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Humor is one of the key spices of life—it gives you a chance to express yourself in a lighthearted way….

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The Best Funny Bumper Stickers (Reviews & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Funny Bumper Stickers (Reviews & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Winomo Fuel Gauge Decal Winomo Fuel Gauge Decal
Best Value Silhouette Decals Funny Vinyl Silhouette Decals Funny Vinyl
Premium Pick A Sticker Shop Funny Meme Stickers A Sticker Shop Funny Meme Stickers

Humor is one of the key spices of life—it gives you a chance to express yourself in a lighthearted way. As they say, laughter is the best medicine, so by adding a decal to your car, you’re basically helping the world heal. Plus, there’s a massive diversity of funny bumper stickers on the market. Each one has a slightly different sense of humor, and stickers give you a great outlet for your jokes.

Whether it’s a picture that makes you laugh as you start your commute or something that makes your kids smile, bumper stickers are a time-honored decorating tradition. Coming in all shapes and sizes, there is the perfect bumper sticker out there for you. To help you track down the best funny bumper stickers on the market, we’ve scoured the internet and identified the top options.

The Winomo Fuel Gauge Decal sums up the stresses of keeping a full gas tank in a humorous way. The sticker is resistant to damage, including moisture and UV radiation. Highly durable, it holds tightly to any kind of paint. Despite clinging well to the surface, this sticker easily comes off the paint without leaving a mark. It is safe to use on any part of the vehicle, including mirrors and windows. Featuring a driver just itching to return the fuel gauge to full, this sticker displays a type of humor that all vehicle owners can relate to.

Keep in mind that the sticker works only on dry and clean surfaces, so take the time to wipe down the area. So long as it’s applied to a clean surface, the sticker will last a long time.

Key Features
  • Medium-sized decal
  • Works on paint and glass
  • Resistant to sun and moisture
  • Comes off without residue
  • Brand Winomo
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 0.16 ounces

Features relatable humor

Easy to put on and take off

Subtle yet humorous option


May lose its hold in the cold weather

Won’t work on black vehicle paint

Won’t apply to a dusty surface

Check out the Silhouette Decals Funny Vinyl for its affordable price and edgy humor. The sticker consists of box lettering colored white, which reads, “But did you die?” in capital letters. Whether it’s for someone who’s driven with you or the fellow road warriors on their way to work, this sticker can bring about a real chuckle. It’s made out of vinyl material that’s resistant to all types of environmental damage. It goes on easily and stands out well, especially with the tinting seen on the window at the back of the car. Affordable and laugh worthy, this funny sticker helps your vehicle stand out. 

Although the vinyl sticker is great for glass, it isn’t as well suited to paint. Stick to the windows on your vehicle to prevent any scratches or residue.

Key Features
  • Meant to be sarcastic humor
  • Ideal for use on windows
  • Made out of heavy-duty vinyl
  • White, capitalized text
  • Brand Silhouette Decals
  • Model SD-888
  • Weight 0.95 ounces

Simple yet edgy design

Integrates visual and verbal humor

Won’t damage the window


Can’t be reused

Relatively small sticker

Only works on clean glass

Especially if you aren’t too sure what kind of humor you’re after, the A Sticker Shop Funny Meme Stickers set is a premium selection. It comes with 106 stickers, each suited to use on all types of surfaces, including glass, vehicle paint, or your actual bumper. Among the sticker designs are phrases and celebrity-themed joke images. All the humor is clean, making it appropriate for pretty much any vehicle you plan to use it on. The vinyl material is thick enough to apply easily and prevent wear and tear on the sticker (and the car). You can use these stickers in rain or shine without worrying about them getting damaged.

While you do get over 100 stickers with this set, individually, they are actually relatively small. It is better if you use more than one sticker to get your funny message across.

