cleans, buffs, and polishes
  • Great cost-value balance
  • Brand Chemical Guys
  • Model BUF_209X
  • Weight 9.61 pounds

Excellent polish finish

Fully adjustable kit



Can be difficult to understand at first

Uncomfortable grip on the machine

It is loud

We all have that friend who constantly loses her change, keys, makeup and other small things in the crack of her car seat. Not only is this inconvenient, but can be distracting and as a result dangerous too. For such folks, a car seat gap filler is the perfect gift. Not to mention they are ultra convenient and easy to set up. Though they can be a pain to fit inside certain vehicles, especially ones with seats that move automatically when you start the car.

Offering 100% gap coverage, these seat gap fillers by Drop Stop will block anything and everything from falling down the gap between the car seat and console. They’re installed by attaching the built-in slot to the seat belt so they fit snugly and securely, with no need of readjusting or reinstalling ever again.

Key Features
  • Car seat gap fillers with 100% coverage
  • Set of 2
  • One size fits all cars
  • Brand Drop Stop
  • Model R2ds
  • Weight 10.4 ounces


Easy to set up


Can be a pain to fit on certain models

May not fit all models

May need constant adjusting with automatic seats

If your friend could use some help in keeping their car clean and neatly organized, a drive bin such as this one from Drive Auto Products could be perfect. Versatile, convenient and actually stylish, this drive bin acts as a handy storage for all things in the way, from kid toys to car accessories. While it is large it isn’t very deep and things can pile up quickly. It can also be confusing to attach it to the seat.

This product may be called a car garbage bin but make no mistake, it’s much more than that. With a large but compact and water-resistant design, this bag can hold mountains of clutter with no issues of any sort.  The bag can also be converted into a thermal container for drinks and food and, as a bonus, comes with 20 disposable liners for various messes.

Key Features
  • Durable
  • Water-proof bin
  • Holds various things and messes
  • Brand Drive Auto Products
  • Model 712324502381_BL_USA
  • Weight 11 ounces

Easy cleanup

Large bin

Includes extra liners


It isn’t very deep

Instructions can be confusing/limited

Strap can tear

Another highly convenient car storage organizer by Drive Auto Products, but this one is specifically a car trunk organizer, and makes an ideal gift for drivers who like to keep their things organized. Though keep in mind it isn’t that deep, the straps are weak, and it does include plastic that may break over time.

This automotive carrier bag is sturdy, spacious and highly versatile as it comes with various pockets, insert panels and side straps. It’s ideal for grocery shopping, road trips, business trips and generally for drivers who like to keep their car spaces clean and neat. Although the bag is collapsible and can be placed on the front or back seat with no problem, it is best suited for trunks as it can become quite bulky depending on how many things you stuff inside.

Key Features
  • Sturdy
  • Collapsible car organizer bag
  • Neatly holds several items
  • Brand Drive Auto Products
  • Model 635635175207
  • Weight 3 pounds

Wide bin

Comes in several colors

Several ways to set it up


Not very deep

Plastic feels flimsy

Weak straps

If you’re looking for a premium top coat polish and sealer, look no further than the Hybrid Wax spray by CarGuys. This solution will produce a polished, slick car surface that lasts for months – no matter the weather! However, you may want to buy extra bottles as this one is on the small side and you can use a lot.

Made with advanced science for hardcore detailers, the spray sealant is infused with carnauba wax for that ultimate shine and incredible gloss. It works on all surfaces and provides excellent UV protection too. Basically, it’s a fully synthetic polymer sealant that works as a wax, polish and sealant in one, meaning it’s a perfect gift for folks who don’t like to bother with multiple tools, sprays and accessories for car detailing.

Key Features
  • Spray sealant infused with carnauba wax
  • Protects and polishes, producing brilliant shine
  • 1 microfiber towel included
  • Brand CarGuys
  • Model FBA_HW-18OZ-KIT
  • Weight 11.2 ounces

Streak free

Excellent finish

Fast acting


Small bottle

Can be a bit watery

Elegant, convenient and with strong suction power, this small car vacuum cleaner is an ideal gift for all auto enthusiasts who like to keep their car interiors clean and fresh. It’s powered by a 12V motor and is capable of picking up debris, pet hair and other dirt particles with ease. 

It’s easy to use it too as it’s lightweight and comes with several cleaning accessories, including a hard brush for embedded dirt and a crevice tube for deep cleaning. Since it comes with a 14.6 ft long cord, the vacuum can be used for cleaning every part of the car. Though you may find the bag is small and it can fill up quickly. This means you will have to empty it often to get the best clean. Plus, it can also be rather loud.

Key Features
  • Corded car hand vacuum
  • 14.6 ft long cord
  • Comes with a few cleaning extensions
  • Brand HOTOR
  • Model VAC-109
  • Weight 2.5 pounds

Includes LED light

Convenient and easy to use



Small bag

Can fill up quickly

Can be loud

A good car alarm system equals a safe car and a happy owner. That’s why CarLock is one of the best practical car gifts you could ever buy. This real-time tracking system monitors the vehicle and alerts of suspicious activities via an app.

