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Come for the Slurpees, stay for the parking lot car meets.

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Why Is 7-Eleven’s Instagram Feed So Lit? | Autance © Why Is 7-Eleven’s Instagram Feed So Lit? | Autance

Generally speaking, we should all use social media a bit less, but Instagram has a strong legion of pages that post interesting historic visuals or gorgeous photos, especially for the car community. Unexpectedly, 7-Eleven is now part of that clique.

Not only does 7-Eleven serve various snacks, pizza, and Slurpees, it also apparently serves hot boi stance car aesthetics and streetwear vibes befit of my own generation of 20-somethings on Instagram. Most importantly it doesn’t feel entirely contrived or born in some boring 40th-floor meeting room with a bunch of suit-clad Gen Xers, nor does it even feel conceived by a deeply uncreative creative agency with zero original ideas. Something about this feels kind of authentic.

There seem to be a few prongs to 7-Eleven’s Instagram master plan, which seems to have picked up in 2020 after the page has been relatively quiet since its first post in 2013. My favorite aspect is including sick slammed cars doing what they do best: Hard parking in front of a convenience store. How convenient that 7-Eleven has a few of those. 

For the most part, the taste in slammed cars is impeccable, especially this Nissan 240SX S13 on the bread-and-butter Work VS-KF wheels with some aero that look like modified BN Sports parts. There is a smattering of first-generation Miatas, a BRZ or so, and another clean S13 from Australia in there too.

It’s also taking aesthetically pleasing images of people around 7-Eleven stores and is even working on a branded campaign with a band about 7-Eleven nachos. Normally I’d hate this, but it seems like a lot of the non-branded content on the feed is genuinely crowdsourced. The folks who are featured are tagged by the page and seem to comment with their excitement about being featured. It’s all good vibes here at the 7-Eleven Insta page.

I am a big fan of this social strategy because it brings a lot of variety to a feed and is genuine, honest-to-god engagement with a community. The cultural awareness it takes to realize that 24-hour gas stations are a favorite stop of car people and young people admittedly isn’t that special, but no other gas station and convenience store is doing anything remotely interesting. Hell, even Circle K had that Bill and Ted bump and it’s just another lame corporate feed.

Because of the genuine community this account is building, I am now left with a strong urge to go full Dubber and slam my GTI on its gills for a feature on the 7-Eleven page. I’ll keep y’all posted if it happens.

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