Key Features
  • Comes with 106 stickers
  • Made out of vinyl materials
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Designed to prevent residue
  • Brand A Sticker Shop
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 3.98 ounces

Diverse images and humor

All the stickers are clean jokes

Won’t damage your vehicle


Can’t be reused

Requires a clean and dry surface

Relatively small design

If you are a fan of canines, then the Enjoy It PitBull Car Sticker is a worthy candidate. This large sticker is ideal for placement on vehicles of all different colors. The sticker features a kaleidoscopic image of a Pit Bull with colors that stand out boldly. The vinyl material lets you use this sticker pretty much anywhere on your vehicle without worrying about residue issues when you remove it. The sticker is relatively large, ringing in at 48 square inches. Considering its bold colors and engaging appearance, this sticker is well worth an honorable mention.

While the dog’s facial expression and ears are cute and might crack a smile, this bumper sticker doesn’t use joke-style humor, so if you’re looking to evoke laughs, this may not be the best option. Also, the colors may fade over time.

Key Features
  • Comes as a single large sticker
  • Features a multi-colored canine
  • Made out of vinyl
  • Includes durable adherent
  • Brand Enjoy It
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 0.16 ounces

Appropriate for all ages

Bold and energetic

Lasts for a long time


Colors may fade over time

Takes up a lot of space

If you prefer the darker sides of humor where all your jokes have a bit of an edge to them, consider America First Funny Stickers for their versatility and built-in sarcasm. The set comes with 10 stickers, each relatively small in size. The images range from sayings like “Danger, Stupid Kills” and pictures of the American flag to other sassy and more adult comments. Each of them is small enough to fit pretty much anywhere on your vehicle, while the text is bold enough to make it clear to those around you. The stickers themselves are made out of vinyl material that applies easily and won’t leave behind a residue when you remove it.

Although these stickers will definitely get a laugh—or at the very least a double-take—you can’t reuse them. Also, they are relatively small in size.

Key Features
  • Each sticker is six square inches
  • Made out of vinyl
  • Comes as set of ten
  • Includes verbal jokes and pictures
  • Brand America First
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 0.317 ounces

Edgy and sarcastic humor

Easy to apply to your vehicle

Won’t damage the paint or glass


Relatively small size

Can’t be used more than once

Can get vulnerable to the cold

The Skyhawk Sticker Depot Buckle Up Sticker is a great selection for those who want to accessorize the inside of their vehicle. It’s always good to get a chance to laugh at yourself, and this sticker lets you do just that. The nature of the comedy is the need to buckle up your seatbelt because things are “about to get real.” Working as a humorous yet friendly reminder to buckle up, this is a handy sticker. It’s made out of vinyl with a glue resistant to environmental issues such as heat and cold. While designed for use inside your vehicle, the sticker can also be applied to the car’s exterior.

Keep in mind that the sticker can leave residue behind, so if you opt to put it inside your car, it might mess up the interior a bit. Also, it can be tricky to apply properly

Key Features
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Works for interior and exterior
  • Made out of vinyl
  • Ironic type of humor
  • Brand Funny Buckle
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 4 inches

Specific humor for drivers

Durable and long-lasting

Waterproof structure


Fairly small design

Can leave residue behind

Can be tricky to apply

When your focus is on keeping things edgy without losing your lightheartedness, the Keen Survivor Sticker Decal is a good option. It features a black background with white pictures and text with a stick person standing in the center, holding a paddle. It references a common expression related to being up a creek without a paddle or references to a certain Emmy award-winning TV show. You can apply this sticker to anything from your bumper to the window on your vehicle. Since it’s vinyl, you don’t have to worry about issues with the application. It goes on smoothly and isn’t prone to bends or kinks in the sticker. 

While it is really funny, keep in mind that this sticker is designed for short-term use, so it will likely wear down sooner than other options. Also, it is more prone to peeling in drier weather.

Key Features
  • Relies on situational humor
  • Made out of vinyl material
  • Designed for easy removal
  • 25 square inches in area
  • Brand Keen Commodities
  • Model KCD299
  • Weight 6.1 ounces

Comes at an affordable price

Balances light and dark humor

Works on vehicles of all color


Not meant to last over the long term

Prone to peeling in dry weather

May fade out over time

This single sticker spans 48 square inches and can be applied to any surface on the exterior of your vehicle. It features a multi-colored frog that is holding anthropomorphized fingers in a peace sign. The mixture of the colors and energetic imagery lends to a lighthearted chuckle appropriate in all situations. If you choose to remove the sticker, it won’t leave behind a residue. Instead, it peels away smoothly, even if you’ve left it on for quite some time.