Unlike a regular car alarm which not only frequently gives false alarms, but can only alert the owner if they’re close by, the CarLock system alerts the owner of any suspicious activity no matter where they are—whether a car is being moved, the engine starts, or any unusual vibration is happening, the system will detect it in real time and alert the owner via their phone. The device also monitors the health of the vehicle and can alert—in advance—when the battery is running low or is experiencing a drain.

Key Features
  • Real-time car tracker and GPS
  • Alerts via phone app (Android and iPhone)
  • Warns of any suspicious activity and poor car health
  • Brand CarLock
  • Model OBD100
  • Weight 1.76 ounces

Easy to install

Instant app access

Interactive interface


May use data

Drains phone battery

Slow in sending alerts

One of the best car gifts money can buy, the Pioneer AVH-X390BS is an in-dash receiver that is Bluetooth, digital media player, audio and smartphone integration in one. Basically, this unit is packed with cool features that make for an excellent addition to any vehicle.

The display screen size is 6.2” while the resolution is 800×480. Of course, we’re talking about a touchscreen, LED backlight device that is fully customizable and easy to adjust to fit the user’s preferences. Besides the usual (media player, Bluetooth, audio), the AVH-X390BS model also offers voice, Pandora and Spotify control, AppRadio One, Android Music Support, Siri Eyes Free and many, many other useful features. However, it may require a professional to install it properly and it may not fit all makes and model vehicles.

Key Features
  • In-dash car stereo receiver
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • AppRadio One
  • Power output peak 50W
  • Brand Pioneer
  • Model AVH-X390BS
  • Weight 5 pounds

Improves stereo sound

Fully customizable

Works with backup cameras


May require professional installation

Does not fit all makes and models

Does not always display album artwork

A trusty mechanic friend in the form of a simple electronic device, FIXD monitors a vehicle’s car health, detects problems and translates them into simple terms that anyone can understand. Plus, it can be controlled via an app – a fantastic practical car gift!

FIXD Sensor plugs into a gas-powered vehicle (needs to be 1996 model year or newer though) and then transmits the data to the FIXD app via Bluetooth. It continuously monitors the car and gives access to various features, including maintenance reminders and maintenance price estimator. The user can also check engine light diagnosis and turn it off via their phone, and even connect multiple devices for easy health tracking of different vehicles. Of course it can drain your phone battery and use data. Plus, the app can be a little confusing to understand at first.

Key Features
  • Car health monitor device
  • Multiple useful features
  • Delivers information via phone app
  • Brand FIXD
  • Model 2
  • Weight 1.92 ounces

Easy to use

Functions with Apple and Android devices



May use data

Drains phone battery

Application can be confusing

The Resqme keychain escape tool is a seatbelt cutter and car window breaker in one. Although one of the least expensive car devices on our list, it’s one of the safest car gifts you can give.

Made from ABS plastic and stainless steel, this safety and survival tool allows the user to cut a jammed seatbelt and break a side window in a case of an emergency. It’s a powerful little device that was originally made for first responders, but because it’s so lightweight and compact, it’s  an ideal keychain that anyone can use.

Key Features
  • Safety and survival tool
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Brand Resqme
  • Model 01.100.02
  • Weight 0.64 ounces

Multiple colors


Easy to use


Lacking in durability


If you’re looking for a truly practical car gift that will help keep your car-loving friend safe and sound no matter where they go, this excursion road kit by Lifeline is a fantastic choice.

The bag packs 76 essential components, including basic auto toolkit items, air compressor, jumper cables, LED aluminum flashlight and batteries, some essential tools such a screwdrivers, pliers, bungee cord, etc. There are also safety accessories included, such as utility knife, whistle, and emergency poncho. Finally, there are various first aid items packed too, including bandages and other essentials.

Key Features
  • Road emergency kit, 76 components
  • Meets AAA standards
  • Includes auto toolkit items, tools, safety accessories and first aid kit
  • Brand Lifeline
  • Model 4388AAA
  • Weight 3 pounds


Easy access

Compact and easy to store


Tire compressor is slow

First aid kit could include more items

Looking for the ultimate microfiber towel for that spotless finish? Check out Meguiar’s  Water Magnet towel. Absorbing up to 2x the water of regular terry towles, this is one of the best microfiber towels on the market.

Thanks to its plush and large waffle-like texture, it greatly reduces drying time, leaving no streaks of any kind behind. The result is a perfectly clean, polished car, boat or a bike in no time. Plus, it’s machine washable and 100% reusable.

Key Features
  • Microfiber drying towel
  • Cleans and polishes vehicles
  • Machine washable
  • Brand Meguiar’s
  • Model X2000
  • Weight 4 ounces


Easy to use

Multiple use towel


On the small side

Doesn’t absorb a lot of water

May leave streaks

This highly convenient and good-looking magnetic car phone mount holder is designed by Scosche. The holder makes a great addition to any vehicle and compliments the interior. It is available in various colors and shapes as well so you can match your car or get one in a unique style.

