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Handy tips demonstrated in some glorious enthusiast favorites -what’s not to love?

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This YouTube Channel Will Teach You How To Off-Road An Older 4×4 | Autance © This YouTube Channel Will Teach You How To Off-Road An Older 4×4 | Autance

I’m on a never-ending quest to learning as much as possible about classic, old-school off-roading techniques. Why, you ask? Because I own a 1997 Land Rover Discovery and I want to take it rock-crawling soon, and it’s probably obvious to say it doesn’t have the level of high-tech off-road gadgets and gizmos as, say, a new Range Rover, which is a couple of model years away from pulling this off while you take a nap in the back. (Maybe.)

I’m used to fancy new-tech ways of climbing and descending steep grades, crawling over rock gardens, and slicing through deep gravel. But my old Disco doesn’t have that advantage. And it sets off on its maiden off-road voyage (well, maiden voyage with yours truly behind the wheel) very soon.

Fortunately, I’ve been scouring the internet for good instructional videos filled with tips and tricks, and this one on the 4xOverland YouTube Channel is the best I’ve found so far:

The video is long and thorough, covering all aspects of off-road driving, including some discussion of more modern traction control systems. It came out in 1998, and was revised in 2008. And technology has certainly advanced quite a bit since then. But a lot of principles are still very much the same, especially if you’re wheeling an old-school, straight-axle off-roader with a manual-locking center, rear, or front differential (or all of the above). Like me.

His instruction demonstrates some pretty harrowing/nail-biting scenarios with all the calm in the world.

The channel is generally brilliant as well. 4xOverland has an immense amount of videos demonstrating that its creator, Andrew St. Pierre White, has serious chops in this field. He has extensive experience in all forms of off-road driving, as well as has some pretty interesting stories about overlanding across Africa more than 30 years ago.

There’s also tons of eye candy in the top video and across his entire channel, really. Nissan Patrols, Mitsubishi Pajeros/Shoguns, Toyota Hiluxes, Toyota Land Cruisers (including all the rad, safari-ready variants we never got), various Jeeps, Range Rovers, Land Rover Defenders and Discos (my favorite appearance for obvious reasons), and of course, Mercedes G-Wagens. And more! All my fellow old-school off-roader lovers will dig this video for the eye candy alone.

Check it out, and poke around Andrew’s channel. It’ll keep you busy for a while, and it may keep you out of trouble later.

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