New Mercedes-Benz CLS Teased Ahead of LA Auto Show

The original four-door coupe evolves.

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New Mercedes-Benz CLS Teased Ahead of LA Auto Show © New Mercedes-Benz CLS Teased Ahead of LA Auto Show

Due for a full reveal at the L.A. Auto Show later this month, Mercedes-Benz has released a small tease of what the next-generation CLS will look like. Taken in what appears to be an analog photographer's darkroom, the shot doesn't really reveal anything we didn't already expect such as a front end that looks to be a somewhat more aggressive interpretation of the company's latest E-Class, LED daytime running lights modeled after a tilted check mark, and the fact that it comes in red. 

Benz didn't say much with the photo's release, simply tagging it "The Original Perfected," presumably referring to the CLS's status as the car that pioneered the whole four-door coupe phenomenon. A motif that's since made its way to the mainstream market (see the new Honda Accord and Kia Stinger) in addition to its token, domestic competition in the Audi A7 and BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe. 

The new CLS is expected to share a platform with Merc's E-Class, which is a car we here at The Drive—in wagon guise, especially—like very much. Also expected are a supercar-baiting, twin-turbo V8 powered CLS 63 courtesy of AMG in addition to a new CLS 53 model powered by a mild hybrid, turbocharged straight-six good for around 500 combined horsepower.

The L.A. Auto Show kicks off Nov. 27.

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