With powerful magnets and its cradle-free design, this dash mount can securely hold a smartphone or a tablet while the driver safely keeps his eyes on the road and his hands on the wheel. The holder is also temperature resistant so it works just as well on hot days as it does on super-cold days. However, its hold may weaken over time, and the magnet may not fit all types of phones or phone cases.

Key Features
  • Magnetic car mount holder
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Holds smartphones and tablets
  • Brand Scosche
  • Model MAGDMB
  • Weight 12.8 ounces

Convenient phone access

Easy visibility

Simple install


Magnet may not work with all phone cases

May not function with all size phones

The hold can weaken with time

One of the best general purpose tools sets you could buy at this price, the Crescent Mechanics is a great car gift for a car enthusiast. Containing a set of super-useful hand tools for mechanical, industrial and consumer applications, including wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers and other tools, this kit makes for a perfect mechanic tool set.

There are 170 tools packed in a sturdy, folding plastic case which is not only easy to store but also carry around thanks to a convenient little handle on top. All tools are made from vanadium steel alloy, meaning resistant to abrasion and corrosion. However, they may contain plastic parts that feel flimsy and weak. Plus, they don’t contain all sizes for sockets.

Key Features
  • Mechanics tool set
  • 170 pieces
  • Tools made from vanadium steel alloy
  • Brand Crescent
  • Model CTK170CMP2
  • Weight 16 ounces

Durable and foldable plastic case

Versatile tool set

Easy access


Some tools aren’t the best quality

Plastic parts feel cheap and flimsy

Does not include all sizes

Cleaning a car may not be exciting but it is a job that is necessary every now and again. You will need some of the best cleaning products to keep your vehicle clean and Chemical Guys Foam Cannon is quite impressive. This cleaning duo is highly practical and actually fun to use thanks to the amount of foam it produces.

One of the highest quality car wash foam cannons on the market, this product is durable and made of corrosion-resistant materials. As for the foam cleaners itself, it produces the thickest foam that removes dirt and road grime in no time. Although, you may notice the bottle can run out quickly, it’s cheaply made, and the lance is also flimsy.

Key Features
  • Foam cannon + foam cleanser
  • Sturdy and durable canon construction
  • Cleanser produces incredibly thick foam
  • Brand Chemical Guys
  • Model EQP_312
  • Weight 11.2 pounds

Large bottle

Easy to use

Extended reach


Weak bottle

Not long lasting

Lance is flimsy

Let’s face it, a stock or factory stereo system is good but they aren’t the greatest. What car lover doesn’t like a quality car speaker? The GTO609C model by JBL is an ideal car gift as it’s affordable but produces clear, strong sound from an amplifier or a head-unit no matter the music.

Capable of delivering up to 270 watts of power, with a dual-level tweeter volume adjustment, this component speaker will satisfy even the pickiest of audiophiles. The frames are carbon-composite, non-magnetic, and will maintain their precision over time, no matter how frequently they’re used. However, they contain plastic mounting holes that feel cheap. Plus, their low end is lacking, and they may not fit in all makes and models.

Key Features
  • Component speaker system, set of 2
  • 25 – 270 W amplifier power range
  • Produces clear, deep sound
  • Brand JBL
  • Model GTO609C
  • Weight 6.17 pounds

Produces clear and deep sound

No distortion of sound

Install quickly


Low end is lacking

May not fit in all makes and models

Plastic mounting holes feel cheap

Kenwood’s Compact Powered Enclosed Speaker is small yet practical. The enclosed car subwoofer is a fantastic gift for any driver with limited space inside their vehicle. Since it’s self-powered, the subwoofer takes up pretty a small amount of space but still manages to produce a deep and clear sound.

The sub produces 150 watts and does so all without an external amplifier. It’s not only easy to install but can be fit just about anywhere including under a car seat, trunk or anywhere else the driver finds convenient. It comes with a remote bass control, so it’s super-easy to use too. However, the remote controller can be a pain to understand and has bright LED lights on it. Plus, the sub can be difficult to install.

Key Features
  • Enclosed, powered subwoofer
  • 150 Watts
  • Compact, low profile device
  • Brand Kenwood
  • Weight 6.17 pounds


Compact and hides under seat


Can be difficult to install

The controller can be annoying and bright

Everyone needs a great tire pressure gauge and the AstroAI is a great choice. First of all, it’s completely digital so you get a quicker readout of the pressure in your vehicle. This also makes it easier and more convenient to use. The digital display screen is simple to read and presents instant and clear readings.

You won’t have to struggle with fitting the nozzle to the valve stem as the digital gauge forms a seal around it. It also includes four settings and a one-year warranty, plus the batteries are included.

Key Features
  • Digital screen
  • Four settings
  • Sealed nozzle
  • Brand AstroAI
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