The Underestimated Lexus IS Overlooks Underrated Pittsburgh | Autance

Like Pittsburgh, the Lexus IS300 has fun features, but it has its flaws.

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The Underestimated Lexus IS Overlooks Underrated Pittsburgh | Autance © The Underestimated Lexus IS Overlooks Underrated Pittsburgh | Autance

I have a love-hate relationship with the city of Pittsburgh, just like I have a love-hate relationship with the Lexus IS. This picture encapsulates the complex feelings that I have for both cars.

  • Car: Lexus IS 300 F Sport
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA. (Pittsburgh Skyline Overlook, Near the Upper Monogahela Incline station)
  • Photog: me (Kevin Williams)
  • Camera: Canon EOS M50

Pittsburgh is an overlooked American city. An old steel town set in a valley between three rivers, this city should be known for more than its cooky football fans. Built partially on the side of huge hills, it’s visually attractive, and all of the roads are winding. Pittsburgh has a distinct history and culture, something Columbus, Ohio, just does not have.

It ain’t all good though. In my experience, drivers in Pittsburgh are rude, and those curvy hillside roads are hard to navigate for even the most veteran citizen acclimated to the nonsensical color-coded beltways that are supposed to make navigating Pittsburgh easier. The job market there is not so good, housing costs aren’t cheap, the nightlife is mediocre, and most young 20-somethings would better be served by moving to Chicago.

This Lexus IS is kind of the same. I think the styling is neat, I appreciate the V6 engine, but it’s automatic only. I know if I bought one, I’d spend my days wishing I bought a manual transmission Cadillac ATS or BMW 3 Series. Or moving to Chicago.

If you’re looking for more IS, check out our video, How Much Lexus IS F Is in the New IS 500: Explained, below:

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