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Avid adventurers love to keep an RV handy, as they can decide to crack it up anytime, and explore new…

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10 Tips to Successfully Maintain Your RV | Autance © 10 Tips to Successfully Maintain Your RV | Autance

Avid adventurers love to keep an RV handy, as they can decide to crack it up anytime, and explore new cities and towns. The best means of traveling to entertain someone’s inner wanderlust is the good old RV. It can be a long trip or a short one, but you are assured of the greatest comfort without having to spend much on hotel expenses. To retain the value of your RV and keep it running, you need to give it quality camper maintenance. The manufacturer’s manual can come in handy at this point, and when you do this, there will be very little chance that your motorhome will disappoint you down the road. So why not join us as we go through some rv maintenance tips showing you 10 ways to successfully maintain your RV?

Regular Inspection of the RV Roof

People who use motorhomes should have it as a habit to always conduct regular checks on the roof of your RV. You can do this once a month, and it just takes just fifteen minutes or less. Though small, developing this habit will do you lots of good, and save on future repairs that come with extra costs. The following are the reasons it is necessary to inspect the roof of your motorhome;

  • The roof of the RV is where water leaks often occur, possibly as a result of the AC unit, open seats found in the roof edges, skyline or vents.
  • If a leak does exist, the water usually stays in the outer part, and gradually drips into the internal framework. With this, several parts of your RV is at stake, which may necessitate the purchase of brand new parts. A regular inspection can save you from this particular headache.
  • To solve the problem, patch up the roof with roof sealants that is compatible with the material used for the RV roof.
  • No matter how small, leaks should never be underestimated as they are capable of causing huge damages if left for long.

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Check the RV Tires

Always give your motorhome tires thorough check, before embarking on an adventure to prevent unforeseen circumstances that can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere on a rainy night, especially if there is no one in sight to offer some help or guidance. In addition, your tires need to be given regular maintenance and should be properly protected with RV tire covers to guard against certain predictable damages; the checks to conduct on your motorhome tires include;

  • Pressure check – Driving an RV with low tire pressure has proved dangerous in the past, hence the need to check it before embarking on a long journey. If you neglect this, it may likely give out at any time, and anywhere. Tire pressure checks should be given priority during winter because low temperature causes the pressure to drop.
  • To enhance the durability of your tires, you can rotate your wheels regularly to reduce the wear it sustains. Front tires are known to wear faster relative to the back ones, so you will actually even out the wear by rotating. This brings down the number of calls to the mechanic, and you can get it repaired at once.
  • Alignment – Alignment of the tires is something that can be easily forgotten. Tires that are not well aligned can not only damage the tires and other parts of the vehicle but also cause serious road mishaps. Hence why the tire re-alignment should be done on a regular basis.
  • Spare tire – Be sure a spare tire is in the vehicle before setting out on any trip. If you fail to keep one, you will have no choice than to depend on roadside garages which may not always be available. With a spare tire handy, a quick change of tires only takes twenty minutes, or less. This way, you will avoid having to make detours on your journey. Also, remember that the spare tire needs to be inflated.

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Maintain the RV Interiors

Although many people believe that an RV is bound to look rusty, and old once it after a few years of use. This is a pure misconception since many motorhomes that are well maintained and polished with the best RV wax usually look good as new, even after so many years.

The most efficient and simple way of maintaining your motorhome is by keeping it constantly clean. While cleaning, extra attention should be paid to the interior. Following a fixed schedule, polish the RV’s body with a generous coat of wax. Remember to make use of the UV protectant, which will keep the external material from fading, even after it has been exposed to the sun for a long time.

Interior maintenance is equally as exterior with an RV because the interior of most motorhomes are usually furnished with mattresses and other essential household items, and it is your job to keep it constantly clean. Always inspect the furniture, set up bins, look out for molds and debris. These little steps, which require just a few minutes, will save you some stress in the future.

Additionally, if your RV isn’t level, you will require some RV leveling blocks to ensure stress is not put on the walls, door jams, windows and cupboards.

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Get Your RV Engine Cranked Up

RV maintenance is no easy feat and the most vital part of any vehicle is the engine; however, this is an area where most people tend to ignore. We tend to spend most of our time fussing over the external looks while forgetting what makes the vehicle move. Be sure that your RV’s engine is kept in tip-top shape, and is properly updated. The oil needs to be changed seasonally. This is due to the fact that motorhomes usually sit for long without being functional, and this has been found to reduce the quality of the engine parts, as well as decrease lubrication.

Recommendations are that the oil of a motorhome should be checked per year, or after every 3000 to 4000 miles. Also, inspect it for rust as this can lead to serious damage for the RV’s engine which might be expensive to repair.

