The Lotus Evora GT Blooms in the Mountains | Autance

Thanks to warmth of the sun and the chill of the air, winter is prime driving time in SoCal.

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The Lotus Evora GT Blooms in the Mountains | Autance © The Lotus Evora GT Blooms in the Mountains | Autance

Here’s the thing about the mountains above Southern California: If skies are clear and temperatures are above freezing, it’s normal to see any number of performance cars ripping along on its vast and wonderful selection of curvy roads. Even if there are piles of snow still hanging out off to the side.

Of course, care must be taken. Even if roads are clear, there’s still a chance that black ice could be lurking in the shaded parts of the road, created from water running off of higher peaks and across the road, and then onward toward, well, the Pacific Ocean eventually.

This Lotus Evora GT is the perfect example, especially when the tarmac has been sitting in direct sun for a few hours. Ambient temperatures are nice and cool, so it’s the best of both worlds. Tires and brakes can come up to operating temperature, and engines stay very happy. Even if altitude robs a few ponies in the process. Parking it up against a hardened pile of snow gave me a light smirk, as it proves just how awesome it is that people can drive such fun roads all-year-round.

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