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Game recognize game.

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Lotus Has Nailed Homologous Design Since the Elise | Autance © Lotus Has Nailed Homologous Design Since the Elise | Autance

I was lucky enough to recently get my hands on this Lotus Evora GT as a press loan. When I arrived at Good Vibes Breakfast Club (GVBC) in Angeles National Forest, there was a clean Exige S sitting there with plenty of room next to it.

I had actually passed the Exige earlier that morning on the road. As I was heading away from GVBC, the Exige was heading towards it. I had been there earlier but popped out for a quick spin to show my colleague Chris Rosales what it was all about. He gave it at least 300 thumbs up from the passenger seat.

When we rolled back up the mountain, there was that same Lotus. Any form of Exige we had here in the USA is one of my top dream cars after I fell in love with it when it first appeared on old “Top Gear.” Driving the Evora GT is its own type of special, but, I’d love to go for a rip in its predecessor someday. Not only to compare with the Evora’s brilliant everything, but also to make teenage me jump for joy.

I love this photo. You can instantly tell that each respective vehicle’s hind quarters are related to the other, and it was shot at one of SoCal’s most iconic car meet spots: Newcomb’s Ranch.

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