Although the sticker peels off well, it can’t be reused after you remove it. However, since it won’t fade easily, it’s a pretty safe bet for long-term use. The sticker itself isn’t exactly funny, but it’s a great option if you’re looking to add flare to your vehicle.

Key Features
  • Large multicolored frog picture
  • Uses colors and exaggerated expressions
  • Approximately 48 square inches
  • Brand Enjoy It
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 0.16 ounces

Relies on a lighthearted humor

Lasts for a long time

Not prone to fading out


No verbal humor included

Extremely bright colors won’t fit with all styles

Won’t adhere unless the surface is clean

Best Funny Bumper Stickers Buying Guide & FAQ

When you get a funny bumper sticker, there are a few things to keep an eye out for: the first is the actual graphic. The goal is for the sticker to make you laugh, so finding something compatible with your personal sense of humor is essential. From there, you can get more specific as to the physical features of the sticker. 

You’ll want to consider the material used in construction and the type of sticker you’re getting. It’s a matter of where you plan to place the sticker (window, chassis, etc.). Plus, you’ll need something that can weather the elements in your area. It should be able to last without peeling or fading so that you can make the most of what the funny sticker has to offer. 

Do You Need a Funny Bumper Sticker?

A funny bumper sticker will give your car some added personality.

Everyone needs humor in their lives, and funny bumper stickers are a great way to bring a bit of laughter into the day. As a visual sort of humor, these bumper stickers naturally come in all shapes and forms. Plus, though they’re called bumper stickers, you can put them pretty much anywhere on the vehicle (so long as the adhesive is safe to use). Either opt to put it in a prominent or subtle place so you can better control who sees it.

The key benefit of funny bumper stickers is the ability to accent your car without damaging it. Sure, there are tons of ways you can paint your vehicle or accessories that can change the look of your ride. However, how often is it that you can jazz up the look of your ride without leaving any permanent marks? That’s what funny bumper stickers let you do: express your style in a non-permanent way.

  • Lets you visibly express your personal style
  • Brings laughter to you and others on the road
  • Accessorize your vehicle without causing any damage
  • Stickers are durable against temperature and moisture
  • A generally affordable way to decorate your car
  • Can be placed on the bumper, body, or windows of your vehicle

Popular Types of Funny Bumper Stickers

Just like with other vehicle décor and accessories, there are different types of stickers on the market. Depending on the climate in your area and the roads you frequently travel, you’ll need a specific kind of sticker when it comes to its design and material. Especially if you off-road (or live in an area prone to dust and pollution), you’ll want to take extra care when choosing your funny bumper stickers. 


Perhaps the most common type of bumper sticker, vinyl is popular since it is a really hardy material. It has a high level of resistance to the elements, including sunlight and moisture. Since those are the most issues a sticker will likely encounter, this is a widely used material for vehicle stickers.

Another virtue of vinyl is that the material isn’t prone to kinking or bending when you place it on the vehicle. It is naturally good at handling curves in the car (like those on your bumper). That means you won’t struggle with air bubbles when you place the sticker on your vehicle. 


Essentially a very hardy polymer, polypropylene stickers tend to be quite affordable. The ability to stick to your vehicle relies entirely on the type of adherent used in manufacturing. However, because of the material’s natural toughness, it is very sturdy and will last over long periods.

Polypropylene stickers are naturally water-resistant, though they lack some of the UV-resistant traits of other sticker types. However, if you reside in an extremely humid area prone to excessive precipitation, a polypropylene sticker can be a beneficial selection.


A veritable wild-card material, recycled stickers have become increasingly popular as eco-friendliness grows in prevalence. The sticker material (though not the adherent) is constructed entirely out of post-consumer content. As a result, you will encounter all sorts of materials, including polymers and vinyl.