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Manage a Suitable RV Toilet System

When embarking on a trip in an RV, one often gets an immense sense of being independent and feeling like a free traveler. We tend to feel completely free of all responsibilities that come with owning a home, and often consider ourselves to be self-sufficient with our minds only focused on having a good time on the road. No doubt, while our psyche is busy with all these good vibes, the unexpected harsh reality of lack of things like clean drinking water and toilet facility hits us out of nowhere. These are some of the few things we tend to take for granted, but their importance is more felt in their absence.

Your personal hygiene is at stake if you prefer to make regular stopovers in order to use restrooms and public toilets that are not properly maintained. This is one of the reasons people find it difficult to embark on long trips. To avoid this kind of situation.

The modern-day RVs come with proper toilets, but many owners don’t maintain them. The toilet needs to be maintained by frequent inspection and cleaning. Recommendations are that you set up different holding tanks for separate water systems as well as equip your motorhome with a proper toilet facility and RV sewer hose which offers an affordable way to drain out waste. Keep your RV toilet in good condition, and you will enjoy going for long-distance trips.

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Pay Attention to the RV Water System

Motorhomes serve as our homes when we embark on long travels, which means that a lot of waste will be accumulated. Attention should be paid to the water system in order to enjoy a smooth voyage and prevent any problems that can arise with an inefficient water system.

The system should be regularly flushed with enough water as congested water can cause damages to the RV parts. A good waste management system also becomes a necessity, which you should create by following a regular check on accumulated wastes. Recommendations are that; you keep two separate systems for the wastes, both solid and liquid.

A camper or motorhome comes with three major storage tanks; they include fresh water, black water, and gray water. These holding tanks provide a traveler with some personal convenience such as; clean and fresh drinking water, a hot shower, as well as a sanitary place for a toilet. Some campers also have an RV water pressure regulator.

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Check you RV Lights Regularly

Travel trailer maintenance also involves taking good care of the lighting system, especially while embarking on long trips that will make you spend nights in the camper. To drive more efficiently, your lights need to be properly maintained. Having the lights go off in the middle of the night because of lack of maintenance can be daunting, especially if help is not in sight.

Huge damage can come from a small-busted light, hence the need to keep your lighting system in tip-top condition. However, be sure to keep a spare light on each voyage.

Be Well-Equipped

Every RV owner should ensure that they have their toolkit with them before going on voyages. It is not just to have a toolkit, but all the necessary tools and paraphernalia should be complete, and in good working condition. This includes screwdrivers and all sorts of wrenches. A bit of nuts and bolts should be kept handy in case the need for them arises in the course of your journey. You wouldn’t like to turn back once you hit the road, hence the need to plan very well and pack all the necessities that will ensure a successful voyage.

While we are on the issue of the right set of tools, remember to add an emergency kit to the mix. This should have a permanent position in your RV because you never can tell when it will come in handy.

Constantly Check Your RV Battery

You can go ahead and invest in a good tester lights, or multimeter in order to keep track on the RV battery, and main voltage. Battery maintenance should be given serious consideration as it can halt your journey in the middle of nowhere, and besides, that is the very last thing you will want to see on your trip. Some batteries are known to come with water levels while there are still others that are maintenance-free.

Their life span falls between three to five years, after which they begin to lose capacity. Recommendations are that your RV’s battery should be regularly charged. When uncharged, the batteries for the main coach should reading between 12.4 volts to 12.8 volts. You know that they need charging once they fall below that range.

The range for the air conditioner voltage is best between 108-130 volts, below or above the range is not ok. Many people are known to leverage on an electrical management system (EMS) for monitoring their RV batteries, and several other voltages in the vehicle. It is recommended as the best option you have to keep your motorhome batteries and voltages in constant checks, as well as provide you with protection when necessary.

Maintain Your RV Brakes

In addition to being important for your personal safety, maintenance of vehicle’s brake systems is equally important to people in your vicinity. Several fatal accidents have resulted from improper brake maintenance. Lubricate the RV’s wheel bearings at regular intervals, and they should be properly cared for. It is quite expensive to go for a brake replacement, so your next best option is to give your brake proper maintenance. The seal and wheel bearing wear faster than other parts, so more attention should go on them. Before you embark on a trip, ensure that the brake has sufficient material, this way, you will avoid road mishap.

People who find all these checks to be time-consuming, and difficult are better off making a maintenance checklist, which should be strictly adhered to. All tasks on your checklist should be completed before you think of embarking on a trip: this way, the life span of your traveler’s trailer will be enhanced.


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