The Most Important Tool for DIY Repairing an Aston Martin Is a Sense of Humor | Autance

Painful wrenching can be fun to watch.

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The Most Important Tool for DIY Repairing an Aston Martin Is a Sense of Humor | Autance © The Most Important Tool for DIY Repairing an Aston Martin Is a Sense of Humor | Autance

We recently wrote about how the Aston Martin V8 Vantage could be a decent project for somebody willing to DIY an exotic car, and my friend Will is a perfect example. He’s a handy wrench who owns a stable of interesting cars and maintains the collection on his own time. Will recently acquired a 2007 V8 Vantage in the perfect spec with a stick, a blue exterior, and a rich caramel interior. It did need some work, though, and this hysterical video of him replacing his rear wheel bearings is proof of his work.

Will has four videos on Raiden Motors, his Youtube channel that he does for fun as a way to help other owners of the cars that he owns. Specifically, he focuses on the V8 Vantage and his 1967 MGB that he bravely drives deep into a forest on a regular basis. While he has a few other cars, I’ll leave it up to him to show them on his channel when he’s ready. Rest assured, his taste is exquisite.

First, I’d like to register my jealousy that he has access to a lift, something I literally dream about on a regular basis. But also, I’m not usually a big fan of wrenching content on Youtube; it’s typically a bit too shouty, overedited, and not relatable because of the “cheap” supercar Youtube epidemic. The only other wrenching channel I really watch is Mighty Car Mods for its comedy, factual richness, and straight style of shooting without any dumb exclamatory attention-seeking irritation.

I also like to see videos that acknowledge mistakes or difficulties experienced by the storyteller. Will doesn’t cut any of the screw-ups that make wrenching so fun and rewarding. In another adjacent video, he replaces the axle boot of his V8 Vantage and most of the video is him struggling with stretching the boot over the axle, with much cursing and difficulty. 

Will posted his first video about four months ago, but there isn’t any regularity to the schedule of posting. Either way, I’m happy that these videos exist at all and I’ve learned some things about cars that I knew nothing about. His Aston videos are a reminder that there are still some unexpected performance gems that can be decent wrenchers. His third video features the aforementioned MGB, and that car also looks simple and fun to work on, even if it doesn’t always work properly.

What if we did some wrenching videos at Car Autance? That could be a ton of fun, considering our relatively large fleet of supremely high-quality shitboxes and Kevin’s propensity for owning a new car every five minutes. Maybe you’ll see something like that soon enough. Until then, check out our video breakdown examining the relation between the Lexus IS F and Lexus IS 500.

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