These stickers are reasonably hardy in most cases, though the relative strength will differ between individual stickers. The benefit of this type of sticker is that it is good for the environment. However, because it is unpredictable in terms of material, it is harder to count on this type of bumper sticker’s quality. 

Most Important Features of Funny Bumper Stickers

Some say you can never have too many funny bumper stickers…literally.

When you’re on the lookout for a funny bumper sticker, some key criteria must be met. For the sticker to actually adhere to the vehicle and for the design to be prominent enough to come through clearly, the sticker needs certain features. The strength and durability of the sticker itself rely entirely on these values. 


An essential feature of any sticker is the material from which it is made. This dictates the type of sticker you are getting and has far-reaching impacts. The strength of the material will indicate the relative vulnerability of the surface to UV radiation (and the fading it causes). It will also govern how strong the sticker is to moisture, so pay extra attention to this feature.

The material will also dictate how smoothly the sticker will attach to your vehicle. Depending on what the sticker is made of, you might encounter air bubbles under the sticker. Choose something thick enough to go on solid yet not so thick that it will chip away or wear down too quickly. 


The next feature is putting the stick on a sticker. Your sticker will come with an adherent backing that will be covered by a thin polymer film that you remove to place the sticker directly onto your vehicle. The glue’s quality, down to its molecular structure, dictates where you can safely apply the sticker (glass, paint, etc.).

Additionally, the adhesive plays a big part in keeping hold and removing the sticker smoothly. It needs to be strong enough to not go brittle in the cold or melt in the sunlight. However, the glue should let you peel away the sticker smoothly and without leaving any residue behind. 


Finally, this is the feature that puts the humor in funny bumper stickers. Since the goal is to get a chuckle, the design is pretty much everything. The first thing to look at is the color. It’s important to determine whether the sticker will be visible on your vehicle. If you have a white car, a white sticker won’t be visible on your vehicle’s body.

So long as the color works, it all comes down to your preference in terms of visual humor. Look at the image and determine if the joke is clear and if it fits with your personal style. This is really the key feature of any funny bumper sticker, so take the time to identify the perfect sticker for your ride. 

What to Look for When Buying Funny Bumper Sticker

When determining the value of these funny bumper stickers, there are a few important things to consider. The first is the joke presented by the bumper sticker. Chances are, if you’re rocking a Lego car seat, you’re going to want to keep the humor clean. Conversely, if you’re a little more outspoken, there are tons of options, too. There are all types of funny bumper stickers that represent all interests and styles. 

Be sure to choose a sticker that is durable and resistant to the elements. You’ll want something that isn’t going to wear down when you next clean your headlights or scrub your car. With this in mind, identify stickers made from strong materials and high-quality adherents. This way, you can rely both on the image’s appeal and the lasting power of the sticker itself.

Best Funny Bumper Stickers FAQs:

It’s only natural to have a few questions about finding the best funny bumper stickers. Everyone’s sense of humor is slightly different, but some things are true across the board. We all need a sticker we can rely on to not chip, get damaged, or lose its grip on the vehicle. Plus, everyone wants a bit of laughter in their day. So, to help you along, we’ve addressed the most common inquiries. 

Q: How much is a bumper sticker?

You can get a funny bumper sticker of good quality for approximately $10, though some are even more affordable. Sets of stickers are likely to cost a few more dollars. 

Q: Can I make my own stickers?

While it might be a bit tedious, yes, you can technically make your own stickers. However, you will need quite a few supplies before getting started. 

Q: What’s the difference between a sticker and a decal?

A sticker is more bendable and usually smaller in size than a decal. The former is generally lighter in weight and more versatile, while the latter is usually meant for walls and larger spaces.

Our Top Pick

After careful consideration, we’ve named the Winomo Fuel Gauge Decal as our top selection. The tough materials and easy application help it stand out, along with the very relatable driving humor. It’s durable and funny, making it a great way to go. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with the nuances of funny bumper stickers, you are all set to make your pick. It could be the Winomo Fuel Gauge Decal or the low price of the Silhouette Decals Funny Vinyl—there’s a funny bumper sticker for every situation. 


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