Bless the Hero Who Put a Hydraulic E-Brake in This Porsche 924 Safari Build | Autance

Is this a custom car hero, or overplayed zero?

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Bless the Hero Who Put a Hydraulic E-Brake in This Porsche 924 Safari Build | Autance © Bless the Hero Who Put a Hydraulic E-Brake in This Porsche 924 Safari Build | Autance

Well would you look at that, yet another safari Porsche, and with a Martini livery to boot. I didn’t think someone would be inclined to affix something like that to… a Porsche!

  • Car: 1978 Porsche 924 Safari
  • Location: United Kingdom?
  • Photog: Unknown (used with permission from Collecting Cars)
  • Camera: Unknown

Well, actually, hang on a minute.

A 1978 924 is actually the perfect candidate for such modification. The 2.0-liter inline-four, which apparently was also found in the AMC Gremlin at the time, made 124 horsepower in European spec when new. That’s not a whole lot, even if you consider its roughly 2,600-pound curb weight and the fact that the bigger, knobbier tires take their angel’s share in this spec.

But if its duty is in the dirt, who cares? Power ain’t required. In fact, ripping this thing in the dirt is quite possibly the best method of enjoying its very balanced chassis, rear transaxle and all. God bless the hero who put a hydraulic e-brake in it, too. I bet this thing will slide around in the mud with endless, reckless abandon. Plus, as I found out at the helm of the new Ford Bronco, sliding in the dirt with knobby tires at low speeds is one of the best forms of automotive hooliganry ever. I bet the combo of lifted suspension and added weight from the roof rack and all its accessories make it easier to flick, too.

I don’t mean to be a contrarian, but putting a Martini livery on a Porsche of any vintage is a bit tired. However, putting it on a slow, underappreciated Porsche that’s been setup for sideways fun — that’s legit.

Whoever buys this thing, potentially for a very good price, better drive it like they stole it — wet pavement, dirt, mud, gravel, anywhere.

porsche 924 Safari
It does look quite good. I’ve always dug the 924’s slender sportscar shape. Collecting Cars
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